How to Make Him Cum Faster: 12 Moves to Blow His Load in Minutes

Some men take longer to ejaculate. while some only take a few minutes. but for the sake of your jaw or vagina. It’s important to learn how to make him ejaculate faster.

How to make him cum faster

when you have sex with a man Watching them experience intense orgasms is very rewarding. It’s like, yeah, it’s my mouth and my vagina that make the magic happen. Of course, it could be another woman. But she may not know the techniques you do. Helping a guy achieve incredible orgasms isn’t as easy as it sounds. That’s why I’m here to tell you how to make him ejaculate faster, harder, and fall into bed like a very satisfied man.

How to make him cum faster

The great thing about making someone orgasm like crazy is that they want you to feel that sensation too. They want to make sure you have what they just experienced as well. It’s basically a win-win.

I mean when the guy I slept with helped me have intense orgasms. I’m crazy He truly drives me insane, so knowing these skills isn’t bad. This is a skill we are likely to learn in high school.

#1 you should enjoy it If you’re not really having a good time he noticed same for you You should really enjoy the experience if you want to make him cum faster.

If you’re bored and just want to pass. You should stop having sex with him. When they see you enjoying the experience It made them feel more alert. [Read: Erotophobia: The variety of fears related to sexual intimacy]

#2 Find out what he likes Whether it’s about blowjobs or sex positions. If you want to make him ejaculate quickly Find out what really resonates with him. It could be a deep neck, butt play, or doggy style. You don’t have to Then it won’t be fun for you and that’s not all about sex.

#3 mix it up You don’t have to spend twenty minutes sucking his dick. change it up You can give him a hand, suck his dick, ride him, and then go back and suck his dick, you know, you want this to be fun for both of you. So don’t do anything because you feel you have to. [Read: 20 really kinky things to do with your boyfriend beyond the bed]

#4 Dirty talk. Guys like to talk dirty. Okay, not all men. But most do, so don’t feel ashamed to let your naughty side get away with dirty words.

Tell him what you want him to do. How do you feel when he’s fucking with you? or call him a dirty name This only makes him want to fuck you harder and faster. [Read: Your guide to making dirty talk sound so much sexier]

#5 build it up Build sexual tension throughout the day. Send him naughty messages and sexy pictures to spend time in foreplay. It’s worth it when he has sex with you because of the tension in him throughout the day.

#6 Try new sex positions. Maybe the two of you are used to the same gender position, which isn’t bad, but alternating is a good thing. Don’t be afraid to try new things. if it doesn’t work Just switch to a different position. For example, if you’re not familiar with cowgirl, straddle him and go for a ride. [Read: 16 hot, hot, hot sex positions you need to try]

#7 Tell him where to cum Now some men find this extremely attractive. When you tell them where you want them to cum. You don’t have to do this if you want them to cum in a condom. Just tell them you want them to cum inside *that is, if they’re wearing condoms*. Tell him where you want it, he’ll like it.

#8 grab his ass when he was about to shed Grab his butt and pull him towards you harder. or while he’s fucking with you Grab and spank his ass during sex. It shows him that you really care about it. and give them a little more encouragement. Maybe it’s ego. but the point is It helps him ejaculate faster.

#9 try anal play Test it in the water and see if your partner likes it. Because many men are afraid or uncomfortable with the idea of ​​anal play. Instead, press your finger on his asshole to begin. You can insert your finger into his ass. But you don’t want to do it right away. make him comfortable first [Read: Erogenous zones for men – 8 secret spots that’ll make him cum in minutes]

#10 Moan. The groan turned towards someone. It also shows that you are having a good and pleasant time. Why not let him know by moaning? So if he’s fucking with you and you love it. Feel free to express yourself, moan, scream—anything that will help you release your sexual energy and make you feel good.

#11 Stay away from alcohol. Alcohol may make both of you more courageous, however, it has a huge impact on sexual performance.

Also, if you want to make him ejaculate faster. Alcohol does the opposite. It allows him to last for hours without needing to ejaculate at all, so if you’re tired of a locked-down jaw. Tell him to drink water before meeting you. [Read: Alcohol’s effects on sex and your libido]

#12 Don’t forget the perineum. Yep, this one is a forgotten spot in male sexual anatomy, but very important: the gap between his child and his asshole. The area is very sensitive and when it comes to blowjobs and sex in general it gets overlooked. Apply pressure if you want to speed up the process. It’s also a good backup if he doesn’t like anal play.

[Read: Hottest sex ever: 14 flirty, dirty moves to make him beg for more]

Now you know how to make him ejaculate faster and stronger. It’s time for you to practice, trust me, he’s very supportive of this.

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