How to Make a Girl Want You, Desire You and Think Of You Sexually

Gravity is a complex and not always mutually exclusive. If you want to learn how to make women want you. Just follow these simple steps.

How to make women want you sexually

A woman may be attracted to a man because of his personality. Even if you are a man with a good personality. It’s easy to end up being friends instead of lovers. It’s not good to be with friends when you need more. If you want to learn how to make women want you. You have to use smart tactics to get the job done.

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How to make a woman want you without a doubt

women like nice men having fun together But then there are many great people walking in this world. When you are attracted to a woman who is elegant and able to get the attention of the man she wants. It’s not easy to make her lust.

But there are a number of ways you can try and some of them tend to be very successful.

Most men are too afraid to choose a very handsome woman out of fear of being rejected. To be honest, these types of women are not lacking in offers and are unlikely to accept the offer of someone who doesn’t fit the bill.

However, by being yourself and using a few simple tips, you’ll show her your significant potential instead. [Read: How to make a girl like you without asking her out]

One thing you shouldn’t do? Don’t let her know you like her too soon.

Sometimes you have to make someone work for your interests in return. It’s reverse psychology. but in the world of love Sometimes you need to act smart to get what you want!

It’s also true that if she still doesn’t like you. She may have to distance herself from you to avoid awkward moments. That doesn’t put you where you want to be. [Read: 25 things about a guy that turn a girl on sexually and otherwise]

Instead of acting like friends, yes friends, don’t worry about being friends because the following advice won’t happen.

Steps to Follow to Make Women Want You Sexually

If you find yourself interested in a friend who is already interested. You can definitely make her want and need you.

All you have to do is play it safe and slow. Use these steps to wake her up and make her want you. [Read: How to get a girl to have sex with you by arousing her very subtly]

1. be a good friend

Sometimes acting like a friend can be the easiest way to a girl’s heart, but there’s a thin line between being the friend she cares about and being the friend she thinks is her brother.

If you want her to want you Be a good friend by your side. But don’t always be there for you. talk to her when she is near But make sure she sees you flirting with other girls from time to time too.

Don’t be a friend to lean on. Instead, be a friend who talks about current events and fun things.

She must love your company first. But she shouldn’t feel like you’re an indispensable friend. If you’re wrong here You may have entered her friend zone and lost hope to sleep with her. [Read: How to avoid the friend zone with an attractive girl]

2. flirt with her

Try to spend time with her when you’re alone. If other friends her with her You can either avoid her or just wave hello and move on after a short chat. The more you hang out with her as a friend. The less likely you are to make her want you.

Spend time with her only when you’re alone. That will give you enough time to go on a date, talk to her, and flirt discreetly.

Flirt with her. Make her feel warm and welcoming while hanging out with you. and treat her like you would treat your girlfriend. But don’t call her your girlfriend. [Read: What to talk about with a girl you like to make her like you]

3. Do not possess

You might like her a lot and hate other guys who flirt with her, but you know what? You don’t own her and she’s not your girlfriend

So don’t be possessive or prevent her from meeting or talking to other men. You will lose her because you will become a creepy man.

to have a life of its own But give her time when you meet her or spend time alone together. Don’t get stuck on her hips. She will never fall in love with you. And you will become her doormat. [Read: How to stop being possessive in a relationship and love better]

4. It’s her exciting secret.

as we said before Spend more time with her and flirt with her. But only do that when you’re alone. Create a secret relationship that no one else knows but you both. This will make the relationship more exciting and exciting.

Be a part of her life Text her often at night. When you know she’s alone Discuss personal issues and indulge in everything a couple would do. But keep the relationship a secret. Of course, that doesn’t mean that as things go on, you have to hide them. But in the early days, it’s best to keep it between the two of you. [Read: How to text a girl you like and make her want you]

5. make her miss you

Now it’s a hassle, but a lot of fun when you’re both close and enjoying spending time together. Call her every night for a week or so. Then one day don’t call her. If she sees you the next day or texts you asking why she didn’t call. Show that she misses you and wants to talk to you!

