How to Play a Guy at His Own Game: 17 Ways to Make Sure You Win

You can teach him a lesson by defeating him in his own game. Learn how to play a guy in his own game and have to win.

How to play a guy in his own game

Women are known to play mind games with men. In fact, we are experts. but, Many of us fall in love with games where men play with girls easily. probably because we assume that we are gamers Leave us open for management. in turning the situation around It’s time to learn how to play the guy in his own game.

The truth is that both men and women are experts at playing mind games with each other. Sure, many of us are open and honest. But there are always people between the cracks. These are things to watch out for. But most of us are also victims of these games. take it as a life lesson

We are all victims of the game just like the game masters. This is part of modern dating. It looks as bad as it should be. It seems to be the way of the world. We may also learn how to do it right.

What is his game?

If you’re the victim of a guy playing the game before hitting him as his own You must know what he is doing. What is his game? Is he trying to get you in bed only to leave you? Is he trying to have his cake and eat it too?

You must unravel the web he weaves. figure out what his intentions are in order to circle with him Don’t just play a guy at his own game. beat him at it

figure out what his game is This can be difficult without a heart reader by your side. But it’s not impossible. talk to your friends especially your male friends They care about you and take care of you. They will be honest about interpreting this guy’s behavior.

Just ask his plan and he might get the answer. But it might not be a straightforward answer. Finding it behind is a good defense.

let him taste his own medicine And why not try more? He deserves to play with your heart.

How to play a guy in your own game

stop letting men play you easier said than done When you have feelings for him, it’s even harder. but you are better The best thing to do is to get yourself out of the situation before it worsens. kick him to the curb

but, I know before you go You must try his own medicine. Now I suggest you no to do this But I know you are human and you might do If you’re planning to play a guy in his game. You should do it the right way too.

Let’s go. It’s time for you to learn what to do and how to play the guy in his own game. The table was about to open him. [Read: Avoid these 13 types of men if you’re looking for true love]

1. accept him a little

He used to like you like all his pictures. comment on pictures Text him several times a day. He’s used to you chasing after him. Now you change the table, pull it back, way Back. Instead of paying attention to him. a little Accept his presence, say hi, be friendly, but that’s it. [Read: Understanding why a guy comes back when you ignore them]

2. Stop paying attention to him.

Most men will play women for attention to quickly increase their ego. But that’s what you have to cut. Stop giving him the attention he wants. The only way to get his attention was to ignore him. polite.

fend him away Make him work harder for your time. You’re not an easy catcher. leaving him wondering why his moves weren’t working anymore. And you will play this guy at his own game.

3. Flirt with other men

Yep, this is classic. But don’t make the mistake of making it clear that you need his attention. otherwise it won’t work. Don’t look at him while you’re flirting with other guys. Show him that he’s not in the picture. This guy doesn’t like losing matches. [Read: 30 wicked ways to make a guy jealous and win his attention back]

4. Do not be charmed by him.

This man lives with his charm. It’s one of the only qualities he has that work, so he’ll do his best to get into your pants. Show him that you’re not in love with his charm. It’s an old karma. He needs to come up with a different strategy. If he wants to make you fall in love with him when he became obsessed The ball is on your court. And you beat this guy in his own game.

5. Be happy *without him*

While you’re busy trying to win his heart. Don’t forget to spend time with your friends. and family to enjoy Easy to get sucked into this game. And that’s not what you want to do. Hang out with friends, meet people, and if they’re there. Don’t forget to have a good time and no Get distracted by nonsense dramas. [Read: 15 moves to get a guy to chase you and fall real hard]

6. Do not sleep with him

If you want to play as a man in your own game Show him that you are not an easy girl. If you’ve slept with him, step back, and if you haven’t slept with him, great! It would be much easier not to. He doesn’t deserve you

7. Keep the mystery alive

Everyone likes a little mystery. If you want him to fall in love with you Be a little mysterious He shouldn’t know everything about you, he’s the truth. no Knowing so much about you is why he is still interested. Avoid talking about your past, passions, fears, and dreams. Give him enough to keep him coming back. [Read: How to be mysterious without being too distant]

8. Don’t text him.

You can’t send messages to him. This type of guy likes women chasing them. If you want him to chase you Stop texting him first. If he texts you, yes, reply, but not too quickly. Let him sit and wait for your message. You are busy. You have life.

9. Be prepared to invest time into this.

This won’t work overnight. It will take time and energy on your part. Ask yourself if this is what you really want to do. I know it sounds powerful. But a lot of investment Is this guy worth all the hassle? Or are you in here for the drama? Is trying to play a man in his own game worth your energy? [Read: 20 wily signs of a player to recognize one instantly]

10. Don’t be fooled by his traps.

when he sees himself falling in love with you He would pull out all the traps in hopes of taking control. Your job is to stand up to your position. Don’t be fooled by any of his tricks and games if you do. You totally lose all of this.

11. Know when to pull it out.

The whole point of this is to pull it out before he gets bored and he gets bored. Invest enough time in him to catch the prey. No one said being a player would be easy. Playing the guy in your own game is all about timing. That’s why cutting players from the start is always the easiest solution. [Read: How to stop selfish people from hurting you]

12. Keep watching other people.

while you play him Make sure you don’t fall into your trap. It’s funny how easy it is for our brains to entice us to fall in love with someone as we try to make him fall in love with us, so make sure you’re meeting other people, go out and have fun.

13. You will not change him.

Part of playing the man in his game seems to be that you think you can beat him by making him surrender. You have to realize that this is not true. Hitting him in a game is like revenge or justice. You’re putting him in his place. he will be punished But you really won’t get anything from it.

You won’t get a girlfriend in your dreams. And he probably didn’t feel bad enough to really change his behavior. at least for a while You’re amazing, but he’s not. He won’t change for you. This is not a romcom [Read: Should you give up on him?]

14. Share your opinion.

Players don’t always want easy goals. If they see a woman they like They won’t feel interested. They want a challenge they have competition If you’re going to pay attention to him no matter the end of the game. Don’t forget to share your voice.

Talk about your opinion on politics. Health care and everything, it will make him very worried if you share sports. He will feel insulted that you know more than he expected. But it will keep him awake as well.

15. Going out in public

Don’t hang out with him in private. if he wants to see you let him go out in public whether you are going to a party go to the mall or have dinner Don’t give up when he says he’s tired and wants to stay. This only made him win.

Pressing a button and making him do what he doesn’t want. You will charm him out of the game and into you. [Read: Why women want to meet in public]

16. Spread the word

Spread the word about how he plays the game. If all the girls at your school or work know how they are. They would never fall in love with him. This will force him to lose his game. When no one plays, they lose.

17. Know that you deserve better.

This one is deep but listen. There is no better justice than knowing that you deserve better. Of course, embarrassing him is a big deal and all. But it’s best to live life to the fullest without wasting time thinking about the little things with him. Empower yourself and other women

When women know they deserve an honest man They wouldn’t easily be enchanted by players like this. and they will all lose

[Read: How to take back your power from the guy who used you]

No one wants to be played by someone who has feelings. Before saying goodbye, let him taste his potion by learning how to play a guy in his own game.

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