How to Make a Guy Jealous: 20 Wicked Ways to Win His Attention

Attempting to green a man with jealousy is often ineffective. But it will attract attention. Learn how to make a man jealous. But proceed carefully!

How to make a guy jealous and get attention

Sometimes there may be times when you get upset with a guy. It happened believe us you might like him You might be dating him. Or you may have broken up with him. but at the end You may want his attention, or you may want to prove your worth to him. If you want to know how to make a guy jealous and achieve your goals. There are a few ways to penetrate his heart and get him to get up and notice you.

It all comes down to the fact that men will notice you. You must be desirable in his eyes.

Better yet, you have to make him feel like you’re unattainable. And the only way to do all of this is to seduce the green monster inside. Yes, you must make him jealous! [Read: Jealousy vs envy: How to tell them apart when they feel the same]

Before starting a warning

Now, trying to make other people jealous to get your attention is basically playing a game. Call it what it is. However, we understand why you sometimes want to do this. Sometimes you have no other choice, do you?

What you need to understand is that it might not turn out the way you think. You cannot control other people’s actions. You can only control your own actions, so understand that you can try to make him jealous. And the advice below might work. But nothing is guaranteed.

Trying to make a guy really jealous may come back. It might turn his attention away from you. rather than turning towards you. Of course, you know the man better than we do. You know how he reacts. But you can’t predict all of them. for that reason proceed with caution Making people jealous for attention may not be the best course of action. Maybe an honest conversation would be better?

Okay, yeah, it looks like we’re trying to be mature and sensible here. You wouldn’t read an article on how to make a guy jealous if that wasn’t your goal. So I warn you in advance that [Read: How to deal with jealousy in a relationship and overcome it]

how to make men jealous

Jealousy plays a very important role in love. It can evoke desire and attraction. It can also make men want you more.

If a guy likes you and sees you flirting with other guys. His jealousy will make him want you more and try to please you more. but there is a thin line Between making him love you more and making him hate you the way you treat him.

There are many ways to make a man jealous. some are cute But most of them are mean.

It depends on your relationship status with the guy. Here are some things you can do to make him jealous and notice you. [Read: Why men prefer a girl who plays hard to get]

1. have a good life without him

If he cancels his date or plans at the last minute. Tell him you’re busy and hang out with your own friends. And when he calls you while you’re with friends Don’t hang up after saying goodbye. Instead, put your phone on the table and let him hear your fun conversation. And vent your anger at not being able to have fun with you.

2. Say praise to your ex.

Bring the competition into the air by letting him know how awesome your ex is and how well he treats you. So you can set benchmarks for him to beat. This trick works best with the guy you like who hasn’t invited you on a date. It might return. [Read: Tips to talk about past relationships the right way]

3. Compliment other men

If your man treats you badly Compliment your minimal guy friend and talk about how cute he is to your boyfriend. Your boyfriend will want your attention too.

4. Get a silly feeling with your guy friends. But not too much!

laugh a lot with your guy friend Play with them and tease them. Get a particularly temperamental sensation while posing for fun photos or waving goodbye in front of your guy. [Read: Jealous type: How to reassure and win over a super jealous lover]

5. Flirt on Facebook

Getting a lot of attention from other guys on Facebook can let your new boyfriend know how much others want and need you.

6. Ignore his call now and then.

Pretend to be busy and make him miss you. but looks handsome every time we meet He would be too enchanted to be angry. But still, he will yearn for you. [Read: Why do guys hate talking over the phone?]

7. Let him know you’re getting attention.

If another guy asks you to go on a date or flirt with you. Let your new people know all about it. It will make him jealous and it will also make him work hard to flirt with you and make you fall in love with him first. [Read: How to get any guy’s attention in no time]

8. Make new best guy friends

A guy’s best friend is never good news for a boyfriend. boyfriend hates them Finding a best friend for a guy will make your guy hate your new BFF and make him feel insecure at the same time. [Read: Guy best friends are nothing but trouble]

9. Mysterious look

Don’t reveal too much about your plans with your boyfriend. Be vague on your answers and avoid long discussions with him until he is interested in spending time with you.