Flirt with her and charmingly ask her if she misses you because you didn’t call. Use different ways to make her miss your company. and create situations where you force her to know that you really Then she likes you and misses you when you’re not around. [Read: 17 easy ways to make a girl miss you and always stay on her mind]

6. Confession time

Confession is the best way to open up to a woman. She certainly isn’t going to start confessing about sex with you right now. You have to warm her up.

while you call late at night Tell her that you stumbled upon an ex-girlfriend who was a horny lynx.

Obviously, the girl you like is curious and wants to know more about your ex. Use this excuse to go into detail about your sex life.

Be patient and start funny. give more explanation and add details about sexually explicit emotions as the conversation progresses. Play this game carefully and watch her reaction. Speak softly and make sure you describe the event like an erotic story. She won’t be able to stop herself from imagining you naked. And there’s a chance she’ll get drenched just by listening to you! [Read: 20 dirty questions to ask a girl and get anyone wet in under 15 minutes!]

7. Talk about sex if she’s open-minded.

If you stop confessing to sex without any problems. And she likes what you have to say. Show that you are ready now. Ask her about her past lust experiences.

She might be hesitant at first. But give her a little encouragement. If she’s horny, she definitely won’t mind going into details. And as she tells her story So open your mouth and speak as if you were imagining the whole thing. It will be a big opening for both of you.

8. Encourage her to talk dirty to you.

You might be wondering if all these steps are possible. But you won’t believe how easy it is to get a girl to lewd in a late night conversation. until you try

Trust us, it’s really easy as long as you warm her up with stories about her emotions. Once you’ve made her confess all your dirty deeds to you. It’s time for you to get into the picture.

Compliment her for being a naughty girlfriend. And discreetly tell her how awesome it would be if you were her boyfriend. Talking like that will definitely ignite your lust because she’ll know exactly what you’re going to say in the conversation.

Speak softly, don’t get too excited. And don’t stop with dirty questions. [Read: 34 sexual questions to ask a girl and make her really wet]

9. have sex on the phone

If you’ve ever used a dirty list of questions while talking to her. Most likely, both of you are already emotional. Now start creating imaginary situations to make her even more excited.

tell her something like “I wish I was there now. There are so many things that I want to do…” and when she whispers back softly and asks you what to do. You have won the jackpot.

Explain in detail what you will do with her. From kissing her neck to taking off her shirt to anything else you can think of. Avoid immediately talking about kissing her on the lips. It’s too personal and straightforward for many women, and before you know it. You’re both lewd and having sex on the phone! [Read: How to have phone sex and arouse anyone you’re talking to in no time]

10. Go find it and invite her out.

Now you make her want you and yearn for you sexually. But what will happen next? You just had sex on the phone with her. you are on high But don’t end there Ask her if she wants to see you or go out on a date with you the next day. She’s too horny to resist.

And when you both meet on a date It might end up with you both having sex or falling in love. by any means You have the girl of your dreams who wants you and wants to have sex with you. Can I ask for more? [Read: 15 best ways to ask a girl out and warm her up to a definite yes]

Be careful not to go up high

These steps will definitely make women want you. But you have to be careful not to push things too quickly when it comes to sex. or even try to move into the topic Pay attention to her reaction. She might think you’re just a cheater and harass her for sex.

You have to make her see that you are sassy and attractive to her. You have to show interest in her personality and show her that you like her as a person too.

If you’re straight and talking about sex She will see you as someone to avoid. That’s not what you’re going to do, right?

Just be respectful and add a little saucy. Watch her reaction and if she doesn’t show you any discomfort, go and see where it leads.

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If you want to know how to make women want you and think about sex. Just follow these steps. If you play calm and safe You may be in bed with your imaginary woman in the next few weeks!

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