How to Play It Cool With a Guy Without Being Too Distant or Clingy

Dating is difficult. It comes with nervousness, impulsivity and sometimes addiction. But you can learn how to play cool with men and not overdo it.

How to play cool with men

Dating is very complicated. It’s something you looked forward to as a teenager. But when you’re in the middle of the adult dating world, It would be overwhelming. Of course, dating is all about how you feel. But sometimes it’s about knowing when to share those feelings and learning how to be cool with a guy.

Why are you trying to play cool with guys?

You feel insanely nervous on the first date or like someone and can’t hold back your attention, which can scare a guy. As someone who puts everything into a new relationship or even a new crush. I understand the inner struggle you have.

You want this guy to know that you’re interested, but don’t want to be pushy. You wouldn’t want him to think you weren’t interested. But you don’t want to scare him away by moving too fast. Finding that balance can be a nightmare. Especially when you really like him.

when you like someone You want them nearby. You want to do what you can to keep dating them. it makes sense

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The problem is what women want from a new man. And what men want from a new woman is not always the same. You might think that doing everything for him. cook for him Or being in contact all day is what he wants from you, which is actually what you want from him.

You are excited and fascinated! Even if you don’t know him well enough. You eat the power of new relationships. You want to talk to him to reach out. You miss him when you’re not together. So you want to spend more time together. [Read: How to be less clingy and avoid becoming a stage 5 clinger]

It can be difficult to control the enthusiasm of a new love, as fun as it is. If you succumb to those feelings too much You can finish it before it actually starts. because you don’t play cool

I can understand the feeling of wanting to scream from the roof of the house. You want to share your new look on social media and stick with him for a beloved life. Doing all of these things makes you feel safer.

It gives you a more stable relationship compared to the beginning of the unknown. Wanting to lock in a relationship makes sense. The thing is, you can learn how to play cool with a guy and still feel safe.

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Should you play cool with men?

As someone who preachs honesty is number one in any relationship. cool play That sounds a bit hypocritical, I get it. as a method of suspension But holding back when necessary is not lying or dishonesty.

Sometimes we may prepare too early and realize that we are confused between excitement, infatuation, or even love attraction.

I’ve dated people before and thought my feelings were really strong looking back on it and realizing that I was actually more blown away by the excitement of a new love than that guy.

There is nothing wrong with that. But if I didn’t play it cool, I’d probably end up much worse. [Read: 13 signs you’re too available for your partner]

not all men But many men don’t want to rush into a new relationship. Getting to know each other and taking things slow makes them feel more confident in their feelings, so calling or texting all day or asking them to meet with your family after two weeks. Not only scary but also too much too soon

If I ask every guy I’ve been dating for a few weeks to meet up with my parents or friends as soon as I’m excited about that. I’d be in a lot more pain when things were over. Things would be a lot busier. And I’ll show you a stronger relationship than I really have.

Understanding how to play cool with a guy isn’t about anesthesia or acting like you don’t care. And it’s not about mystery or playing hard to get it. Playing cool with men is about not moving forward. It’s about taking your time and enjoying the present. [Read: How to be mysterious without being too distant]

How to play with a guy to be cool the right way

Learning how to play cool with guys is easier said than done. Yes, I’ll offer some tips and stuff. that you can do to make it easier But controlling your excitement about a new love is difficult.

When you tell your friends about amazing men you start seeing. Show that you fell into a trap You wanted him to be your boyfriend yesterday. You crave the intimacy and intimacy of a serious relationship more than you currently have.

Trying to quell that excitement for your future benefit and potential happiness is like carrying ice cream for your summer bikini body. You know it will work but can’t help how you feel right now.

Before you take any action Here’s to playing cool with men. Remind yourself that not playing cool Where has it taken you before? Did it hurt you or was it heartbreaking? Did it stop the relationship before it started? Or does it make you clingy and unsure?

Think about the benefits of learning how to play cool with a guy and go from there.

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#1 unavailable The best thing you can do when you’re trying to look cool with a guy is to keep yourself busy. You might want to text him or make a plan. But if you already have plans with friends You won’t be very active.

Keep yourself busy with projects, jobs, or even volunteering. It’s easy to feel bad when you’re doing nothing but thinking about the new man in your life.

#2 Remember the rest of your life We feel uncomfortable when dating someone new. Everything we do revolves around this new love. The point is whether it turns out good or not. There’s more to your life. Spend time with your family and friends. Focus on all other parts of your life. [Read: 13 relationship mistakes new couples make all the time]

#3 Talk about something else. One of the things that makes us more invested in new love is talking about it. Sure, it’s good to have your BFFs play one game at a time on your first day. But talking about this new man goes on and on. will create him in your heart

You have lunch with your girlfriend talking about how gentle he is. He’s a doctor and how tall you are at building him is better than you initially thought. This unrealistically amplifies your feelings. [Read: How to make the most out of your alone time]

#4 don’t rush it When you meet the person you think is right. You want to know that it will work. You want to be in a formal relationship. Then you will feel safe and no longer wonder what will happen. But the rush in a relationship can put a lot of pressure on something new.

Enjoy your time on a date. Instead of worrying about meeting his parents or introducing him to your friends. Focus only on your true relationship.

#5 get out of your phone Using your phone when you’re trying to play with guys makes it a lot harder. before using a smartphone It’s easy not to talk to your new boyfriend all day. Now you see the meme and want to send it to him. You can access communication 24/7.

But texting too much is not only catchy, it also makes you feel like you’re more involved than you actually are. Maybe you have a second date. But you text every day every day. That might make you think that things are moving faster, but it really isn’t. [Read: New boyfriend guide – The dos and don’ts every girl needs to remember]

#6 build self confidence The reason we grow into a new love is how we feel about ourselves. Knowing that this guy likes us boosts our confidence. There is nothing wrong with that. But remember that you are an amazing and worthy person with or without interest.

#7 be honest about your intentions Our excitement can bring out the best in us and prevent us from playing with men. after the third date You can imagine him as your husband. but be true

Do you want a relationship now? You want to be committed? Be honest with yourself and your new person about what you want out of this experience.

#8 Think about what you really want. When a woman is dating someone new She was often seen as a needy person. A woman who needs a lot of attention or needs a lot of maintenance is definitely not cool. But even that behavior is described as needy. But it’s not really what you want.

You don’t need him to say “good morning, beautiful” and “good night.” You don’t have to see him all the time. These are good things. But you can do well on your own. Think about what you really want. from a new relationship

You need someone by your side when you really need it. Someone who will support you and laugh with you. You don’t need someone to buy you flowers for no reason. Or they will always tell you where they are or who they are with. [Read: How to stop being codependent and have a healthy relationship]

#9 enjoy the moment The main reason we don’t often play with men is that we look forward instead of enjoying the moment. These moments when you first got to know each other were the best. Butterflies and nerves are exciting. [Read: 15 romantic gestures in a new relationship new couples need to know]

Make the most of this time. Don’t rush into something serious.

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Learn how to play with guys with a bit of perspective and practice, then enjoy your new relationship!

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