How to Read a Girl & Recognize the Subtle Hints She Drops Your Way

Girls are complex creatures. I understand But learning how to read a girl doesn’t have to be rocket science. Let’s destroy it.

how to read girls

You want to understand the complex layers that are feminine. You want to understand how to read women. I will tell you because SURPRISE: I is A young woman.

speak as a woman and on behalf of women I can safely say that women are intense. We have so many emotions, layers, and complexities that make us who we are.. But we are not alone like this. Boys are special in themselves. Men are difficult to read, too, some days. But that’s not why you came here, right?

The importance of knowing how to read girls

First of all, there’s a fair chance that you might end up with one of them. Maybe you’ve never done it. In this case, it’s still important. Because you’ll be dealing with girls for the rest of your life *are you lucky* your mom, your sister, your friend, your boss. Your colleagues, the list of girls in your life is endless.

Because these things are all around you. So you need to understand the inner workings of women. *Why yes, I just quoted Little Dicky—bet you won’t see that song coming*. [Read: 10 reasons why you don’t understand girls]

Why is it so hard for people to read women?

I’ll be the first to admit – women are hard. in general We never know what we want to eat for dinner, where to go, or what movie we want to see. We’re incredibly unsure of gender. And I don’t think that will change.

we say one And we really mean one thing. And as girls—we understand. Sometimes we don’t remember that maybe our men didn’t understand our jargon or mixed messages. Excuse me, friend. [Read: Girl things that guys just don’t understand]

The Secret Out: How to Read a Woman

As I speak on behalf of all the women there, *Oh God, who has given me so much power, and why?!* I will do good for the world. and explain our method As the first grade math teacher 4 mine used to say “There is a solution to my madness.”

Okay, sometimes there really is no way. And we’re just blind But often we know what we are doing, understand? at least we think we know what we are doing Here’s a list of things we said and did. and what they in fact mean.

#1 Silence is not always golden. If we’re silent, there’s a reason for it. We love to talk, although we might say otherwise. Maybe we ignored you because you did something inappropriate or just didn’t know. Think about your actions over the past few days. even though it looks a little But it has a profound meaning for us. [Read: What men should do when given the silent treatment]

#2 “I don’t want to talk about it” is true. As I said, we love to talk. We almost always want to talk about it. even if we say otherwise It might be incredibly painful to talk about, but deep down we really want to talk about it. and make it open

But be careful here: don’t pry. Just sit with us and wait. Be patient, because it may take some time to build up the courage to really express our feelings. Assure us that you are ready to listen. Whenever we are ready to talk go really far [Read: Ways to become a better listener in your relationship]

#3 Keep an eye on the prize. If we’re looking into your eyes during a conversation means we are interested in you at least to some extent If you’re just starting to get to know each other and have a friendly conversation. Notice where her eyes go. If she’s staring at everything but your eyes. Shows that she may be interested in something else.

But if she’s staring at your body *up and down and from side to side* and seems ignorant of the topic in front of her. She may be interested in your body, not your intelligence. Decide where you want this relationship to go.

#4 Not everything is really funny. I’m not sure why we do this. But it’s 100% true if you want to know how to read women. You have to remember that we are programmed to laugh at the people we care about. Although they are not really funny. If she laughs at everything you say Show that she likes you, friend.

#5 A gentle graze may mean more than that. If you are walking together or doing something together and she accidentally tries to touch you. She may be testing in the water to see if there are any sparks. You may not even notice that this is happening. But pay attention from now on Because many times this means more than what appears on the surface.

#6 Compliments Compliments Compliments Compliments. This is what women do Even if you try to make friends with someone She will always find something to compliment about them. when dealing with other women that I met for the first time I try to compliment them on their clothes or their hair/makeup.

it’s easy in, And it also applies to romantic couples. She might say, “You have beautiful curls,” or “You are so passionate about what you do. I appreciate it.” Paying close attention to how she said these things as well. [Read: 15 body language cues a girl gives away if she’s falling for you]

#7 sugar and spices In partnership with my final point Women tend to try to be sweet and gentle when trying to attract a mate. *Wow, sounds like what you’ll hear on the Discovery Channel*, her tone of voice around you can become softer and more kind. because as a woman We want to look nurtured and sweet. I’m not sure why But it seems to work.

#8 just give me a reason Does she seem to find a reason to text you or text you? Before I started dating my boyfriend We used to work together and as a group. We plan to go to the movies together. I choose to message my colleagues. *Now a fan* to invite him to the event He seemed disinterested and was the only reason to actually start talking to him.

#9 Ask questions. Did she ask intimate questions about your childhood or your personal life? If she seems really interested in you She would be interested, don’t guess. [Read: Fun and flirty questions to ask a girl to get to know her better]

#10 Domestic AF Again, it’s in our nature to be a housewife, so if she bakes you cookies or does something that “Being a housewife”, you should give a hint. She wants you to know that she is material for the wife. And worthy of the chase, give her a chance, but if her cookies are good

#11 “How do I look?” is a very loaded question. no matter what If she asks you “How do I look?” respond with “Like a model” or something like that. No woman wants to hear that she looks bad, okay? Throw sugar on the pile of pretty girls you have no matter what.

#12 Emojis mean everything. Listen, let’s get real talk about how to read women you can’t ignore: If a woman sends you an emoji. That means something in an age that understands this message. If you take the time to send them Show that she’s really interested in your conversation. and want to be cute by sending emojis emoji is everything [Read: How to decode the meanings of the colorful heart emojis]

#13 “Jackie, I can’t control the weather.” Don’t pull Kelso if a woman says she’s cold. Show that she needs your jacket. Or she wanna get caught. C’mon guys, this is a dead giveaway.

[Read: 11 keys to unlocking the mysteries of women]

Learning how to read women can be difficult. But when you start to open up and think like a girl It’s all a little easier. Get creative. You’ll master the art of a girl in no time.

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