How to Plan a Perfect Sex Toy Party with Your Friends

Want to add some naughty touch to a fun girls party? Find out how to plan the perfect sex toy party with your friends. and have a better sex life too

sex toy party

Have you ever used a sex toy?

for most women Holding a sex toy for the first time is an uncomfortable experience.

It makes you wonder if you’re overly emotional.

But really, using sex toys doesn’t make you a psychopath.

Sex toys can make you feel more connected to your body and how you feel.

And the best part is that you can use it with your partner to bring the naughty back into the bedroom.

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Experience of buying sex toys

when you are a girl Choosing sex toys in a dirty adult shop is not the most interesting idea.

Having a creepy guy with an x-rated magazine stained face looking at you from head to toe as you walk down the aisle can be really awkward.

Online shopping is much safer and more convenient. But the only downside is that you cannot feel the product in your own hands. *But good user reviews can always help you*

But what if you could make the whole experience of buying sex toys more fun and personal?

Wouldn’t that be perfect?

What if you could demonstrate sex toys privately in the comfort of your own home while you hang out with girls? and pick up everything you need there

And that’s the whole concept of a sex toy party! [Read: 10 ways to make long term sex feel like a one night stand instantly]

What is a sex toy party?

A sex toy party is a party where a group of women come together to learn more about sex toys and buy them. The hostess is usually a trained representative from a sex toy company. Different toys will be shown to girls so they can get a better idea of ​​the toys and how to use them.

at a sex toy party The shop will bring it to you. You can view products and choose what you want in the comfort of your own home. and having a few female friends nearby It will make the whole experience more fun and enjoyable.

My experience with sex toys party

The first time I was invited to a sex toy party. I don’t know what to expect But just to bring a sense of humor to my veteran friend. I decided to join out of curiosity.

When I arrived at my friend’s venue I felt uncomfortable for the first ten minutes. There are a few girls who are my good friends. And a few other women are strangers who are friends with my friends.

As the hostess starts showing sex toys The room became so silent and awkward that his toes were bent. We looked at each other and smiled softly. But as soon as a rather loud woman asked a joke from the female employee, The room laughed with excitement and excitement.

And when the awkwardness is gone, all the girls are brave and brave. We shouted and giggled at each of the new cuddly toys, stunned from time to time, and finally had a very fun night. so hard to forget [Read: The real reason why size matters to women]

The sale is a private sale by the hostess in another room. You can pick up the toys at the event or have them delivered to you in the mail. I ordered a lubricant and a gel that had a slight smell. And my parcel arrived home a few days later in a sealed brown box.

And is it fun? Absolutely. The thought of going to a sex toy party or visiting someone might sound rude, but to be honest, it’s a fun and unforgettable event that quickly goes by.

What You’ll See at a Sex Toy Party

Each sex toy manufacturer has its own product. but almost always You’ll see lubricants and *edible* paints, dresses and costumes, vibrators, and some weird things that the hostess may not reveal until everyone warms up and Ready for some seriously weird stuff. If you or your friends don’t like adventure toys. Explain to your receptionist in advance.

Most of the sex toys you see at sex toy parties are suitable for couples. And that’s a good thing because your guy doesn’t have to feel threatened when you’re having sex toys partying. at the end of the party You can go home and show him your weird new merchandise. And it’s likely that he will be very excited to see and even use it with you. [Read: 10 fun and naughty sex games you can play with your boyfriend in bed]

Men and girls’ sex party problems

for girls A sex toy party is a great way to buy sex toys and have some laughs at the same time. You might come across a bit of resistance when you talk about plans to visit or hold a sex toy party.

Many men are uncomfortable with the idea that women are going to sex toy parties. If men could watch porn when alone Or if he’s happy to use his hands when he’s not with you? Why can’t women go out and have fun without harm? Hypocrisy and the rules of bias in relationships are one of the most important reasons why relationships break. [Read: Why men watch porn instead of their woman in bed]

If your man is really safe in a relationship He’ll be thrilled at the idea that you’re trying to get more variety in bed using toys.

If you’re having trouble convincing him about the benefits of a sex toy party. Explain to your guy that these toys will help you explore sex and get better in bed. Tell the truth about the party and what you intend to do there. If there are no men and no one uses sex toys There’s no difference between these parties and an ordinary girl’s pajama party. Because it’s just a fun gathering for girls.

If he still doesn’t understand or is wrong. Shows that he is extremely insecure. Or he may have a habit of control in him. If he wants to be around you whenever you want to experience something with your own friend. [Read: 16 ways to handle your boyfriend’s biased and controlling behavior in the relationship]

A man who is truly safe in his relationship will never feel threatened if his woman wants to go to a sex toy party for fun. After all It’s just a bunch of girls having fun and looking at fun products and laughing at it. If he can help himself while you’re away What happens if you just hold a toy in your hand?

