12 Sexy Ways to Make Him Go Down on You Without a Push

Want him to spend more time there without making a detour? Keep these tips in mind. Then you will know how to make him fall in love with you the right way.

How to make a guy look down on you without pressure

We want life to be like in the movies.

But when it comes to life inside a closed bedroom door Movies are the last place we want to draw inspiration.

in almost all porn It may take a girl half an hour to salivate and blow a man’s mouth.

And the man would respond with a few minutes of words about animals that would hurt her like a savage. but no passion

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The good side of going down

Falling in love with each other is very satisfying and intimate in real life.

It can bring both of you closer and help you reach better orgasms.

Ultimately, by lingering in the infiltrative ending and immersing yourself in other things that can be equally compelling, you can make sex much more intense and long.

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But this is tricky. Not all men go down there easily.

Some guys just need a little impulse and grab their heads to graze there. And that’s not a good experience for both of you.

How to make him look down on you

Are you dating a guy who has never looked down on you? Or you’re in love with a guy who thinks it’s a small tickle. a second or two Is it the climax that provokes cunnilingus?

Don’t fret, you can change his attitude towards verbal abuse and have him treat it with a little more love and respect in no time.

First of all, you need to know this. Men love going down there, believe me, it’s something they’ve been dreaming of for a long time. [Read: Tips to increase your sex appeal]

They thought about it as soon as they entered puberty and they wanted to do it the first time they saw porn. But somewhere along the way Your guy may have had some bad experiences, either with you or with your past partner.

and bad experience One that was ultimately followed by many bad experiences. It may make your secret garden invisible from his sexual perspective.

The secret to satisfying him is that you are there.

If you want to make him look down on you All you have to do is tell him first. He really couldn’t forget that kind of permission.

If he fell and resurrected in a few seconds or avoided going down there. He may have bad memories that need healing.

Chill out and follow these steps to bring his face upside down at your base.

#1 Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene There’s no big reason for men to avoid the feminine part of you. The first impression is the lasting impression on your guy when he lays his head down there. If it doesn’t smell at first, you’ll have a hard time getting him to come down to you without a leash.

Remember to keep your privacy clean and hygienic. It’s often the first step to solving your dilemma.

#2 Don’t let him sink in there. You might have fun when he fell. But that’s not an excuse to put his hands on his face and choke him in the heat of the heat. And don’t push him down every time you love.

when you force him He’ll think it’s a chore and not something pleasurable and may even start to panic. [Read: Tips on turning a guy on]

#3 bush trim or destroy the forest. Remember, the more cleaning machines you keep, the The easier it is to manage your hygiene. It also makes it easy for him to find it when the lights go out. Unless your guy really likes me there. Minimize hair cuts, such as escalator railings, or get a Brazilian wax. He’ll love spending time with his face and your soft, moist skin.

#4 keep the fragrance In the Kama Sutra, it is said that a beautiful woman always smells like a blooming lily. You don’t need to poke a lily in his nose. Use a scented body oil or a flavored lubricant when you go to bed. Don’t use it all over your body. Just use it where you want him to be interested. He will definitely use his tongue when you smell like cherry blossoms or even lilies blooming there!

#5 wearing charming underwear Avoid Grandma’s Panties How will your verbal jay look good? everything needs presentation You love gifts wrapped and ribbons, so does he. Look good in bed and give him a chance to play with your silk underwear before he takes them off for you. Engage him to kiss you all over and allow him to spend time naked. [Read: How to dress for sex]

#6 watch porn together Now all porn is bad. Choose a film where the two actors prioritize passion and alertness rather than mindless clashing. Watch a movie together in bed and play along with the same moves. And yes, that means you have to spend a lot of time whistling before he eats you. [Read: Why men watch porn instead of their woman]

#7 let him see your satisfaction when he approaches your verbal gasp and moan softly It’s as if you’re experiencing a lot of happiness. Even if he has nothing to do with it and just plays with your navel. Raise your pelvis to let him know that there’s a nicer, sweeter spot underneath that will make you happier.

#8 shy and shy when he went down there after being gone for a while Don’t get too excited and stuff his head in or spread your legs wide and start acting like a tramp. Play it easy and let him know you’re enjoying it. stroke his hair and if he feels comfortable with it guide him around with your hand gently and groan to let him know that you like what he does.

#9 limit him. Restrict him from that zone and he will like it more. If something is forbidden from a man He’ll want more of it. But if you don’t know he’s starting to like to curse you. don’t limit him

First of all, when he insults you for a while Look up when you know he’s still enjoying it. But within minutes he popped up. Sink into the blissful climax and tell him you miss his tongue there. He’ll know how much you like it and go in again. As long as you stop him before he gets tired or bored. He will always be ready for more. [Read: How to be a perfect seductress]

#10 Don’t be selfish. This is basic etiquette. If you want him to insult you You have to go down to him and give him a good time if he’s not leading. You can go down first and wait for him to thank you back by lying on his back and letting his tongue walk all over you. [Read: 10 annoying girlfriend habits guys hate]

#11 Have good sex after he gives you orally. How thick will this make your man look? He will realize that harassing you will lead to better sex and better orgasms. And men always have a high ego when it comes to pleasing women in bed. If he finds a way to satisfy you more and give you better orgasms. He will do it to feel good about his own sexual abilities. [Read: Top 50 kinky ideas for sexy loving]

#12 Thank him for it. Let your man know that you enjoy it when he gets down there. Sometimes, your guy might not know that it makes you feel good just because he doesn’t care if you feel bad about him. Thank your guy for cursing you without making it look like you’re tricking him into a routine because you enjoyed it.

And that’s it!

If your guy starts to like what he’s doing. He’ll look down on you without you talking about it or turning his head in the right direction.

but always remember that He had to overcome what had bothered him in the first place. Don’t just use these pointers once and forget them all. You weren’t trying to fool him, were you? [Read: How to make your man happy in 20 little ways]

Make these tips part of your routine. Your man will love you and you will love too!

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Just use these 12 tips to get him down there and help your guy get comfortable and overcome any hesitations. that he may have had in the past And soon he will want to spend more time there than anywhere else!

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