How to Pick Up Guys: 13 Most Successful Tricks to Take Control

We think men are the only ones who can choose someone. It’s the 21st century, ladies! Don’t think that only they have power. Learn how to get people

how to get a guy

when women go out Whether going to a bar or a nightclub We expect men to slap us in the face. I’m not trying to make us look like princesses. But we’re used to the idea that men bring work to us. I’m not saying this is bad. But what if you see a really attractive guy? What if he doesn’t get close to you? This doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you. Maybe he doesn’t notice you or he’s too shy to approach you. This is why you learn how to get a guy.

how to get a guy

There have been times when I have seen good looking men and I spend time. all At night, trying to make myself accessible, am I doing the same repetitive “dancing near him” routine? “Stand next to him at the bar.” I tried them all.

But at that time, I never thought I would go up and talk to him. I’ve never thought of that. Isn’t that weird? And who knows what will happen? but doing nothing I already knew that nothing happened was the obvious outcome. But why not start first? Not sure how to get a guy? It’s time for you to learn and play on the pitch. [Read: It’s time to stop being a wallflower and learn how to talk to guys]

#1 don’t wait I know you’re probably waiting for the right moment to come in to see him or smile at him to get his attention. What are you waiting for? To be honest, you’re wasting your time.

If you want to exchange numbers and set up a date, talk to him, so don’t delay. Just walk up to him and start a conversation. Sure, you’ll be nervous, but think about how he feels. A woman just approached him and that took the ball. [Read: The guide to impressing any guy when introducing yourself]

#2 is their own person. But really, I know it sounds lame. but it’s the most important Don’t try to be a mysteriously sexy woman, or you’ll get out of ignorance. You’re probably already sexy So be yourself it will shine I tried to act mysterious once. And when I go on a date I blew it away Learn from my failed mistakes [Read: 30 things to talk about when you’re tongue-tied]

#3 There is no “right place” You can meet the guy at the bar. You can also find them at your local grocery store, bus stop, library, and swimming pool. The point is, men are everywhere, so don’t limit yourself to just one place to find men.

Okay, maybe the doctor’s office isn’t the best, but who knows, maybe it is. What I’m trying to say is Whenever you see a guy you’re interested in, go talk to him.

#4 go out to different places This bar or club might be your favorite place. But you probably know everyone in there. It’s time for you to experience something else. You’ll also be meeting different people than you’ve seen at night. Plus, who knows where the guy of your dreams will go on a Saturday night?

#5 Don’t go with the girl gang. Indeed, there is nothing more frightening than a woman surrounded by a group of women staring and giggling as you chat with men. If you’re going to hit a guy Make sure your friends aren’t staring at you from across the room.

in these cases It’s best to be a female solo show. or if you want to supplication bring a friend Not the whole crew [Read: 25 characteristics to look for in a wing woman]

#6 prepare yourself. No, I don’t mean condoms. But you should always carry it in your pocket. FYI, what I’m talking about is what happens if your phone dies and you want to take his number? What if his phone dies too?

in your pocket Carry a pen and a napkin or paper, this way if you need to. You can give your number/use his number the old fashioned way.

#7 just say hi I know you’re probably thinking, is it possible? that easy? Well, yes, just start the conversation with a smile and say hi. If he’s smart, he’ll know you like him and he’ll answer. You don’t need a magic pickup or walk in front of him to start a conversation. [Read: 15 easy conversation starters you can use on a guy you like]

#8 ask him to dance I know, it sounds like a little high school. But it works like a charm. If you’re at a bar or near the dance floor and see a cute guy next to you, turn around and ask him if you’d like to dance. If he refuses, go to the dance floor and keep dancing. you can not lose Either way, you have to dance.

#9 Use your surroundings as a topic. If you’re nervous and not sure what to talk about? Use things around you Maybe you are at the bar and the music is great. or you are at the gym and this is his leg day *He’s a goalkeeper* The point is, you literally have an endless source of conversation around you.

#10 Be social. The only way to meet people especially men that is, if you are social Whether you’re at a bar, a chess club, or a running club, you need to meet. You don’t have to be sociable. But talking to people around you can make the atmosphere relax and relieve stress. It allows you to easily start conversations with people you are close to. [Read: 19 easy ways to more social and genuinely connect with others]

#11 Don’t overthink it. You may be overly critical or overly critical of something before, during, and after you talk to a guy. but don’t do that All of this will help you enter the path of insecurity and fear. Two things you don’t want in your life. If you analyze too much You will feel overwhelmed and will get out of the situation.

#12 Feeling sexy and confident. If you’re feeling sexy, he’ll look before you figure out how to pick up a guy. You have to feel good about yourself when you approach him. If you are nervous and shy He won’t respond well. Think of it this way when a guy approaches you. Confident people are always the ones who get attention, right? same thing here [Read: 14 tips to revamp and reveal the new and sexy you]

#13 You will be rejected. Yes, I’m sorry, but it’s true. I know we like to think that all men need us. But my friend, it’s a lie, your ego has to accept that. But just because someone rejected you. That doesn’t mean you can’t go on.

Do you know how many times I’ve been rejected? Okay, I haven’t counted at least ten times. But that didn’t stop me.

[Read: 20 first moves that work like a charm when you want to make a move on a guy]

Knowing how to get a man is not easy. Especially as we get used to approaching men. However, take the power into your own hands. then go do what you want

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