Huge misconceptions about sex toy parties

In fact, there are some misconceptions about sex toy parties. And that might make you or your guy uncomfortable with the idea. But the reality of what happens at these women’s parties is very different from what most men who watch tons of porn assume.

Men have nothing to feel threatened about a woman’s sexual orientation because no one uses any products or try them at sex toy parties, nor should girls think of sex toy parties as meeting up with horny women.

The biggest sexual activity you can indulge in is holding a battery-operated device in your hand. and sometimes The receptionist may carry a few product testing equipment. She will give a small amount of gel or lotion on each cotton bud. or on your finger or back of your hand. Girls can go to the bathroom and test themselves if they want.

If you are unsure about toys or are not interested in any of them at all, you don’t need to buy anything. You can look at the toys and see if there is something that interests you, or just laugh about the mobile device lying on the table.

The idea that sex toy parties turn into girl group sex is just a male sex fantasies fed by the porn industry. It’s like a real girls’ party. [Read: Top 10 male sexual fantasies and top 10 female sexual fantasies]

How to Plan the Perfect Sex Toy Party

If you are tired of regular parties and are interested in hosting a sex toy party. is good for you A well planned sex toy party can impress your friends and leave them having a fun experience too.

Wondering how to plan a sex toy party? use these 7 Steps to organize your own sex toy party for your friends.

#1 The perfect party hostess Google a good sex toy agency. *Suggestions are very helpful here* and see if you can find someone you feel comfortable with. and live according to your area code Most sex toy agents are housewives or part-time workers who collaborate with sex toy manufacturers to earn a commission on the sales they make.

The hostess at a good sex toy party should be a fun and friendly friend. and most importantly Make sure they are well trained and educated about the toys they sell. Finding people who are only interested in sales will make your party feel like a sale. Instead of a fun night with the girls

#2 prepare an invitation Your preferred sex toy representative will help you here. Do you want to send invitations electronically or want to print beautifully designed cards? You can print free party invitation templates online. and create your personal invitation to your chosen group of friends. Make sure the letter is personal, fun and naughty.

Let your friends know what’s going on. They don’t even have to try the toys themselves. Most guys think women sit together with pants around their ankles, or at least that’s what my boyfriend thinks! Blame it on a man’s imagination. Nobody tried anything. It can be seen and touched, but cannot be used. The product is sent throughout the room. but no one tried

#3 choose your party Sex toy parties are always an event for all women. But some toy parties can work together. especially if girls Everyone has a partner who doesn’t mind having fun with toys. A few female sex toys stewardess caters to a female audience only. So if you want to invite a few men to a party, Make sure you have a word about it with your hostess first. [Read: 30 sexy ways to spice up your sex life]

#4 sex toy food Good food is an essential part of a great party. But at a sex toy party It’s not just serving food. It’s only serving sexually suggestive food!

Meatballs and sausages are arranged strategically. longer fruit Other food and pastries That is often reminiscent of conversation and laughter. And can definitely help to set the right atmosphere.

#5 dialogue Finding the perfect hostess can be very important. But what if your friend doesn’t feel involved or is too uncomfortable to open up and have fun? Sex toy parties can get very boring.

to get your friends in the mood Talk about a funny sex toy incident. Or ask your hostess to talk a little about their experiences with sex toys. When your friend knows that having sex toys isn’t a shame. They will be more enthusiastic about the whole thing. *Usually a quiet person most enthusiastic shortly after* [Read: 30 dirty truth or dare questions for a sexy couples night]

#6 your order Talk to your friends and hostess about how you want the business transaction to happen. Usually, it’s better if the receptionist can wait in another private room after the demo. So each of your friends can talk privately with their hostess and order their own sex toys and fetish kits without any discomfort. [Read: The beginners guide to sexy role playing and costumes]

But if it’s just a group of close female friends who don’t care who’s around, let’s hide!

#7 confidentiality A sex toy party is a fun event for girls. related But don’t share your invitation with the world. Not everyone you invite may be too happy to share their sex toys story with the world. Try to make sure that only your invited friends know about the sex toy party. and no one knows In a world that is often judged by fools It is better to avoid creating unnecessary conflicts. [Read: How to make your man go down on you without a push]

It can be giggling and lots of fun. And it’s definitely a worthwhile experience at least once. Even if you don’t really like sex toys.

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Now you know what a sex toy party is all about. and how to organize a sex toy party at your own home Make a fun plan with your girlfriend. It will definitely be a fun and rewarding activity. And if you find the right toy It’s even more fun in bed!

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