How to Make Someone Feel Better: 30 Ways to Help a Sad Friend

When someone close to you is going through a difficult time. You will easily feel helpless. Learn how to make someone feel better and instantly make them feel better!

how to make people feel better

When the person you care about feels sad or sad. The first thing you want to do is take the sadness away. Of course, you can’t just wipe their worries away like nothing happened. But you can learn how to make someone feel better. By doing this, you can at least make them feel a little better during that time. You can also learn how to make someone feel better through text messages. [Read: How to make someone happy & help them get back their happy spark]

It’s true to feel helpless when someone looks down. It’s even worse when they don’t tell you what happened to them. You can tell by their body language that something isn’t right. But what they say is “I’m fine.” Of course, you know it’s not good and it’s very disappointing!

In fact, you don’t need to know exactly what happened to someone to motivate them a little. These 22 Discreet Ways to Put a Smile on Their Faces even if they have a hard time Let’s also discuss whether you should learn how to make someone feel better through text messages. Or is it really a face-to-face agreement?

30 Ways to Make People Feel Better

1. Talk to them

Of course, the most obvious and important thing to do to help someone who is feeling sad is to talk to them. Sit down and tell them you’re here to listen to them and help them talk about what’s upsetting them. Sometimes just being a good listener is all you really need to do. [Read: 10 ways to be a better listener]

2. Buy them a thoughtful gift.

Buying someone a thoughtful gift when they feel bad about littering is a lovely way to let them know you’re thinking of them. It could be something fun and silly or something they’ve always wanted. But getting a gift when they’re sad can work wonders in making them feel better!

3. Take him out on a date with a friend.

Pamper them by taking them out to spend the night in the city. Go to the spa to relax. or just go out to dinner Going out in the evening can really distract them from things that bother them and really make them stop thinking about things. It reminds them that they can still have fun too!

4. Send cute messages

Contacting them via text is a quick and easy way to check if they’re okay and give them encouragement. Just knowing that people are thinking of them and caring about them will help someone through a difficult time. [Read: Life’s a bitch? 17 feel-good ways to make yourself feel better]

5. Send flowers

If you’re wondering how to make someone feel better even if you’re not around them, flowers are guaranteed to make anyone feel better. feel at ease Thoroughly find what they like and send them to them. Beautiful blooms brighten any room and make them feel good no matter what.

6. Frenzy

Okay, this might be an adult only show. If you want to make someone feel better Sometimes a night out and a few drinks is the perfect way to talk and clear their worries! [Read: How to sober up fast: 12 quick ways to go from sloshed to alert]

7. live with silence

It’s important to remember that sometimes people don’t want to talk. They just needed someone to sit with them in silence. If what they are facing is really difficult. In this case, being with them shows that you are there. without forcing them to speak when they don’t want to.

8. go for a walk

Getting out to get some fresh air and exercising helps things. It’s in a really good view. Immediately walk somewhere beautiful soul. It’s a great way to talk and exercise releases endorphins, which naturally make them feel better too! [Read: Best friend bucket list: 15 adventures for you and your BFF]

9. Show them that you support them.

Sometimes your friends and family need you to support them. Maybe they feel sad because they feel like they’ve failed or don’t know what they are doing with their lives. This is where you come in as their huge fan. Show them how much you support them in everything they do!

10. Write a letter to them.

If you’re not good at having deep, meaningful face-to-face conversations. Why not write a letter to them? Show them how much you care and express your feelings.

11. Sleep and rest

Why not enjoy the old-fashioned way of sleeping? Get a duvet in the living room, order a pizza, have your popcorn ready and watch a movie, chat, and relax! [Read: 32 Awesome sleepover ideas for a fun night with friends]

12. Cook them

Making dinner shows that you are trying to make them feel better and encouraging them. They will definitely be appreciated!

13. Hug them

Sometimes a good hug can help someone feel more sad than you can imagine. If you know someone is sad Hugging it is really comforting. Or just put your arm around them or hold their hand. Physical contact can be very reassuring. [Read: I just want to be loved: Unlikely reasons for feeling this way]

14. Look into the eyes

Make sure that when they talk to you You look into their eyes Direct eye contact is important to show that you really hear them. The worst thing for sad people to feel as if they are being ignored.

15. Forgive them

If the reason your friend is sad is because you got into a fight. Maybe it’s time to forgive and compensate them!

16. Don’t Interrupt

If they choose to open up to you Remember to let them talk until they’re done. You may feel the need to interrupt. but try not to They just want to express their feelings and listen. Don’t speak until they’re done. [Read: 10 Ways to be a better listener in your relationship]

17. Pay attention to them.

Even if you disagree with everything they say. But sometimes people just need someone who agrees with them. Even without a reason! Just nod in agreement. That way, you’ll show them compassion and understanding that they will surely appreciate.

