How to Play Mind Games With a Guy Over Text & Drive Him Crazy! –

Learning how to play brain games with guys through text will give you firm control over the situation. It drives him crazy too!

How to play mind games with men via text

Ah, modern texting games are confusing. It’s a battle of will. if you let it go It will drive you crazy. It might make you wonder how to play mind games with guys over text.

Guys seem to have this game pat, how many times have you happily texted the guy you just met? He sent messages early quite often. he sent a message ‘Good morning’ and it was a good time and a smile. Just to keep it quiet for a while? We’ve all been there.

Wondering if he has changed his mind about you? Do you misunderstand? his phone is broken Is he in a life-threatening condition in the local hospital? Every possibility goes through your mind, however, his phone is likely to work perfectly fine. And he is strong and healthy. Nothing bad happened to him. he just playing games

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It’s time to figure it out and start playing the game now!

So if you’ve ever been texted by a guy Instead, learn how to turn the tide and understand how to play brain games with guys through text. Let him wonder what happened to you instead!

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How to play mind games with men via text

There are a few ways to do this. But it’s all about keeping him alert, guessing, and basically making sure he’s very confused. Then at the point where you think he will give up. You bring it back and be your charming self again.

Now, I would like to say here that I don’t normally encourage gaming in relationships or the likes. I think it’s basically a waste of time. However, I’ve been in the end of text mind games in the past. And sometimes revenge is a little sweet.

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First of all, build a rapport with your guy through text. It is necessary to have regular conversations in order to be effective. Basically, you make him think that everything is fine. nothing to worry about And he has you where he needs you enough. However, there are some rules inside.

Don’t be the first to message and don’t reply right away. if you do this in the eyes of men you look enthusiastic Personally, I think it’s good to text first and reply quickly. But that’s why I’ve ended up getting ending games so many times in the past. don’t make my mistake

when he sends a message Leave it for a moment before you reply. an hour if you can Or maybe more if you want to be mean. Be your normal self. Don’t be cold or distant here. Because you’ll make him think you’re not interested and he’ll most likely stop texting. [Read: How to play a guy at his own game and make him feel miserable]

The text “accidentally”

There is one strategy that I think works fine every time. It was completely intentional. But he doesn’t need to know!

An accidental message is when you send a message that doesn’t mean anything to the conversation you’re having. turned out to be “Meaning for someone else.” Ah, sorry! Of course, no other conversations took place. You just play games with him. [Read: The accidental text… on purpose – How to use it and when to avoid it]

This is one of the best ways to learn how to play brain games with men using text. Because the first thing he’ll wonder is, “Um, who’s it for?” He’ll think you’re talking to another potential person. tends to make him jealous

Now keep in mind that this can go either way. Understanding how to play brain games with text men does not come with a guarantee. There is a risk attached He could just shrug his shoulders and decide not to mess with it. Or he may decide that he will play the game right away. bring you back to the first point It’s a nervous game in many ways! [Read: Guys who play games – How to recognize them and deal with them]

Back to the accidental message called seconds. You can put “yes, I like it too” on a smiling face and “accidentally” send it to him, he will wonder what you like and with whom. when you do this Make sure it’s something you can describe as nothing. In this case, you could say you wanted to send it to your friend after last night’s wine and nachos. Plato has nothing to worry about. However, he would panic a second time.

If you flirt back and forth Maybe even going on an accidental date but not being serious. The thought that you might be talking to or meeting another guy can be a wake-up call. In some cases, this may prompt him to ask himself what he wants out of your dating situation. Again, it can drive you. to something serious *If that’s what you want too* or it might push him away completely, on the other hand, it can give him the little nudge he needs!

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Chat chat is quiet…

The greatest brain teasers I’ve had from guys in the past have always been in the form of being a chatty person for a while. Then they went silent when I responded with a chatter. I mean, what exactly do they want?

You can flip the tables here too. Learning how to play a brain training game with a guy through text is basically about doing to him what he did to you in the past or maybe what other people did. Again, I’m not saying I agree with playing. game But there is a time and place for everything in life.

In this case, you’re normally chatty for a while and then a little quiet. It takes a long time to reply Not replying to as much information as before. Then mix it up and be a chatty person. It’s a confusing tactic that actually works wonderfully. By doing so, you make him wonder what’s going on in your life that distracts you. [Read: Playing games in a relationship – When it’s okay and when it really harms you]

when learning how to play brain games with men through text Know when to stop and stay calm. Remember that playing mind games is a form of management. I’m not a supporter of that! Ask yourself why you want to play brain games. And whether it’s in a good situation or not. I would argue no But I can understand why sometimes you just want to return the game that sometimes he did to you. in the past.

We basically play games because we’re not sure what’s going on. It makes more sense to communicate. But none of us seem to be experts in doing so. But you should realize that it might not be the reaction you want!

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Learning how to play mind games with men through text is a risky business. It’s something everyone has happened to them in the past. So if you really want to use this strategy. Be careful!

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