How to Reject a Guy and Turn Him Down Nicely Without Hurting Him

Knowing how to reject a guy is not easy. There is no perfect way to deny a man. Because each man is different But here’s a list of ways to help you get the point across. both the good and the harsh

how to reject a man

Do you know how to reject a good man? It’s easy to reject a guy if you feel heartless some days. but every other day for a good woman Rejecting a man and denying his advances is as awkward as that. with the man who invited him out

but by knowing how to navigate the steps You will be able to speak your mind and easily disappoint a guy without breaking his heart. at the end of the day You realize that it takes a lot of courage for the average guy to confess his love to you.

Want to know how to reject a guy and reject him nicely? We have all the methods you can use here.

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how to reject a man

You may have just broken up with a guy. You may be friendly with other men. Or you might meet a new guy through regular friends.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is. But there’s a good chance you’ll find a guy who is fanciful and wants to hang out with you.

If you like this guy, it’s fun and good looking. but if you can’t and he is still stubborn Show that you have a little problem on your hands. [Read: 30 facts about guys that can help you read his mind]

how to reject a man

Rejecting men can be a delicate matter. And it depends on the guy and how he pursues you. Some guys may understand well enough to back off when you tell them you’re not interested. But some guys may need a stronger response to convey the message.

If you want to know how to reject a guy Here’s a list of things you can do to convey your message. Start with the first one and proceed with the list. You will find a way to communicate through messages that can harden his heart and keep him going somewhere in that path. Wow!

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When rejection is more difficult

let’s face Rejecting a guy you don’t know is as easy as Tinder, just swipe left. Dating sites. Just say no. A guy walks up to you on the street. Simply walk away.

But the hardest thing for most women is when a guy sneaks out of his friend zone and tries to get in touch with you or wants to go on a date with you. Strange, but he’s your friend. You don’t want to be rude because you two are friends. meanwhile You can’t be nice and flirt in return. Because he probably thinks you’re interested!

Such a difficult situation made it difficult to reject a man. But we’ve covered it here.

How to politely reject a man

Now not all men are bad. You have to understand that a guy might be stubborn just because he likes you so much. In some cases, the guy might be really nice and might just want you to get to know him better.

And in some cases, he may assume you’re playing hard to get it and may chase you with energeticness. [Read: The real reason behind why guys chase girls]

but in any case If you want to reject a man Use these reasons as you see fit.

#1 tell him the truth This is plain and simple. If a guy you’re not particularly interested in asks you out on a date, tell him straight out that you’re not interested in him.

You don’t have to be rude at first unless he resists. You don’t owe it to every guy who really falls in love with you. Why are you not interested in him? Or why would you want to reject him? [Read: How to stop a guy from flirting and hitting on you]

#2 Tell him you’d rather be friends. If you want to reject a guy but aren’t sure you’ll lose him because he’s a good friend. Tell him you don’t want to hang out with him. but wanted to be friends with him instead

This is a little selfish. And it’s best used when you’re not confident in yourself. Take a moment to figure it out. And depending on how things are going, you can always change your mind! you are dating him Therefore, you need to be careful not to accidentally take him. [Read: 15 ways girls lead guys on and make the guy eventually hate them]

#3 Make it clear. If the guy you reject asks you to go out with him again. It’s time to be strong. You’ve been gentle before. This time, tell him clearly and firmly that there’s no way you’ll like him back. And tell him that you’re starting to get annoyed with his behavior.

Many guys have the annoying habit of wanting to know the logical reason why you reject them. They want you to explain and even if you do They are trying to reason and need more explanation.

So instead of committing yourself Make your denials clear and don’t go into complicated details. He will never be satisfied with your answer. no matter what you say [Read: 14 lines you can use to turn down any type of guy]

#4 Tell him that you will have to avoid him for a while. if he is a friend This is a hidden threat that makes them afraid to accept your decision. When he often hints about dating or dating. Tell him you’re starting to get annoyed with his behavior.

Tell him you’re starting to dislike him. and may have to avoid him And the more he invites you on a date, the more You will only want to haunt him. [Read: How to friendzone a guy without leading him on]

#5 pretended to regret his offer If the guy is stubborn but rather kind and kind, talk to him. Tell him you’re upset and sad about his persistence. Tell him you’re having a hard time getting through the day because of his persistent offer.

When you show your sensitive side to a good guy. There’s a good chance he’ll walk away, even if he still wants to ask you out over and over again. [Read: Signs a guy is really into you]

How to reject a man harshly

If one of the previously failed methods of rejecting a man does not work. Here are some drastic ways in which this point can be understood. In a serious way, of course!

#6 avoid that man Now some men may be good people. But their persistence can be really annoying. Avoid the guy and make it clear that you are avoiding him. If he asks you about it You can tell him you’ve tried everything but he doesn’t understand the point.

#7 don’t talk to him alone Guys like it when the girl they like talks to them alone. It shows special treatment above other men. To avoid not giving any signal that can be used positively.

Avoid the guy and even if he tells you that he only wants to talk to you, don’t give him a chance. Tell him that you’ll only talk to him if you’re sure he hasn’t hit you. [Read: Do guys like shy girls and find them attractive?]

#8 rude If it’s stiff, it doesn’t help. be rude but playing both hot and cold You don’t want to upset a psychotic kid! Hang up or ignore his messages. Tell him you’re done talking to him. And don’t want him texting you anymore.

You can weaken the bomb later if you’re uncomfortable with the whole thing. send message to him “I just hope you understand. I don’t want to end our friendship this way. But you’re leaving me helpless. Why don’t you understand? I don’t like you and I will never…”??

Sometimes being too rude to a guy can make him vengeful and bitter. You wouldn’t want that, so showing him your softer side in the midst of the cold and hateful messages will make him feel guilty instead!

#9 Cut him off from your social circle. Text him and let him know that you can no longer tolerate his behavior. Tell him you want to be friends and nothing more.

Tell him you’re going to remove him from your friends list on social networking sites. Tell him that you will avoid him if you meet him. and tell him you won’t answer his calls anymore.

And finally, tell him you’re willing to be friends only if he can see you as a friend and behave as one. Explain to him that he will call you again the day he sees you as a friend and nothing more. If he can, tell him and you can both be friends again. [Read: How to manipulate men]

#10 Ignore him.

The last frontier that always works If you have tried all of the above This should be your last resort. After you cut him out of your life to completely ignore him. Walk past him and don’t wave your hand or look at him. if he faces you Be nice and warm, don’t be rude.

Being completely rude when he tries to talk to you will only make him pursue you more. Talk to him like he’s five years old. Explain to him well that you have already told him what to do. The two of you can only be friends if he promises to see you as a friend. and tell him you’re sorry But you can’t talk anymore and walk away.

Come to think of it, no guy really likes you. To want to be friends and forget all his intentions So asking him to be your friend is probably one of the hardest things he can do. [Read: Are you more than friends?]

and vice versa If you tell him you don’t want to see him or talk to him. It will only make him want to pursue you more. Because he really has nothing to lose. Use these tips for rejecting men. and use appropriate sentences But always remember that Men can’t deny So reject a man in a way that makes him feel that he is at fault. And he will fall back before you know it!

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And there you have it, girls, ten of the best ways in the world to turn down guys. Use it and see how easy and effective it is to reject a man!

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