How to Make Your Ex Jealous & Leave Them Begging for Forgiveness

Jealousy is powerful. when talking about love It’s normal to want to know how to make your ex jealous. You want them to feel something! Here’s how

How to make your ex jealous

No matter how your relationship ends It’s normal to want to make your ex jealous. Love causes strange emotions. up sometimes and when things Not as smooth as you planned It’s normal for you to want to leave a reminder of how great you are. If you want to learn how to make your ex jealous. The good news is that it’s very easy to understand.

Whether you call it a green-eyed monster or something else. Jealousy has power.

It can make you take action when you really don’t need it. And it might make you look back and think. “Why did I do that?”

Of course, you may want your ex back, and in this case, making him jealous might be the best way to let them know who you are.

If not, then maybe you want them to remind you of how much you rock. by any means Jealousy is a good way to achieve both.

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What is jealousy and why does it work?

Jealousy is a strong emotion. Jealousy, even though it seems often the same When you’re learning how to make your ex jealous. You’ll want to give him a serious temper when he sees you around other people or to look amazing.

Basically, they want them to be with you, even if they don’t want to admit it.

Everyone wants what they can’t have. People also tend to be more aware of what they have when it’s not theirs anymore, so if your ex sees someone else standing in your way or that you’re amazing. And it’s just their loss. They will see you in a whole new light.

when they don’t have you anymore They will begin to see the best qualities in you. They will start to miss those things. Let them know that others are now enjoying good things. Those will make them want you back.

Of course, it’s up to you whether you want them back or not. Maybe you want them to kick in the back and let them see what they missed. [Read: Does my ex miss me? 23 signs your ex clearly isn’t over you yet]

How to Make Your Ex Jealous and Beg You to Come Back

If you really want to get back to your ex. Or just bring him back to normal? Jealousy will be your friend. Making them jealous will definitely pay attention to you. However, there are things you have to do to make them want you back.

Here’s what you need to know about how to make your ex jealous. Don’t just walk in and start associating with the person in front of you. which is likely to have a very bad effect

You have to be sensitive instead. Try these

1. Let him see you having fun

Something that can really make people jealous. is when others are having more fun than they are. When your ex sees that you’re not hurt or upset that he left. will shock him

They will begin to envy that they are not in your happy life. When they see you having so much fun They’ll hope they’re still there to enjoy you as much. [Read: How to have fun with friends and make your ex envy you]

2. stay with other people

This is really your standard. Go do it to know how to make your ex jealous. you will get someone new Find someone who looks better than them and show them off. Take them around your ex and watch them squirm.

They will be very annoyed that you move on so quickly and will be jealous of someone who looks better than them.

The only thing you need to be careful about is not to do too much with new people in front of them. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should use someone else to make your ex jealous. If you want to do this Make sure this new person is informed and implements the plan. There is no excuse to hurt others. [Read: How to know when a guy is jealous – 25 hints he just can’t hide]

3. ignore them

If you really want to make your ex go crazy. Just ignore him.

We’re not talking about ignoring them if they’re in your presence. However, if they text or call or contact at all. ignore it at first Make sure they are nice and jealous before replying again.

They’ll wonder what’s keeping you so busy that you don’t reply right away, and they’ll get jealous! [Read: 12 ways to ignore someone easily]

4. Be kind to them and their friends

This will really drive them crazy. when they leave you They expect you to be heartbroken.

So if you walk back into your life with a smile, warmth, and kindness, it will show them what they’ve missed. They will see that you are doing better without them. And that will push them into the corner!

5. Give compliments in front of others.

Especially the people you know will make them jealous. Basically, go to their friends with compliments. Not only will they be jealous of you for not talking to them. But it will drive them crazy as you compliment people very close to them. It’s one of the best ways to learn how to make your ex jealous! [Read: 25 compliments a guy will never forget]

6Ignore everything they post or send to you.

basically Do not engage with them on any social media platform. It’s possible that they may post pictures with new people. or have fun That’s what people do when they leave a relationship.

You can’t let that get to you. Hold on and ignore what they post.

Better yet, just unfollow them everywhere. That way you won’t be tempted.

Remember that they may be trying to make you jealous at the same time. So if you ignore They would be mad that their plans didn’t work. [Read: Social media & relationships: The good, the bad & the ugly]

7. Post stories on your social media often.

This is a great way to fuel their jealousy and let them see what they’re missing. If you’re going out to have some fun or just go get yourself some ice cream. Take a picture of it and make your story come true. This could be Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or whatever.

This is a great way to show them what they gave up on. Remember – only post the good. It will make them more jealous. that they are not in a good time And they’ll see that you’re doing well on your own.

8. Make sure you don’t envy yourself.

This is a big deal If you act like a jealous person They will not envy themselves. In fact, they’ll be happier that they’re not with you anymore. Remember that you are trying to learn how to make your ex jealous. Not inadvertently jealous of yourself.

