How to Make Yourself Wet: 19 Ways to Get Yourself All Lubed Up

Of course, we think sex is about two people. (or more), but you need to know what works for you. Learn how to get yourself wet and find out!

How to get yourself wet

Most people need to have sex with another person. Unless you’re not gay. This is not crazy that we just discovered But it’s a fact. When I’m horny, I want to have sex. is normal But you don’t have to have sex with anyone to alleviate your sexual frustration. Sometimes learning to get yourself wet is a necessary knowledge in life.

Of course, everyone enjoys having sex with other people. But there are times when you just want to be alone or you’re dealing with a charm. So what are you going to do? [Read: 13 signs it’s time to get laid and break the dry spell]

The importance of “self-discovery”

Too often we tend to think of masturbation as something we shouldn’t talk about. Or worse, things we shouldn’t do. But if you want to have a fun and healthy sex life. Masturbating is important, why? Because it helps you understand what you like. You’ll find out what works for you and how to approach the big O.

You can then share that information with your partner and hit every high note. Of course, it also means you know what to do when you’re alone and enjoying yourself. [Read: 10 Female masturbation tips for guaranteed orgasmic bliss]

We tend to assume sex is only about when you’re with your boyfriend. But sex is a big deal that encompasses many sub areas. Sex is about discovery. You don’t have to be serious all the time to have fun!

So, allow some time to get to know what you enjoy. That means learning how to get yourself wet and how to get closer to climax. [Read: How to masturbate – 14 sexy self-pleasure tips for women]

How to get yourself wet

This is when you learn how to get yourself wet. Now, there are many ways to do this because everyone is different. but the point is You learn and take the time to wet yourself. Can you imagine waiting for someone to do it for you? Come on, you’re an independent woman. So you need to know your body and its reactions. not as difficult as you think [Read: How to get a girl horny & make her wet just by sitting next to her]

1. Understand why it has to get wet

It’s true. You have to get wet. The vagina willfully ejaculate when a woman is physically or mentally aroused. basically The vagina will prepare you for vaginal intercourse.

If the vagina is not wet It can be very painful when having sex. Imagine trying to push a hot dog into a bun without ketchup or mustard. Ouch. [Read: Female masturbation – 17 naughty facts about the naughty secret]

2. Forget the shame or embarrassment you feel.

Of course we shouldn’t talk about it. But it’s important to do so. Some people still struggle with shame, or worse, shame when it comes to masturbation and self-exploration. Shrug this shoulder and focus on yourself. There’s nothing to be ashamed of or ashamed of, actually everyone does. We just can’t talk enough about it! [Read: Going solo – The 15 sexy benefits of masturbation]

3. It’s in your head.

When it comes to knowing how to get yourself wet You have to remember that everything related to the vagina is a matter of the mind. But we don’t feel like having sex, so you can’t get wet. Or maybe you’re having a bad day at work. What do we mean?

It’s all a matter of the mind when it comes to sex and sexual arousal, so if you’re having a bad day and wondering why you can’t get wet. That’s because you’re not in the mood. [Read: 15 ways to get hot and wet without porn]

4. time is everything

Don’t try to learn how to get yourself wet and explore what you enjoy at the wrong time. If you are scheduled to meet up with friends or go to work in an hour, That’s not the time to end up with yourself! You don’t need time constraints and a totally relaxed atmosphere. If you have only one eye on the watch How can you relax and focus on what feels good?

Plus, you don’t want to worry about someone walking up to you either. Therefore, choose the right time. Of course, a door lock will help too! [Read: Mutual masturbation: 14 Intimate ways to connect without touching]

5. figure out what you like

Whether you have a partner or not You must know what you like. everyone is different So you can’t rely on your partner to know what you like or dislike.

If anything, they lose just like you. Take a moment to see what motivates you. Watch porn, read erotic novels—try to cover all boundaries to see what motivates you the most. Just explore and see what works and what doesn’t. If you can’t do anything, then don’t do it again!