18. Make them laugh

If you want to make someone feel better Remember, there is no better antidote to sadness than laughter. Tell them lots of jokes, do crazy dances that startle them. Or do whatever it takes to make them laugh again! [Read: How to smile more often: 6 steps to change your life]

19. Challenge Together

If they feel lost Why not register for the challenge together? If this isn’t your cup of tea Set goals and goals that you can achieve and work together. Help them get back on their original path.

20. Do a hobby

Distraction is a great way to stop someone from wallowing in their misery. Why not try to find a hobby together and see if this solves their problems?

21. Plan a Revenge

If the reason they are sad is because someone hurt or offends them. Whether it’s a colleague, friend, partner, why not sit with them and plot your revenge? You don’t need to do anything. But letting them get a little angry instead of regretting sometimes can help! [Read: 12 devious ways to be a crazy person and get your revenge]

22. Honest

Honesty is sometimes the best policy. Remember to be honest with your friends and help them see things clearly. Being honest can sometimes be a bit harsh if you’re sad. But doing so helps them overcome problems faster. You will still be the person they turn to for direct advice time and time again!

23. Ask him what he wants.

Ask them what they need from you to feel better. They will probably tell you that they don’t need anything. But be patient and it will come out eventually! As long as what they ask you to do is unethical and doesn’t feel guilty about you. do what you have to do

24. Appear and surprise them.

Sometimes a natural surprise is enough to make someone smile back. Open the front door when you know they’re not doing anything. And tell them you’re taking them out for ice cream. Then head out and do your best to let them forget their worries. [Read: 18 Ways to become more spontaneous in life]

25. Tell them how awesome they are.

Sometimes a carefully placed compliment can really comfort someone. “You’ll look good in that dress” or “Your hair looks amazing like that” can make them feel good about themselves. They may then find it easier to get rid of their worries.

26. Let’s learn yoga together.

Yoga is great for health and well-being. It is also ideal for promoting positive thinking. Go to a yoga class together and see if it makes a difference. if there is nothing You will laugh at your attempts to try poses!

27. Prank

Make sure the prank isn’t something that upsets them or embarrasses them. Joking with someone who is feeling bad can go one way or the other. But if you are careful with what you choose It might make them laugh out loud. That’s a therapy in itself! [Read: 12 Types of humor and how it affects relationships]

28. Burn the frustration!

Encourage your friends to pick up a plate. (Not special) and then smash it. Head to the nearest field Then they both screamed as loud as they could. Do something that helps them get rid of their frustration and anger. You might feel better too.

29. Make them a handmade gift.

It doesn’t have to be too complicated. A friendship bracelet or a collage of your favorite photos together can also be made. When people take the time to make gifts with their hands. It’s incredible and allows you to see more than your problem.

30. Create a gratitude diary together.

sat down and the two came up with a list. 5 Something you’re grateful for. Then, every day, both of you need to add something new to your list, at the end of every week. Get together and watch your show. Soon, both of you will see how grateful you are. And it can help get them out of their fear. [Read: How to be grateful: 15 authentic ways to appreciate and express it]

Should you learn how to make someone feel better through text?

We live in the technology age and we do most of our communication online. Should you try to make someone feel better through text or recorded in a face-to-face meeting?

This one is hard, sending them a funny meme or gif might make them smile for a few seconds during the day. Will it completely eliminate their worries? Probably not. But every little bit helps!

If you want to make someone feel better The best way is to do it yourself. You can definitely learn how to make someone feel better through text messages. But the best way should be to maintain as little as possible. The best way? Gifs, memes, jokes or pictures you find on your phone that you want to make them feel fresh. The quirky cute message will be on point, too. But learning how to make someone feel better through text shouldn’t include long paragraphs and drawn-out discussions. [Read: Rules of texting: 15 unwritten texting rules you need to remember]

The point is, they pick up their phone and look at your messages, and the content makes them smile for a moment. That’s how to make someone feel better through text. If you send a long message To tell them how you are there for them and that you care about them. that is a good thing But it could easily be misunderstood or used in other ways that you intended. That’s a concern with any message.

The best advice? Stick to fun, quick messages. and leave other things for the times when you face each other

[Read: How to cheer someone up – 18 ways to help them feel awesome again]

Being by someone’s side when facing difficult times is very important! Make sure you support your loved ones. When they’re feeling blue, try these 30 tips for making someone feel better and how to make someone feel better through text. and make them smile again!

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