How to Make Love to a Woman: 21 Tips to Leave Her Moaning for More

sex is good But sometimes you need to learn how to love a girl so you can show her how well you can seduce and please her!

how to love women

Wild sex is fun from time to time, but every woman *and every guy* needs to experience some real, seductive lovemaking from time to time to experience true bliss. If you are wondering how to love a woman Here’s everything you need to know to get it right.

Women like slow, romantic sex. In other words, we love when men love us, forgetting their bumps, sleeping, putting on their clothes. and having sex in different ways We tend to love the cares of love more than anything.

This is very different from your average guy. Because their instincts tend to drive them towards hot, fiery, and intense sex. That being said, they don’t know how to make love the way a woman might like best.

How is having sex different from your regular sex?

They don’t just call it “love each other” for no reason. This type of sex is very different from a typical romp in the sheets. There is more care and emotion involved in loving than taking off your clothes and doing it.
That doesn’t mean every time you have sex with the person you love. Love has to be categorized. In fact, this type of sex should be kept for special occasions because it’s an intimate act.

If you’re wondering what’s the difference? Check out these N.S. 7 The Sexy Sex You Must Have in a Relationship]

How to make love to a woman and make her love it

Loving a woman is not easy. And most men need advice. Who can take that better than the woman herself? If you want to love a girl and show her how you really feel about her. through sex You should do this

1. be serious

I know that joking and being silly can alleviate the seriousness of sex and make it fun. You have to be serious about it.

Leave some jokes and antics for the night, and put on a more serious, intimate tone. Not only will she be able to feel the difference in your emotional state during sex. But she will also be able to sense how serious you are about HER, and that will result in great courtship. [Read: What are the five senses of sexy lovemaking?]

2. comfortable

Lovemaking is not the time for new and tricky moves in bed. Live with what has been tried and tested. and pay more attention to her body Minimize talking or making her laugh. Passion is created when your body speaks and works in harmony. When she saw the hunger you had for her in your eyes and the way you touched her. That will only motivate her even more.

3. Make her feel wanted

If you want to love a woman Let her see it in your eyes and the way you touch her body. If you take the time to make her happy and to please her in bed. Your excitement will increase too.

Let her see that you are preventing her from piercing even if you really want to. Let her feel your lust as you touch her back with your fingers or hold her hips firmly and passionately. Compliment her body and play with it like it’s something you don’t want to let go of. [Read: How to get a girl to have sex with you by arousing her very subtly, all day]

4. Foreplay should be emotional.

Usually, your foreplay can be intense and serious… At least I hope so. When you get to foreplay when you’re trying to love a girl. It has to be more emotional than it actually is.

This doesn’t start when you get home. This should start during the day with a cute message to her. This kind of foreplay really speaks to her emotional side. And it will put her in the romantic mood for great sex later. [Read: 50 flirty text messages that are sure to make her smile]

5. The night would have been romantic.

You can’t romanticize sex and call it love. You have to set all emotions for flirtation in order to be successful in loving your woman.

Try having a delicious, decadent dinner in the dim light with lots of conversation about your feelings for her. You will get bonus points if you cook for yourself. [Read: 25 really romantic ideas to make your lover melt]

6. Make sure the light is dim.

To create the mood of loving women You’ll want to keep the lighting dim and sultry.

We recommend lighting a candle to create an atmosphere that helps create the sexy shadows sometimes seen in movies. The moment she saw the candle You will know today is the day of courtship. not just sex

7. Turn on some sexy slow music.

There’s no crushing and thumping song that kickstarts the fast sex you’re used to. Set the mood with slow jazz music. or other emotional songs with slower and sexier tempo

This will not only remind you of the emotion you are trying to create. But it will also make your sex slower and more romantic. Just as it should when you’re trying to be in love. [Read: The absolute sexiest lovemaking playlist guide]

8. pleasing her

Nothing makes her feel more loved than pampering her in any way you can. This means choosing your dinner based on what you know she likes. give her a hot oil massage And just tell her that she’s beautiful in every way.

If you know that she loves something in particular that really helps her relax and unwind. Make sure you do it for her.

9. Choose the best place

This doesn’t mean you should book a hotel room or try to go out. In fact, love works best when done in your own home. more personal than that

However, you can decide where in your home is the most romantic place to do the deed. If the bedroom is the prettiest and most livable, do so if you have a fireplace and can spread a blanket. This will make the atmosphere very romantic and friendly.

Create a romantic atmosphere to make love with her. And she’ll love everything about it even more! [Read: Sexy bedroom – 24 of the best sex room ideas to create the best place for sex]

10. Do not immediately touch her between her legs.

It’s so tempting to insert fingers into her panties as soon as she gets naked. That’s the whole point, right? Make her “wet enough” to pierce her? But if you want to know how to love a woman Learn to arouse her and make her horny without touching her.

rub your hands all over your body Stimulate her nipples and stimulate her without actually touching her right there. This gives her body enough time to be stimulated without accelerating.

