How to Make Someone Feel Guilty & Understand the Pain They Caused –

You may need to learn how to make someone feel guilty so that they really understand what they are doing. Here’s how to do it effectively.

how to make people feel guilty

Many people will tell you that it is wrong to try to upset someone or feel guilty. The truth? Not if you want them to understand where you come from. The only way to do that is to find a way to make someone feel guilty.

If they don’t care and just go on with their lives. They will repeat that behavior. They might do it again with you or they might hurt someone else. What if you want them to learn from your pain? You have to show them what they do.

Guilt is a very powerful emotion if one can feel it.

Many people neglect their feelings of guilt. They don’t want to face the fact that they’ve done something wrong and they just reinforce it in their hearts. They will totally forget about it if they are not raised again. But it’s important for people to feel

because it can teach a lesson The more people feel guilty The more they learn from what they do. Therefore, those who ignore it often make the same mistakes over and over. And in the end they will no longer be able to hide their guilt. It will only show up in a more ugly and toxic manner. [Read: 10 ways to handle guilt trippers in your life]

how to make people feel guilty to know that you made a mistake

what they did hurt But what might hurt more is the fact that they don’t seem to care. It is often the result of their ignorance. If you really want to make someone feel guilty Here’s how to do it

#1 Determine how deeply you feel. You can’t show people how they make you feel. If you don’t understand yourself, are you crazy? You are not satisfied? Do you want to hurt them as much as they hurt you?

You really have to think about the emotions that are going on in your head. so that you can clearly identify what it is. Once you know them You can give reasons why people that makes you feel this way Then you can make them feel guilty.

#2 Take the time to make a plan. You can’t go up to someone screaming how much they hurt you. That almost never works and ends up making you look like a crazy person. And do you think they would feel all the guilt for hurting the person who yelled at them?

No, you need to take the time to plan. Sit down and think about the best way to get their attention. so that you can talk to them about things When you know how you feel and what you want to say. You can proceed to the next step. [Read: 12 questions to help you plan]

#3 face them Just do it – but not in an aggressive way. They’ll start to feel defensive when you tell them you’re hurt. No one wants to admit that they offended someone. So they will avoid you if you start playing the blame game.

But make sure you stay calm where you can talk about civil things, even if you’re deeply angry, put on a more casual appearance. so that you can actually reach them without having to set up a wall first

#4 make them relevant to the situation Often people don’t feel guilty because they don’t understand. The misunderstanding is caused by the inability to relate to the people they hurt. to fix this problem You have to talk to them in a way that they can understand.

So describe the situation in a way that they will be sensitive to. Similarity works well for this as it actually puts the same situation in a new light where they can see. [Read: How to actually make a connection with someone]

#5 Let them see you in pain. It’s okay to show your pain. You don’t have to force yourself to hide it. If you have to cry, cry Show them how much they hurt you.

However, always remain calm. so they don’t think you’re acting. Trying to cover up your feelings will make them think you’re lying when you tell them how hurt you are.

#6 received a lot of attention I usually don’t forgive the drama. but some people want it Sometimes you have to go crazy to get attention, so set the stage if you don’t get them to hear you some other way. This might be your only option left.

Just make sure when you get your attention. You just boil it down to let them understand where you’re coming from. Otherwise, they will be shocked and refuse to listen.

#7 treat them accordingly you are injured They did bad enough to hurt you and you should treat them accordingly. It means don’t talk to them. Treat them as if they caused you a lot of pain and don’t be nice to it.

Avoid them and even insult them if necessary. Some people need this kind of treatment to know that what they are doing is wrong. If you live your life as usual They will think that nothing has happened to hurt you and that you are fine. [Read: How to get cold, calculated revenge]

#8 Talk about it rationally. Don’t just use yourself to talk about why you’re hurting. Talk rationally about what happened. Take yourself out of the equation and show them that everyone will be hurt in this situation. And it’s not just you.

Some people may think that others are too sensitive when claiming to have been hurt by something. A reasonable explanation of why you feel that way can help them understand that it’s not your sensitivity that’s the problem.

#9 There were real conversations about it and heard from their side. Most people want to make other people feel guilty and that’s all. They don’t care what’s going on in their minds or how they feel.

But you have to, they might not even mean to hurt you. So let them say Listen to what they have to say before digging in to upset you. You will go much further than the other way. [Read: 21 meaningful topics to have a real conversation about]

#10 Admit that they don’t care. You can’t change everyone, some people, no matter how hard you try. They will never admit that they were wrong. They just defend right away and don’t care who gets hurt.

You can’t expect to try to make someone feel guilty forever. after a while You just have to realize that they really don’t care. and they will never care Move on with your life and don’t let them suppress your feelings anymore.

[Read: 14 ways people use emotional manipulation to mess with your mind]

Knowing how to make someone feel guilty involves opening up and showing them how much they’ve done. It may not be easy for you but if you want to be close to that person. It was worth teaching them a lesson.

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