Even if you see them with new people. You should stay calm. If they know that you can be patient and even kind when things like this happen. It will make them jealous that they have never seen such positive qualities before. [Read: Why am I so jealous? How to find the hidden reasons and fix it]

9. Give them a glamorous look from time to time.

This matter must be very detailed. So detailed that they don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Make them miss you in an intimate way again.

All you have to do is make eye contact with them for a split second – long enough for it to stick on their face. Then when you look away Smile like you have a secret.

It will drive them crazy. The trick here is to do it in a way that you can refuse if you’re summoned. That way, you’ve succeeded! [Read: How to seduce someone: 15 seduction tips to make them yearn for you]

10. Think about their biggest insecurities and poke around a bit.

not in a bad way Just in a way that you know how to reach them. If they are not confident in their sense of humor Talk about how funny others are – and make sure they hear you. This will hit them so deeply and make them insanely jealous that you think someone else is funnier than them.

It can be anything, but don’t get too personal and you’re not trying to hurt them here. You’re just trying to turn them green with jealousy. There is a difference!

11. Looks incredible

This is pretty self explanatory, but I have to say if you want someone to be jealous. You have to reason with him. When you look better than when you were together. They will definitely notice.

So pamper yourself Take the time to find good clothes and look your best. Make sure it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard.

Take it easy and make sure you smile more than ever. They’ll wonder why you’re happy right now and why you’re not smiling like that at them. [Read: How to look sexy, feel sexy and be sexy without even trying too hard]

12. Do everything you talk about doing together. but do it with someone else

If you really want to drive home Make sure they know and can see.

Find a dog and name it after the two of you will name your dog together. *Only if you truly need a pet!* Go on vacation to various places. That you often talk about going out as a couple.

Make them regret leaving you and show them that breaking up doesn’t stop you living your best life. [Read: How to make a guy jealous: 30 wicked ways to win his attention]

13. Travel with friends and save to social media.

We’ve talked about social media. But this goes a step further. Hang out with friends on weekends and make sure it’s as fun as it gets on social media. It doesn’t have to be true But have to look at that!

make suggestive jokes Have people talk behind the scenes that make your ex think you’ve had a lot of fun. It’s a great way to learn how to make your ex jealous because they’ll see that you’re doing well.

14. Show that you are making new friends.

When someone makes a new friend Show that they are expanding their social circle. That means they can find new love through them.

Showing Your Ex You’re Making New Friends *via social media* will make them jittery and wondering what you’re going to do. [Read: How to make new friends as an adult: 15 ways to do it right]

15. Send a simple text and ask if you saw them in the bar.

This guy is very cunning! Send them a message and say “Did you see that in the *name* bar last night?” Of course, you didn’t see them. you just play games But the point is, you’re telling them you’re out at the bar, you’re having fun, you’re meeting new people. who knows what you can do!

16. Show that you are busy in the evening.

Avoid showing online in the evening or posting online. Make sure you only do it during the day or in the morning, keeping up with the night before. And don’t reply to or view messages from your ex at night.

reason? You are busy in the evening and they will wonder why. It’s a great way to learn how to make your ex jealous! [Read: How to make more friends as an introvert who never leaves home]

17. Hang out with people he’s always envious of.

If your ex is jealous of other people. Always one in your life, like someone who is just a friend but they always think there is more to it. Show that you hang out with them more often. That will make them nervous and they will wonder if they are right. Hello green-eyed monster!

18. Send “Accidentally” Messages

This one is risky and may appear to be manipulative. But if you really want to make your ex jealous. it might work

Send messages that are clearly meant for others. May confirm dating or flirt chat Wait a minute and send a “Sorry” message to your ex saying you’re sorry. That wasn’t for them, of course it was. but they don’t know [Read: The accidental text on purpose – When to use it and when you MUST avoid it]

Warning – Ask Your Motivation

The tips above will definitely help you learn how to make your ex jealous. But be sure to question why you are doing this.

Some of the suggestions may be insulting and slightly distorted on an ethical level. You really want to send a message that shouldn’t be for them *even though it is* Are you really annoyed? Do you really need to make them jealous at the expense of investing so much time and effort into it? [Read: How to recognize the signs of jealousy in someone & guide them out]

Ask yourself if the reason you split in the first place can be overcome, and if not, why try to get back to them, if so.

The reason you’re not together hasn’t gone away. If you can overcome problems in your relationship That was a different story. But, of course, is it better to have honest conversations than playing jealousy games?

Remember that jealousy has a tendency to react because it is a strong emotion. If you just want to show your ex that he’s missing something and you don’t intend to get back together with him, that’s fine. Again, however, isn’t there something better you can do on your own time?

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Knowing how to make your ex jealous will put you in a powerful position. If you want to come back This might be the best way. as long as it operates in moderation. But keep in mind that this is not the healthiest way to get revenge or get back together.

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