11. Spending a lot of time in foreplay

It’s easy for a guy to get tough and get released in less than five minutes. But everything takes longer for women. So don’t make her feel guilty about it. Indulge her. Take the time to stir her up. and make her more drenched and horny You don’t need sex anytime soon, just do it as slow as you can. [Read: What is foreplay? 17 slow and sexy moves that’ll seriously arouse her]

12. Extend the time

If you’re not sure how to keep her horny and wet for a long time. Try something other than kissing and caressing her. Have her lie down in bed and give her a sensual massage. *If you don’t have massage oil Just use the right amount of body moisturizer. They’ll work too.* You can even make her lie down. Make yourself comfortable between her legs. and eat her out as long as you can, slowly and comfortably.

Better yet, do both to prolong foreplay. Start with a massage and ends with oral sex [Read: How to eat a girl out – 16 secrets to make her scream]

13. Choose a suitable location for close contact.

Doggy style is not a good position when you love a woman. It starts and separates a lot, and that’s the opposite of what you want when flirting.

Most of the ways to love a woman involve trying face-to-face positions and perfect for the closest contact. Missionary and scooping are two of the best positions when you want to make love. [Read: 8 ways to make missionary sex magical and sensuous ]

14. Make it slow

It’s easy to get blown away in the heat of the moment and push her quickly because you’re aroused. But if you want to love a woman Push her as deep as you can, but do it slowly and as passionately as you can. Enjoy every beat as if you want to go in and out of her forever. Slow drive is the true definition of love.

Think of it as slow-motion sex. It looks and feels sexier than anything else. And if you want to be in love Everything you do in bed should look purposeful and calculated. and most importantly Slow and satisfying too [Read: Slow sex and all the steamy reasons why your girl will enjoy this most]

15. Make eye contact

Making eye contact during sex isn’t easy. Especially if you’ve had sex for a while. You may feel a little uncomfortable or uncomfortable. But if you want to love her You have to look deeply into her eyes while experiencing pure happiness in her.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to show her love. And look deep into her eyes now and when you’re done kissing her when you’re by her side. You can also caress her face or stroke her hair off her face. Eliminate shyness from staring. and make it look more gentle and cute instead. [Read: Eye contact during sex and why it takes her orgasms to the next level]

16. Make It More About Her

This wasn’t just meant to please her. This means making sex more about her feelings than yours actually. For men, it’s easier to get out of the car after a while. But women tend to spend more time.

So this time, let’s focus on sex at her pleasure. Take the time to give her some compliments and focus on getting rid of her before you finish. Sacrifice in bed and make her happy first.

17. Use your hands.

when you pierced her It doesn’t have to mean the end of all kinds of fun. Insertion shouldn’t be the last step of sex. Before you turn upside down Instead, get away from her and use your fingers while you kiss her instead. Blend, but keep your movements slow and sensual. Use your fingers to stimulate her and give her new sensations during sex.

Not only will it feel different. But the feeling of your fingers also helps her become more sexual. And the climax is better too. [Read: How to finger a girl and make her orgasm in no time]

18. Tell her how much you care about her.

and do it while you have sex It can be quite challenging for a guy to open up about his feelings for the person he loves. especially during sex But it can be the little touches that can make a difference in the world. Something as simple as “you make me so happy” can do wonders.

19. panting and moaning

Guys don’t need to moan loudly in bed *unless you moan!* But a quick, slow, deep breath while piercing her is enough to let your girlfriend or wife know that you are deeply aroused by her.

You don’t always have to tell your girl that you’re upset with her. Show her and let her see that you are aroused by your behavior during sex. If she sees you gaping with her She will know that you are making love with her. [Read: Why do women moan during sex – All the reasons that’ll surprise you]

20. Accident Happens

If the pressure of staying still too long to come to you and you reach the climax before the climax don’t worry about it Just keep showing her love and satisfying her in bed. and use your fingers and tongue instead of limping organs.

Just because you came doesn’t mean it’s time to close the curtains. Continue to please her until she is satisfied *and more* than you are. Remember, learning how to love a woman is to focus on her needs and her body. Not just your needs

21. Find Time to Hug Later

Loving a woman doesn’t just mean having sex. This means making sure she feels loved and cared for throughout her sexual activity, and yes, even after.

You cannot successfully love a woman without spending time with her after sex. This is ideal for making her feel loved even after sex is over. This ensures that she truly appreciates more than just her body. [Read: The best cuddling positions to make your girlfriend feel loved]

Knowing how to love a woman is more than just perfecting your moves and taking action. There is still a lot that goes into true lovemaking that only women can shed light on.

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