How to Manipulate People: 13 Proven Strategies that Really Work!

You don’t need to transform now. american psycho Mastermind. However, it doesn’t hurt when you know how to deal with people properly.

how to deal with people

Crazy people tend to be stereotyped as manipulative, narcissistic, and schizophrenia, but that doesn’t mean manipulation is a bad thing.

I would say there is a level of manipulation from persuasion to… wickedness, but listen, sometimes when people stop you from buying things that you want or need. You have to find another way to get it.

So if you find yourself as Mr. Nice Guy and betrayed at every corner you turn. It’s time to play smarter. I’m going to show you some techniques. However, you need to remember that manipulation only works if they don’t see them being deceived. If they catch you, it’s too late.

Proven strategies for dealing with people.

It’s normal to feel bad when you deal with someone. But sometimes you have no other choice. If you feel like you’re walking around and being taken advantage of. Knowing how to deal with people is helpful. Here are some strategies for you.

#1 work with their emotions The easiest way to deal with people is to be emotional. You’ve seen it on TV and in movies. And it works like a charm. You want to lead them to a specific feeling… How it benefits you This is an emotional distortion. i mean If you keep complaining, I understand. [Read: Emotional manipulation – 14 ways people mess with your mind]

#2 own your mood Before you can manipulate anyone You have to control your emotions first. If you can’t control yourself You are making yourself the object of your own game.

You have to laugh when necessary. shed tears when needed in other words You have to act It depends on the mood you want them to feel. You have to be able to use your emotions as you want as well.

#3 Trust. People who have been orchestrated in the past tend to be more receptive to signals. So if you think that trust might be a problem. You have to make them trust you.

The best way to do this is to open up and talk to them about personal matters. when you open up to them They will see that you trust them. If you’re not good at acting Let’s stick to the facts. [Read: How to stop being manipulated in a relationship]

#4 favorite Look, this won’t work if they don’t like you. Good or not, it doesn’t matter. Your goal is to get them to like you. Let go of those true feelings and bring out your smile. Don’t kiss their goodbyes because they will notice But if you behave You will just pass. [Read: 20 fail-proof ways to manipulate women into liking you]

#5 Learn body language. If you want to know how to deal with people well You must be able to read people’s body language. Most of the expressions of people come from nonverbal communication. People may say “yes” or “no,” but it’s your job to read it and see if that’s what they really mean. It’s all in the body.

#6 Liability guidelines. This is one of the oldest but easiest ways to deal with someone. good method of guilt Your mother must have done that to you. 1A thousand times when she wants you to do something.

when you make someone feel guilty about something They will try to compensate for it. That’s when you suggest ways they can compensate them. This works best for those who are prone to guilt.

#7 Play the victim. Personally, I can’t tolerate people playing victims. But sometimes it works. If you are going to play this card You can’t always use it. People became fed up with the victims shortly after. But if you use the victim’s card Pair it with the wrong method for best results. [Read: Manipulative people – How to spot them and stop playing the victim]

#8 use what you get If you have a beautiful face or body bumps Use it to your advantage. I know it sounds bad But it’s the easiest way to persuade someone to do something.

shallow people So you can ride that train too if you get what you want. Plus, sooner or later, your look will fade. And you won’t be able to use this method.

#9 take out bribe You’re probably wondering if someone else is taking bribes. let me tell you they do If you want someone to do what you want to bribe them

You can bribe them with material, emotional, or psychological rewards. They will feel persuaded to do what you want because they find it beneficial to them. First, make sure you find out what the person wants. [Read: Manipulative behavior – 10 devious signs you can never ignore]

#10 Be a flirt. Sex sells people, so what you should do is bring out your charm and flirtation. The combination of both charm and flirting makes a person feel good. This usually works for people who are lonely and have low self-esteem. I mean, it sounds scary… because it is. But I have a feeling that you’re not too worried.

#11 Fear and Relief Techniques This technique of dealing with people involves playing with someone’s emotions. This consists in helping that person when you see that they are about to give up. The goal is to motivate them to get into the emotions that make them careless. during those times They always do what you want. [Read: Can you manipulate someone to fall in love with you?]

#12 The technique of walking into the door. This is another classic and high performance model. It’s very delicate and cumbersome. which is what makes it so masterful. Basically, you ask them to do a small job and then follow up with the actual work you have in mind.

#13 If you get caught, don’t be manipulative. This is a beginner’s mistake when learning how to deal with people. when they get caught They continued to show their manipulative behavior. All you have to do is stay calm and let them take control of the situation. to create doubt

[Read: How to persuade people – 17 tactics to get inside someone’s mind]

If you haven’t heard of these manipulation techniques before. I’m quite happy to hear that. However, use these tactics to manipulate people. no harm needed But if you don’t get what you want Try these techniques, they always work.

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