How to Make Him Regret Hurting You: Get Your Revenge Without Regret

When you’re dumped, cheated, or whatever, it hurts. Pain eventually turns into anger. You want to learn how to make him regret hurting you.

How to make him regret hurting you

Satisfaction is knowing that the person who hurt you is deeply sorry. when he hurt you You want to learn how to make him regret hurting you. You want to know that they are suffering because they are causing you suffering.

And it’s very tempting to do whatever it takes to get revenge. But that’s really smart?

The sound of revenge makes him regret that hurting you can be a problem. It will not only prevent you from moving forward. But it also puts him at the forefront of your mind.

Instead of focusing on you and your future You’re focusing on how he feels. I know how it feels to want the guy who hurt you back, but sometimes it’s best to just move on and leave him in the past.

Now, if you can’t let go of this need to make him regret hurting you or you’re just a little bit. There are ways to make sure he regrets hurting you, and there are ways not to. [Read: Cold, calculated moves to hit back and get even]

Has he regretted hurting you already?

First of all, has he regretted hurting you already? Just because you haven’t heard from him and he hasn’t asked you to come back and forgive him. That doesn’t mean he hoped he didn’t do anything.

He might be too proud to come back, or he just thinks you’ll never give him another chance. But before embarking on a search for the truth

Ask your friends how they are doing. Is he fine? Is he dating again? Or is he sad and missing you? Does he return all of your stuff, or does he cling to it when he cries to himself to lie down, listen to your music and post a sad Facebook status?

If he feels bad for hurting you You will be rewarded without work. Congratulations. He is sorry for hurting you. You can let him continue to suffer while you know this was his mistake.

But if you can’t find it, or you don’t know that he doesn’t regret what he did. What more can you do? [Read: How to be classy – 20 traits that command respect and awe]

Should you make him regret hurting you?

Just because I speak from a place that has experience and guides you. I feel the need to offer some help before trying to figure out how to make him regret hurting you. Revenge is definitely not healthy.

whether you want to go back to him make him hurt to make him regret the day he met you This is a pretty bad negative space to go in. Focusing on ruining his life or just his emotions is not a good thing to do.

Just because he treats you badly That doesn’t mean you should do the same with him. Two offenses do not make it right. And here’s another cliche: treat others the way you want to be treated.

Being a good person means not expecting anything in return. Going forward with grace is definitely a good way to go. But I got the attraction and the urge to know that he was squirming in the mistakes he made. [Read: 12 devious ways to be the crazy ex and get your sweet revenge]

How not to make him regret hurting you?

If you agree to make him regret hurting you. There are a few things you should know before you begin.

If this guy totally ruined your life or hurt you. Let him deal with Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann. another womanBut otherwise try to be mature about it. Here are some guidelines for people with uncontrollable anger.

#1 Don’t do anything recklessly. It’s easy to let anger and pain overshadow you in these situations. You can be so surrounded by wanting him to regret what he did to you that you can’t see all the reasons.

You can make him regret hurting you without doing anything risky or reckless. And you don’t have to put your friendships or work in jeopardy just to stick with him. believe me it’s not worth it [Read: Dealing with heartbreak – 12 easy steps to do it the right way]

#2 don’t ruin his life Lying to HR and getting him fired can be tempting. It might be tempting to splash out on the images he reveals online. But even if he hurts you emotionally But it was inconsistent with his life in this way.

You leave this pain with your freedom. Don’t ruin his life because he broke your heart. [Read: How to find closure within yourself after a relationship ends]

#3 Do not affect the rest of his life. as well as his work Try not to affect the rest of his life. Of course, if he’s dating someone who doesn’t know he’s cheating, just tell her. especially having children Try to let it go, you’re out, the rest is up to him.

Even if you feel like a messenger is sending his true body to friends and family. It’s not worth messing with their lives. He is the one who hurt you. Not everyone in his life

#4 Don’t do what he does Whether he cheated, lied, or forgot your birthday. Don’t retaliate by doing what he does. All it does is demote you to his level. What you have now is your dignity.

giving his medicine a taste It will affect you more than he thinks. [Read: Revenge sex – My own experience and everything I learned from it]

#5 don’t make him important This is probably the most important thing not to do when you want him to regret hurting you. Focusing on him when he hurts you give him all the power over you.

The best way to make him regret hurting you is to take control of your own life and let him go. [Read: How to move on from a relationship in a happy and healthy way]

How to make him regret hurting you

Now you know what to avoid when learning how to make him regret hurting you. But there are some things you can and should do during this process.

This not only lets him know that he made a big mistake when he hurt you. But it will make you feel much better.

#1 Make yourself the number one priority. focus on you The best way to make someone regret losing you or hurting you is to give yourself all of that. You don’t have to worry about him or your relationship anymore.

focus on your career Put all your energy into your favorite hobby. Spend more time with the people in your life who empower you. when you focus on yourself He will lose all his power over you when he hurts you.

#2 Make the most of your single life Instead of getting caught up in the fact that you’re single or that you’re wasting time with him. Let’s enjoy your life now. Dating or just enjoying your time alone.

Cultivate the mind of being single work on myself Go to therapy or start exercising. learn new skills When you can show him that you are happier alone than with him. He will know what he has done wrong. [Read: How to make yourself happy – 20 habits of incredibly happy people]

#3 Do what you can’t do with him. Go out with friends you don’t often see when you’re with them. Does he hate sushi? Order all the sushi you want. All the time he spent in your life is now free.

do whatever he doesn’t like Does he hate when your hair is tied up or unshaven? Go out and enjoy your freedom.

#4 Forget him. After a while, he will creep into your mind and memories will pop. but when that happens Focus on something else. Eventually, there will be days or weeks where you don’t miss him.

This is the best revenge if you’re wondering how to make him regret hurting you. The loss of love and thoughts for him is what drives him crazy. Knowing that you’re above him and better than ever is the best way to make him regret hurting you. [Read: 14 ways to unlove someone and conquer the impossible]

#5 live life the best Go out and live your best life. Don’t let him or he hurt you, take control of your life, actions, or thoughts. It’s really not worth it.

Go out and do what makes you truly happy.

[Read: How to behave during a breakup and leave with your head held high]

The best way to learn how to make him regret hurting you is to learn how to take control of your own life without him. His words or actions influence you.

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