12 Fun and Sexy Ways to Please a Woman in Bed—Every Time!

What makes a good man Can you stay in bed? Physical fitness? Dirty talk? These 12 tips to please a woman in bed Guaranteed to make you fully satisfied!

how to please women

Often men think that focusing on foreplay is a waste of time. Why worry when you can get the good stuff right away?

the truth is If you want to make your woman extremely happy when it comes to sex, you have to take your time And make sure you warm her up before you dive in.

How to please your girl and make sure she’s having a great time in bed.

Giving women incredible orgasms Whether you’re in a loving relationship or not. It’s not only good for her. But it also makes you feel satisfied with yourself. Try these great tricks to make foreplay and sex a great experience for both of you. [Read: What women want in bed to feel sexy and loved]

#1 take your time Start slow—and we mean it. really Slow. Gently stroking her legs from the tip of her toes to her thighs, kiss her legs. *And if she’s not super ticklish*, gently suck her toes to make her twist. in ecstasy and begging you for more

#2 Ask her what she likes. Two women are not the same And communication is the key to good sex. Asking her what she likes and wants you to do with her. It’s the easiest way to know which zone she likes.

Be specific. Does she like you to touch her lightly or strongly? Does she want you to go faster or slower? Make sure you’re listening to what she has to say and make sure you make her feel comfortable saying it. Either you did it before you started or during that time. [Try: 14 tips to get your partner to open up about sex]

in the same way You can find out what she forbids. For example, some woman might love you to pull her hair. while others May feel a little painful and aggressive So please make sure you know before doing it.

Women appreciate a man who cares about her happiness during sex. So even though she might be embarrassed Encourage her to let you know will definitely go well.

#3 Let her know how much you like her to change her. If she feels that you are moving during foreplay. and bored or just doing it to help before the main task. it won’t work

She wants to feel as though you’re enjoying it and having access to it. So make sure she knows how much you enjoy yourself. That way, she can relax and enjoy it too. [Check out: Foreplay done right – The art of really turning her on]

#4 Win the race slowly and steadily. Okay, most guys know that stimulating the clitoris will seriously make your woman happy. However, it’s a little sensitive. and by touching, licking, rubbing or gnawing too hard You tend to make your woman feel sick. It’s not something you will do!

Start softly and pay attention for a few minutes before moving on to another place. This will cause tension. and with this You can increase the pressure Step back and repeat until she asks you to continue.

#5 Use the number eight trick. If you give her oral sex The best way to get her aroused is to trace your tongue in an eight-circle shape. her penis alternate with tighter licking stimulate the clitoris itself If you change the pressure and movement regularly. It will definitely drive her crazy. [Read: How to satisfy a woman in bed and make sex exciting]

#6 wearDon’t neglect less obvious erogenous zones. Some men think with a focus on their genitals. They are working magic. However, there are many other ways to keep your girl active. And these things should not be overlooked.

Kisses on her neck, gnaws on her earlobes, and gently caressing, stroking, and gnawing on her nipples. All are areas that will give her full emotions. So be sure to pay attention to these!

#7 Experiment with different positions Many women find it difficult to achieve orgasm through in-depth sex alone… But that doesn’t mean impossible.

Enjoy sex and try a variety of different positions, slowly delve into her different angles and ask her how she feels. You can also use your hands during sex to stimulate the clitoris to help her get there. [Try: 15 dirty ways to have the sexiest rough sex ever]

#8 keep it long Although it’s a true myth that girls yearn for hours of sex at a time *they have things to deal with too, you know* you don’t want to win a race for speed in a sack.

If you’re worried about leaving too early Make sure you focus on how you feel before climaxing. And it’s not at the last minute when nothing much in the world can stop you!

When you start to feel those delicate feelings Slow down or change positions to make sure you stay a little longer. [Try: 20 moves to last longer during sex without any difficulty]

#9 wearDon’t forget the simple things Many sexual encounters begin with a kiss, but 10 minutes later and tenderness. will be forgotten when you go in for a kiss

Women respond to kisses really well. A intense, passionate kiss will make her feel more attached to you. So be sure to keep it up at all times.

#10 Compliments, compliments. Don’t forget to compliment the ladies. You’ll see a huge change in how much she enjoys sex.

Women need as much confidence in the sack as the rest of us. So you don’t just have to tell her how good she looks and how much she has transformed you. You still have to let her know how awesome it is when she starts having sex. or go to town with you

After that, tell her how well she sleeps in bed. Or she did something wonderful. Knowing this will boost your confidence and make her feel more relaxed and willing to try new things next time. [Read: How to get any girl to have sex with you in 10 steps]

#11 Take her out. If you really want your girl to be in the mood. You have to treat her right! You can’t walk into the living room when she’s halfway through Girls and expect her to run. Show her how much you care by drinking wine and dining with her. And she will definitely show her appreciation later.

#12 Toys, Porn, and Dirty Talk If you think you and a woman are having sex Why not introduce new elements? How about having fun in the bedroom?

There are many sex aids available today. Why not talk about something you both might enjoy? You don’t have to turn your back on Dorian Gray entirely, but discussing what you want to try and shop together can open up on its own.

[Now that you know what to do… Sex in a relationship – What it means to a woman]

These 12 tips will help you not only please your woman every time. But she also knows how much you admire her.—Seriously please a woman!

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