How to Not Cum Fast: 24 Must-Know Tips to Last Longer & Satisfy Her

Whether it’s an existing partner or a new person You want to make an impression between the sheets. Learn how to avoid premature ejaculation and give them the time of your life!

how not to premature ejaculation

You’re in bed with a sexy woman who wants nothing more than to attack you. Of course, you feel that too. And can’t wait to rock her world. However, you do have one minor problem: emphasizing how not to ejaculate early. It’s a common problem and one that most people worry about. But fortunately, help is at hand.

Of course, reaching the peak quickly doesn’t have to be a problem. But you want to spend more time with your loved one.

You still want to impress her and cumming after a few minutes probably won’t do that.

It’s not wrong to want to impress her. But if you think that premature ejaculation is abnormal, you are very wrong. Most men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives, so you are not alone in this regard. no need to worry! [Read: 12 amazing things you didn’t know about semen]

more importantly It’s something you can overcome. That’s why you came here. You want to learn how to avoid premature ejaculation? In that case, you need to turn your attention to a few hints and tips to make it last longer… longer!

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What causes premature ejaculation?

before we get down to the real thing. It’s important to know a little bit of background information. What causes premature ejaculation?

It’s important to point out that if you’ve experienced this problem once or twice. There’s really nothing to worry about. It happens to most guys from time to time and as long as it’s not a prolonged issue. You shouldn’t place too much importance on it.

But if it happens a little more often, or you know that as soon as you go to bed with a new woman, you’re going to have trouble, it’s a good idea to learn how to prevent premature ejaculation and boost your confidence. [Read: Premature ejaculation: Don’t cry over spilt milk]

The most common causes of premature ejaculation are:

1. Stress and Anxiety

If you are struggling with something in your personal life. This tends to be overwhelming in your sex life too.

Are you having problems at work? Are you worried about money? Has something happened in your family settings? You’re just a little stressed and can’t explain why?

These are all possible reasons why the spacing between sheets is not long. The good news is finding pressure and trying to mitigate the problem. The problem will also be reduced.

2. low self-esteem or bad image

If you don’t have the best view of yourself. It will affect your confidence and your ability to have sex. Now, learning to love yourself for who you are is a journey. But it’s a trip that doesn’t waste time.

That pretty girl is in bed with you. Didn’t tell you anything? She wants to be there! Trust me, she wants to have sex with you. If that doesn’t boost your confidence. We don’t know what will happen. [Read: How to build self-confidence: 16 ways to realize you’re worth it]

However, in many cases, poor body image can affect a man’s ability to have the sex he wants. Work on your relationship with yourself and move towards self-acceptance.

3. Lack of sexual experience

If a man has never experienced Maybe that’s why he ejaculates a little faster than he wants. The good news? It will get better in time and you can learn how not to ejaculate in the meantime. Experience comes with confidence

4. Immobilization that does not ejaculate

Sometimes worrying about a problem actually makes it happen. If a man concentrates on not ejaculating quickly He may ejaculate early. You are truly manifesting the problems in your life!

Relax, focus on the moment. Or better still, focus on her and when you stop worrying. You will soon begin to notice that you are living longer. [Read: Why do we suffer from premature ejaculation]

5. Biological or drug problems

less likely to be a biological problem We’ve put it here because it might be the cause. But it is less likely than we have already mentioned. Most men have problems with premature ejaculation at some point and there is nothing anatomically or biologically wrong with them. Some men also find that the medications they take can have this effect.

However, if you’ve been anxious and it’s been around for a while. A quick talk with your doctor can help ease your worries.

6. Your masturbation habits

You’re stressed out most of the time. Especially when you scrub in the morning or late at night? Ok if you are a teenager and trying to squeeze masturbation and premature ejaculation in a matter of minutes. It can be forgiving. *Even if it’s not good for your health in the long run*

If you keep trying to ejaculate within minutes of your contemplating time. Just to finish and go back and do whatever you’ve been doing. It may show up in bed when you’re with a woman. If your body is used to having a quick orgasm all the time. It’s hard to look for a quick release when you’re in bed with a woman, too.

After all, a quick masturbation session alone is the equivalent of a quick ejaculation when you’re in bed with a woman!

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How to Not Ejaculate: 18 Effective Ways to Live Hard Longer

There are many ways in which you can work towards making yourself last longer and satisfying your partner. It’s time we started

But before we do You need to know that it will take some time to overcome it. It won’t happen overnight or through a single reflection. So raise your head and do that, otherwise it will last longer too! [Read: The best ways to prevent premature ejaculation]

1. Communicate with your partner

when it comes to sex communication is important You should let your partner know how you feel. And if they’re doing something too harsh for you.

Your partner wants to have a good time with you. It means they want to make sex last longer, so don’t be afraid to communicate with them how you feel. [Read: Average time for sex – How long we want vs. how long we last]

2. Be aware of how you feel and what happens.

Do you often ejaculate prematurely? Or is this something that started happening recently? if so What’s going on in your life outside the bedroom? Did you get a new job? Are you stressed about studying? How do you feel overall?

It’s possible to determine the cause by asking these questions. But paying attention to your feelings will often yield results.

