How to Make a Man Chase You: 20 Subtle Ways to Get Him to Fall Hard

It’s one thing to make a guy like you. But it’s a whole new thing to learn how to get a guy to chase you and like you more with each passing day. Try these steps!

How to make a man chase you

Ladies, step back and let them chase you. You probably know what we’re talking about. It’s time to understand how to get a guy to chase you.

These days, men think we’re going after them. And the funny thing is that we do! We stalk them on Facebook and Instagram, we show up at their favorite clubs. We make friends with his friends. we do everything Here’s how to make the switch and learn how to make men chase you instead.

But now you have to shake the pattern. The man became too comfortable. Stop chasing them, yes, it would be boring without drama. But why don’t you let someone work to get to know you?

Why made him chase you in the first place?

Chasing is a lost art these days. Most women forget how powerful this move is to attract more men to chase you and fall in love with you. If you can let a guy know that you can date you. While trying to achieve it is difficult. You’ll make him want you even more.

Evolution was created this way. This is the same logic that social media, video games, and anything else you find addictive. Use it to perfection! The concept of believing that something is waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. Although it was surprisingly difficult to achieve. and every step You’ll get the little things that keep you motivated and motivated.

Consider video games such as *what most guys like and get addicted to!* You play the game and you will see progress every step of the way. Progress is never linear. you open the treasure box and sometimes you find a treasure And sometimes you can’t find anything. but still You can’t stop looking for more of them. Levels can be difficult and may require a lot of effort as well. But the addictive settings make you want more all the time. Never enough!

If you want to better understand the secret of the chase. Read this article at Why men love chasing and the best way to use it in your favor. before reading further There are all the secrets of a good chase and the exact steps you need to follow to make a guy crazy.

If you’re looking for the quickest way to get a guy chasing you and falling hard. Read the moves that work like magic!

How to get a guy to chase you – 20 powerful yet subtle ways that really work.

Have them put in some elbow grease to replace. It’s time to step back and let them stalk the internet instead. i mean You can still do that. just lower the level

1. you are not free

I mean, you can sit and watch on the sofa. vampire diaries all day, but the point is You have to show him that you are busy.

You can’t immediately reply to his messages or hang out with him with just a drop of a hat. If he needs a friend 24 hours a day, he should find a dog. He wants to see that you have your own thing going on. [Read: How to be a strong independent woman that men love]

2. Let him think he is in charge.

They must feel responsible. They are men, so they want to feel like decision-makers. But that doesn’t mean you’re not the one making the decisions. You just have to go hide and seek about it. Let him think he is the boss. The key word is think.

3. Show confidence

If you want to know how to get a guy to chase you. You have to understand that men love women who show confidence.

No matter your gender or sexual orientation, when a confident person walks into a room you will look at them. That’s what you want and that’s the reaction you want him to have. Be confident in your skin and look like you don’t need a guy, which makes them want you even more. [Read: 30 sassy traits of a feisty girl that make her dangerously amazing]

4Don’t let him think he’s the only one.

‘Cause he’s not. Listen, at least a few guys are trying to find a chance to date you. But you have to show him that he’s not the only one.

Show other people your photos on Instagram or tag them as a status. The point is, they want to see you in need. The more he thinks you’re wanted, The more he is willing to chase you harder and longer. [Read: How to make any guy insanely jealous and get his attention]

5. Do not give everything immediately.

You don’t need to sleep with him or associate with him right away. he is not your boyfriend So don’t feel like you owe him. You don’t owe him anything. You didn’t hold him back tell him to chase you

6. Show that you are alive

You have friends, you have a job, you are going to school. You have to show that you have a healthy life that is not influenced by men. You have to show him that you are satisfied without a man. and honestly You should be happy without a man.

7. There are some mysteries.

So you can burp ABC, but he doesn’t need to know now. let it be the fifth day You don’t have to open up and tell him about your family drama or past relationships. Leave it for later and leave a little mystery. [Read: How to be mysterious without being too distant]

8. flirtatious

Just because you try to make him chase you. You don’t have to be an ice queen. Have fun and flirt with him. If you want him to chase you show that you are interested in him You have to give him a reason to chase you.

