How to Make Him Regret Taking You For Granted And Change His Ways

Feeling a little offended? Learn how to make him regret that he overlooked you. and pave the way for a brighter future in your relationship!

How to make him regret taking you away

whether they know it or not Some men have a habit of taking advantage of their lovers. This might be innocent. Just familiarize yourself with what they do on a daily basis. and not noticing the small details that bring them good luck in life. It could be that this guy is a narcissist. basically Suppose everyone should do everything for him. Because that’s the way of life that should be. No matter which camp your man goes to Learning how to make him regret surrendering can be a game changer.

I should point out that if your man is quite narcissistic. You’re ready to fully change him. In other words, a narcissist can only change his ways when he wants.

On the other hand, if your guy just wants to poke him to remind him of how wonderful his partner is. And how do you have to do everything for him? These methods can be extremely helpful!

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How to make him regret taking you alone

Wondering how to get a guy to stop looking at you by default? and regret what I’ve done Here are eight great ways to work like magic.

#1 Stop doing what you usually do for him. First of all, stop doing what he sees fit. If you always make breakfast while he sits there and doesn’t move. stop making breakfast If you’re always cooking dinner, stop doing it. Let him wonder why his clothes are dirty. If you’re working all the time while he’s doing something. Stop working so much and start thinking about yourself.

The only best way to make him regret letting you do it is to stop doing things he doesn’t appreciate. when those things don’t happen He would sit up and wonder what had happened. He will immediately realize that you are doing more than he gives you credit. And the hope is that he will start to think about how little he has done. [Read: How to treat a boyfriend who takes you for granted and the things you just shouldn’t do]

Of course, it could go back completely and cause huge controversy. But avoiding doing what he sees is the only way to start the process of gaining recognition for what you do. mostly without thanks

#2 Call him out about his behavior If you’re tired of not getting ‘thanks’, tired of not being complimented, tell him! make you know that you are not happy Tired of being overlooked and needs a little acceptance sometimes. Maybe do something for you sometimes too!

Maybe he just had no idea what he was doing and needed a poke. Or maybe he just expects these things to be done and doesn’t think you deserve recognition. if this is the case You need to start exploring the idea of ​​whether or not you really need that kind of insult in your life!

The best way to have this conversation is to be careful. Don’t jump at the flaming gun. But just saying “I did x, y, z for you and you never said thank you” can be that. [Read: 13 small changes that can greatly improve your relationship]

#3 Set boundaries for yourself in what he sees fit There are things you need to do as well. For example, if you’re making dinner because you’re hungry too, of course, you can make your own and let him make his. But that could be the start of a big controversy. If you don’t get what you want from the way he regrets taking you on a normal mission. That’s definitely the path you can think of!

You have to set boundaries for yourself. So tell yourself what you will do. Mostly because you want or need it. and outline what you won’t do Because you just do it without thanks. When he saw that something he had done in vain had disappeared. He will begin to question why. [Read: Where to draw the line when you’re the only one putting all the effort]

#4 Focus on yourself. If you feel that he normally looks down on you. Instead, start focusing on yourself rather than him. do what makes you feel good buy new clothes Change your style a bit. may begin to learn new skills Take up a new hobby or hit the gym. All you have to do is repay yourself. Thank you that he didn’t give you

Your guy will soon see that look only comes from focusing on number one. And combined with the fact that you no longer do what he surrenders to, he will worry.

Anxious men begin to look at the reasons for their feelings. And perhaps he will begin to realize that he has been persecuting you for a long time. [Read: 23 clues you’re dating a manchild and an immature prick]

#5 maintain your dignity Don’t do anything for people who don’t respect or thank you any more. Lift your head up high and show your graceful side. Don’t be dragged into arguing with it. Just stop doing what he sees fit. Tell him why and then let him change his ways.

if he refuses to do so If he still values ​​you and doesn’t show the respect you deserve. to walk away with more dignity and find people who appreciate you for being the great person you are. And all the wonderful things you do. [Read: 16 signs you’re settling in an unhappy relationship]

#6 Let him know you’re fine without him. You might think that talking about a future without him is playing with fire, yes, in some ways, because it’s part of the game. But when someone insults you You have to poke him hard so they can see what his behavior is doing. And what will the consequences be? If they don’t change the method

Just let him see that if you have to leave, you’ll go, and you’ll be fine without him. You can do that freely. focus on yourself and let him see that you are doing things give yourself more [Read: 15 little moves that’ll make a guy really worry about losing you]

#7 light up your social life Still wondering how to make him regret accepting you? Start your social life and start hanging out with your friends. If you’re cold or distant from him and you suddenly start to go out and enjoy life more. He’ll start to panic about other people who might treat you better.

That was enough to let him know what he was doing. regret his actions and cause him to change the future [Read: The negative effects of taking someone for granted that just can’t be undone]

that is hope Even if it doesn’t happen, you’re having fun. You’re boosting your confidence. you are leaving and you will know if you have to leave You will be more comfortable until someone else comes in

#8 Play a little harder to get and tell him why. I’m usually not a good advocate of playing hard to get. I think it’s necessary for gaming. but in this situation I’m ready for it

Be a little colder. Don’t answer the phone every time he calls. Wait a few minutes until you reply to his message. and may be busy every time he clicks his finger

He will wonder what happened. and when he asked tell him why Tell him you feel worthless. Tell him he’s taking you in vain. And tell him you don’t like the way you feel.

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Understanding how to make him regret accepting you isn’t really that difficult. The first step is to stop doing things that he doesn’t appreciate. and secondly Focus on number one This quick recipe made him second guess his actions, and if not, walk away looking up!

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