3. Look at the rooted problem and quickly fix it.

What is the main problem with your premature ejaculation? Finally, we talk about taking into account your feelings. and will help you identify the problem.

when you figure it out why You ejaculate quickly. It will help you deal with it. Do you have performance anxiety? Are you addicted to drugs? Reflect on what happens in your body and mind when you have sex. [Read: Weird penis? 10 freaky behaviors that are actually normal]

4. Mix it up a bit – change position, speed and angle.

There are certain positions, rhythms, and angles that are easier for you to put things together and reduce the overwhelming feeling to the climax. But you’ll need to test which position works best for you.

Everyone is different when it comes to their sexual preferences. The good news is that experimenting is fun!

5. Try Male Kegel Exercises

Women aren’t the only ones with pelvic floor muscles. You have them too.

So, to strengthen it, practice male Kegels. The pelvic floor muscles are what you use to stop your mid-water pee. These are the muscles that can help you control yourself from ejaculation. [Read: 15 technical hacks to push harder and last way longer]

6. divert attention away from you

If you keep thinking about how close you are to premature ejaculation. Chances are you’ll ejaculate very soon, so take your mind off of yourself.

Focus on your partner This will help you forget about ejaculation and give you time to calm down. It will also give her a wonderful time and she will greatly appreciate your sacrifice.

7. Foreplay for women is the way forward.

If you feel anxious or think you are about to ejaculate. Instead, switch to foreplay for girls. Spend time focusing on oral sex and other intimate activities. without the need for penetrating sex at that time when you calm down already Have sex infiltrate or go back [Read: 10 foreplay moves every guy needs to try on their ladies]

8. Practice refusing to have an orgasm .

when you have sex or while you are masturbating To practice refusing to reach the climax.

This means that when you just is about to reach its climax Stop what you’re doing.

Then start having sex or masturbating again to the climax and then stop again. If you want to learn how to not ejaculate quickly Keep doing it until you can’t anymore. over time You will build more patience and control.

9. Experiment with toys

Toys have come a long way. and there is something for everyone You can experiment with toys such as a love ring that is worn around the penis during sex.

The love ring restricts blood flow and helps men live longer. [Read: How to use a cock ring – YOur guide to rock hard orgasmic bliss]

10. Help yourself

If you want to overcome premature ejaculation, practice. You don’t need to be with your partner to overcome this. Instead, practice while you’re meditating. [Read: What does a cock ring do? How to put it to work the right way]

while you are contemplating Practice denying the climax. It will help you develop patience and help you have sex. [Read: How to “edge” yourself and extend sexual pleasure]

11. Try masturbating a few hours before sex.

This is a great way to not prematurely ejaculate. But you have to test a few times and see the exact time frame that works for you around. 1 hours to 6 An hour before you think you’re going to have sex, masturbate.

Men rarely return as quickly as women. Therefore, ejaculation by itself You may notice that you live much longer and feel less sensitive when you push hard and fast in bed with that woman, well over 30 minutes.

12. Are you taking any medications?

If you have no sexual anxiety *At least from what you know* You should ask yourself if the pills you take can affect your sex life. If you are taking any medications, some side effects may affect how well you work.

13. Try wearing a thick condom.

Some men find that wearing thicker condoms helps them last longer. not some guy the most man

Since it acts as a shield and prevents men from actually touching the inside of the vagina, of course you should be wearing protective gear. But next time, try wearing a thicker condom so you’re less sensitive to her. [Read: Condom types and how they can improve your sex life]

14. Take a deep breath.

You may be wondering how you can start yoga during sex. But it’s not yoga by itself. It just stops when you are inside her and take a deep breath when you feel the ejaculation build. This is enough to turn your attention away from the ejaculation reflex. This may be enough to stop you from loading too quickly.

15. Try the girl on top.

We talked about the previous position. But the position that some men find very useful is the woman at the top. That means when you’re close to cumming. You can signal your girl to back off. Of course, that means you need to communicate your problem with your partner. which is something you should do anyway [Read: Sex positions guys love: 12 easy moves that’ll make him want more]

16. Try to distract yourself.

Again, that’s hard to do. But you can try to take a break during sex and stop thinking about sex. It takes a while, but it’s possible!

You can continue having sex with her while doing this. So she’s not smart and doesn’t have a clue. But while you feel like you’re about to cum Think of something else that will distract you and shrink your manhood! You can think of your shopping list. something about work or to the worst like a poop If that helps you!

The timing is right and you should be able to last really long!

17. Try the ‘Squeeze’ Method

When you have sex and feel like you’re ejaculating, stop and you or your partner will gradually Squeeze the head of your penis until you have an erection. You can do this a few times. as much as you want But be careful not to squeeze too hard! [Read: What do women really think about your penis?]

18. Keep practicing

If there’s one thing you’ll need to do, it’s practice.

You won’t beat premature ejaculation overnight. as much as you want to happen You have to experiment with what works for you and stick with it. will see the difference

[Read: 20 moves to last longer during sex without any difficulty]

Now you know how to avoid premature ejaculation. you have to practice It won’t happen immediately. But you’ll notice that you get better and better each time you use these methods.

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