9. less but more

If you’re texting each other Don’t send an essay to him. Honestly, no one likes to read pages of text on their smartphones. Keep your message short and sweet. Leave your word when you two go on a date. [Read: Flirty fingers – How to turn a guy on over text in 10 easy steps]

10. Don’t frown at him.

If you want to know how to get a guy to chase you and do the right thing. The worst thing to do is sit and hold his hand while you look him in the eye lovingly. he is not god And if you want him to chase you You can’t let him think like that. Of course, compliment him, but don’t look him in the eye. It looked rotten and tough.

11. Sexy

Now you don’t have to dress like anyone. But you can add sexiness by enhancing the qualities you have naturally. No, I don’t mean filling in your lips. But you can wear lipstick to plump up your curves or show off your curves. man with vision So it will drive him crazy. [Read: How to look hot – 18 moves to go from wallflower to flawless]

12. Take it easy on the drama

Men don’t like drama. In fact, they really do work if they hint at some drama with you. They can’t pay attention to it and can’t deal with their emotions. So leave some drama at home or in a group message with your girls.

13. Don’t pay attention to him.

This is a strange law of the universe. When you’re not interested in the guy you like, which is hard, he comes to you. He will be nowhere to be seen. So all you have to do is ignore the guy you like. I know, but we didn’t make this rule. The universe does. [Read: The dating girl code all girls need to know]

14. Be ready to release him if he loses.

If he doesn’t meet your standards You should be ready to let him go. I know you love being chased, but listen, if he’s everything a girl wants but doesn’t reply to your texts until the next day, let him go.

He’s not really chasing you. He was just waiting for an opportunity to come in. You probably don’t want that. [Read: He’s not that into you: 20 signs it’s time to accept the truth]

15. Don’t give him time all the time.

Spend time with friends, give yourself the time you want. But don’t give him all of his time just because he’s free and wants to spend time with you. If you want a guy to chase you He must see that you are busy for him all the time. *Even if he is free for you!*

16. Don’t text him all the time.

Yes, he texts you often. But that doesn’t mean you should either. Remember that you want him to chase you, of course, once he has defeated you. It’s okay for you to send him lots of text messages to keep him updated about your life. but even then Keep your message to a minimum. Let him know that you enjoy texting him with interesting emojis and messages. But don’t start sending messages yet. [Read: 17 flirty, cute and naughty emojis guys use when they really like you]

17. Don’t give up easily

He gave you flowers? Ah… so sweet isn’t it? But really? It’s just flowers. Buy it yourself. Don’t praise the little things he bought to impress you. Don’t value the things he buys for you. but value the gesture and devotion he has for you. Men know what they want to “buy” to win a woman’s heart. So don’t be a woman who can Let him see that the only way he can beat you is by his behavior. It’s not what he bought you for.

18. Always use social media.

Update your profile picture. Share more stories Post your new photo in the sexiest way possible. If you want a guy to chase you You have to think of him all the time. And you have to awaken his jealousy too. Make him wish he was the one who spent time with you. Instead of the person you hang out with! [Read: How to master the sexy thirst trap without looking too thirsty!]

19. Let him know he’s doing the right thing.

If a guy is chasing you and trying to flirt with you. You must appreciate his efforts. Don’t be a woman with rights and expect a guy to do anything for her. Be grateful, warm, and let him know you like him too.

But remember, don’t put up with what he does to offend you. If you understand how to get a guy chasing you in your head. You’ll be able to get your heart out until you’re sure he really likes you. and willing to put the time and effort into the relationship he is trying to build with you.

20. Know when to give a little.

You can play hard to get it. But if you’re always like this At some point he’ll throw in the towel, so you have to weigh in when it’s the right time to give him a little more. I mean reward the guy at some point. It doesn’t have to be sex But it has to be something, a kiss, something!

[Read: 20 secrets to make a guy desire you and leave him smitten]

Now you know all the secrets behind knowing how to get a guy to chase you. It’s time to relax and unwind. It’s your turn to chill.

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