6. Focus on going solo

We know your partner wants to help you. And that’s a very good thing. But there’s more pressure when they’re watching you, so take time for yourself and try to get yourself wet. Go take a shower or in your bedroom. But ask your partner if you have time to be alone. That’s fine, just show them a movie. [Read: 11 sexy solo sex positions that are guaranteed to pleasure you]

7. Stay in a comfortable area

Remember when we said that arousal was mental? So if you’re trying to get yourself wet at work. can be challenging You can’t fully relax knowing that someone might walk into your office, so choose a space that is safe and comfortable for you. This will reduce your distraction and anxiety. Also, add cushions, sprays, candles, or anything else that makes you feel fully in the moment, comfortable, and enjoying what you do.

8. Live in the present

So you’re lying in bed Start touching yourself, and all of a sudden, you remember the laundry—no! You shouldn’t be in your head. You should be connected to your body, so you want to move your mind and direct it to your body. think about breathing touch yourself slowly feel your skin [Read: 15 ways to finger yourself and actually enjoy it]

9. Don’t just focus on your penis.

This is a classic mistake that women make. We tend to focus only on our vagina. We’re not saying that’s a bad thing. However, make sure you don’t forget about other erogenous areas like your chest, neck, ass, and torso. You have to stimulate your whole body. Not just the vagina

10. Get in the clitoral action.

Now we say don’t forget your erogenous zones. But that doesn’t mean you should throw your clitoris out of action. You can help yourself by stroking your finger through the clitoris. But you can also mix speed and finger pressure. Play with pressure and speed Find the style that works for you. [Read: The 15 sexy benefits of going solo and masturbating]

11. Don’t overlook anal play.

You might wrinkle your nose. Wondering if anal play is really necessary and it is! it’s not you have to do, but you should give it a try. in fact your anus is very sensitive The nerve endings are easily stimulated. You can rub your fingers around. And on the anus, play with pressure, or you can use sex toys. Just use lubricant.

12. Try refusing to have an orgasm.

If you can reach an orgasm, don’t rush to finish it. When you’re about to reach your climax, stop, deny yourself the climax. Then exercise again and do it two or three more before the climax. It makes your orgasms stronger and more intense. [Read: 6 sizzling ways to control your orgasms and make them better than ever]

13. Don’t forget the towel.

Okay, sure, you may need a towel to clean up the dirt you make. But that’s not what towels are for. Instead, cover your vagina with a towel while masturbating. The texture makes it more awake when you rub it.

14. Mix it up a bit.

You don’t have to do the same when meditating. Instead, mix things up. Rub your clitoris while you play with your anus. Use sex toys in your bathtub. Combine techniques and stimulate different parts of the body.

15. Try wetting yourself with a toy.

Sure, you can use your hands. And we recommend you to use your hands with peace of mind. but at some point Try to masturbate with sex toys. You may need to buy a few toys to see which is right for you. But that’s the fun part, right? [Read: 13 homemade sex toys to try out today]

16. Take out the lubricant.

Maybe you’re not as wet as you think. or if you are using sex toys You will need a lubricant. You don’t need lubricants. But it’s not going to be fun. Trust us, lube helps a lot, and it helps you feel sexier with that slip and slide. We recommend the water formula.

17. Give away female-friendly porn.

Porn has always been aimed at men and women, and it’s indistinguishable from how we see sex as women. However, today there are countless female-friendly games out there. even produced by women Check some and see if it will help you get wet. They are more than will! [Read: The best 15 female-friendly porn sites that are tinglingly perfect]

18. Erotic fiction is a good choice.

If porn isn’t for you or you want to try something different. Have you tried reading erotic novels? reading about two people A knocked-down and dirty (or more) is enough to get your juices flowing! You can then go to work and see what works for you.

19. Be sure to share your findings!

Once you’ve found what works for you. Be sure to share your findings with your partner! We know that one of the main reasons we masturbate is knowing what works during sex, so tell your partner what you want. and if it doesn’t work Just show them! [Read: 20 Sexy things guys like in bed but won’t ask for & why they don’t]

Remember it’s fun!

Learning to get yourself wet can be fun too! Forget the serious side and go with the trend. Close your eyes and turn your attention inward. You can really feel every touch. this is your time And there’s no better way to focus on self-care than with your own hands or toys. Whatever works for you!

[Read: Pillow humping 101 – How to give your pillow a real sexy workout]

Know how to get yourself wet, so what are you waiting for? Get out of the computer and start focusing on what’s important – get yourself wet.

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