How to Make Him Want You and Not Even Think About Other Women

Want to know how to make him want you and only you? This is what most women hope to achieve when dating someone new. how to get him interested

how to make him want you

This is what we all aim for when dating someone new. It’s always awkward not knowing where you stand or how you feel. It’s important to do your best and learn how to make him want you the most.

Because he might be dating another woman. That means you are competitive and if you really like him. You will have to do some work for him to see you and only you. And that’s a really hard thing to do because we all know that men don’t have the best attention span.

Dating games can be very competitive.

Especially if the guy you’re looking for is right. They are far and few in between. It means that every woman in her right mind who is dating him is trying to do what you are. they want themselves

And he might be getting attention. When a man catches the wind that a woman likes him He will milk it for its worth. But if you really care about him and feel that he has the same feelings as you Trying to double him as yours is a smart idea. [Read: Why men like a chase and how to use that in your favor]

How to make him want you and forget the rest

Obviously, you want to work hard for the people you think you can have a real future for. If he looks like that person, these tips can help make him yours and only you.

#1 have interest in his life I know this looks obvious. But there are some beliefs in society that say men should really approach women and not vice versa. We think they should ask us all the questions. And then we stopped doing hobbies like nothing.

don’t do this Take a serious interest in his life and let him talk about the things he loves. When he connects you to great conversations and cares about what he likes. He will always miss you very much. [Read: How to get to know a guy you want to date]

#2 keep something interesting As mentioned earlier Men don’t have the best attention span. All you have to do is make things always interesting Make him guess what you will do next. will never guess

The more you have fun with this method. The more he will want to be near you. When he’s not sure what you’re going to say or do. It will keep him awake and keep him interested.

#3 Be a little mysterious If you’re wondering how to make him want you? Remember that hiding certain information is normal. You don’t have to tell him everything about you on the first date. Actually play a little shy. give him some information but keep the details The more he had to dig, the more He will feel better when he receives an answer.

#4 Flirt a bit. But don’t mess with flirting. What you want to do is make him want more every time you say something cute. Give him a taste of how you’re totally flirting and he’ll keep an eye on you. [Read: 15 subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work]

#5 Leave the sexy side out as little as possible. You have to make him want more. Don’t give him the whole thing right away. That being said, you want to show him that you’re a sexist. Men love sex and they are very close to each other.

but you too Just because you don’t want it to seem easy. That doesn’t mean you have to be completely patient. So make a funny joke. From time to time to show him that he can finally pull you in. [Read: How to be sexy as ever and own your unique type of attractiveness]

#6 Be honest about how you feel. Being straightforward is not something that many women do. And you know what? Guys love it. One of the things men fear the most when dating women is. All will be a guessing game.

They will have to wonder how you feel and read all these advice that they will inevitably be mistaken. they hate that This means that you can be direct and tell him that you like him and that you want to keep seeing him. It will definitely pay off.

#7 tell him he’s funny men like to be funny It is well known that the more women can laugh at men. The more she liked him the more. It also boosts his ego. when he thinks about how you make him feel good He is difficult to see other women. to make sure he knows you think he’s funny. [Read: 15 fun questions to ask a guy to make him laugh]

#8 make him laugh On the other hand, if you want to understand how to make him really want you. make fun of yourself Men like girls with a sense of humor and most of us tend to hold that in our dating. Go ahead and make those jokes. Let him see that you can make him laugh.

Once again, letting him feel good around you. Connecting You to Good Feelings It’s one way to make him forget about other women. those and focus on you

#9 acting weird and foolish A lot of women try to stay calm, cool, and date. You know what makes a guy recognize you more than other women? Be weird and stupid and show your stupid side. We all have them!

let it out. Be weird, be yourself and don’t force it. The more he has fun and entertains you. The more likely he will think of you the next time he wants to go out for a bite to eat, the more likely it will be. [Read: How to let your goofy side out and make people want your company]

#10 Don’t reveal all of your past at once. We all have a history. That doesn’t mean you should be brave on the first date. You can hint at something. But don’t drag your emotions with a tragic story. keep to yourself

#11 Dress to feel good. It doesn’t mean you have to dress sexy or extra sexy. You should dress in what makes you feel good. The better you feel You’ll feel more comfortable in dating. And that means you’ll let your true personality show up more and he’ll be able to deal with that easily.

#12 Show him how confident you are. Confidence is important here. If he’s in the dating game He met and met a few women. What makes you stand out from the crowd is how you feel about yourself.

Confidence is contagious If you feel good about yourself It will shine from you and he will feel good about you too. So show him how awesome you are and really believe that.

[Read: How to make a guy chase after you instead of the other way around]

It’s not easy to figure out how to make him want you all by himself. when you get to know him It’s much harder to do something you know he likes. Overall, just be yourself and show him what he’ll miss out on if he chooses someone else.

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