10. Attract attention

Have lots of fun with other men. Especially when you see your boyfriend walking towards you from a distance. and even though he came near You just wave to him and spend time having fun with your own friends. If he can’t give you special treatment. Why did you do it!

11. Flirt in front of your boyfriend

Flirt with other men, but don’t overdo it. He may know that you’re trying to make him jealous only when you’re overdoing it. or worse He may think you are homeless. [Read: How to flirt subtly with a guy]

12. Dating

Going out to dinner with a lovely man And even if your boyfriend asks about it Just tell him the truth as if it’s no big deal. If your boyfriend doesn’t want to take you out Why is it bad if other guys want to take you out?

13. Let him know you really don’t need him.

men like to be dependent But act like you don’t need him because you have lots of guy friends who can help you. Ask your boyfriend for help. But if he can’t help you Get another nice guy to help you out and tell your boyfriend how much fun you have with another guy. [Read: 14 Insights into what men wants and need in a woman]

14. Make him compete for your attention.

Date another guy and let him know what you’re doing. And if asked, tell him that the other person is just a friend. Again, this is best used when you’re trying to make a guy jealous that you’re not actually dating. It will drive him to jump and ask you to leave!

15. Don’t worry about getting caught.

Let him see you with another guy when you tell him you’re busy. and pretend that he is the one making the big things out of the little.

16. Chill out with another alpha male

Approach the guy your boyfriend feels insecure about and flirt with him thoroughly. especially when your boyfriend is around. [Read: Jealous vs envious: The real differences most people overlook]

17. Wear revealing clothes.

Wear revealing clothes when you go out with other men. But dress carefully when you party with your boyfriend.

18. Show off hickeys

If you recently broke up with your boyfriend Find someone and let your ex see your kisses. [Read: How to hook up with a guy and do it the right way]

19. Sleep with Friends

If you broke up with your boyfriend The best way to counter him is to sleep with his friends. Especially his best friend who is better.

20. Sleep with the enemy

If you want to date your ex to sleep with people he hates There was no bigger way to make him angry. [Read: Getting back with an ex for sex]

Things to keep in mind when teasing a green-eyed monster

let’s face All these ways to make a guy jealous can be fascinating and worth reading. and the best part It also works fine. But making people jealous comes at a price, and often, the more you try to make others jealous. It may even affect you back. Here are some things to keep in mind before you try these moves.

1. He might just give up and avoid you completely. Jealousy is often a good sign in love. But trying to turn his love for you into hate. [Read: 10 annoying girlfriend habits guys hate]

2. He may respond with his own moves or criticize you in public.

3. He may look through your game and know what you are doing.

4. He may even flirt or plot to compete with you.

5. The schedule may change and you may become a loser. And you’ll feel even more jealous and miserable if your tricks don’t serve their purpose.

6. It can lead to frustration and you may lose your relationship and a few friends too. [Read: Ways to deal with a complicated relationship]

7. You may end up in pain or dissatisfaction halfway through the game. You will end up angry and confused.

8. You may become obsessed, cherished and destructive in your quest for victory in this game of jealousy.

9. You may get what you want. He may end up stalking you or become obsessed and violent.

10. You may lose focus on what you want. If you believe that a relationship has no future It’s better to let go and heal your scars instead of plotting revenge all the time. while being in a toxic relationship that can make both of you sad and angry. [Read: How to break up with your boyfriend]

It’s not always a bad thing to make a guy jealous. as long as it serves its purpose All of these The fact that any one can be jealous proves only one thing. That’s love in the air

[Read: How to recognize the signs of jealousy in someone & guide them out]

Use these tips to make a guy jealous just to get his love and attention back. But as soon as things get better, stop making him jealous and try to find ways to improve the relationship instead.

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