How to Respond to a Compliment & Accept It Without Feeling Awkward

Do you feel uncomfortable hearing compliments? Ever wish you knew the perfect thing to say? This is the best way to respond to compliments!

How to respond to compliments

Come on, only a few of us can accept a compliment. And even fewer people know how to calmly respond to compliments without the risk of becoming eloquent.

Many of us live in fear of being complimented because we don’t know how to react. and in general when we get to watch Our sarcastic reaction is to ignore, reject, or distract.

How did you react when someone complimented you last time? Do you blush and open your eyes to the ground? Or maybe you’re trying to counter a compliment by claiming “nothing” by giving 101 reasons why it doesn’t. And explain why people who insult compliments are better than you in every way and what?

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Why should you learn to accept compliments?

It’s time for all of us to learn how to confidently accept the compliments we receive. So here’s the ultimate guide on how to do that!

Compliments are there to make you feel good and build your self-esteem. But if you don’t accept them or avoid them. You damage yourself and may offend those who try to make you feel good.

Your response to compliments is not only important to not offend the compliments, it’s also important. but also build self-esteem If someone compliments you, accept it. Stick it in your pocket. And it feels good to have people notice how awesome you are. [Read: How to feel good about yourself and kick ass in every aspect of your life]

How to respond to compliments

It’s normal for people to want to divert their attention well and overlook their achievements, achievements, or appearance. It’s a modest story. If someone says “I like your jeans.” Your first instinct might be to say, “Oh, these antiques? They have decades of style.”

What you should say is simple, thank you! let good things Talk to you and about yourself by accepting and keeping it in mind instead of pushing back.

accept compliments

Why do you feel uncomfortable receiving compliments?

I get it. Sometimes getting compliments can be uncomfortable. And that often stems from the belief that you don’t deserve it. But if someone compliments something about you Most likely, they noticed and considered it worthy of compliments.

If there’s anything awkward about compliments Show that you don’t think you are worthy of that compliment. The next time someone compliments you and you feel a little embarrassed. Don’t get so obsessed with the reasons they compliment you. just accept it

and when you get home Look in the mirror for a moment and ask yourself, what really made you believe you didn’t deserve a compliment in the first place? [Read: 18 ways to build high self-esteem and start willing in life]

Is it really that bad or bad for you to accept something about yourself that others admire? We don’t think so!

N.S. 5 The big reason we can’t get compliments

The first step in learning to accept compliments and respond appropriately is recognizing why we feel the need to reject the compliment in the first place! It could be one or more. 5 Reasons to hit a chord with you?

#1 We want to look humble.

As humans, we are always concerned about how others perceive our words and actions. One of our main fears is being seen as arrogant. After all, it’s often one of the top critics. that we might have about someone else So break the notion that other people might believe you’re arrogant!

For this reason, we tend to believe that rejecting compliments self insult and insulting our success We may appear more humble and modest. [Read: 20 signs you’re a secret people pleaser and just don’t realize it]

#2 we bully ourselves

Some of us resist ourselves, destroy ourselves, and bully ourselves. It comes from the unrealistic ideal of perfection. The pressures and expectations we put on ourselves to live up to those ideals.

We all lack perfection because it is unattainable. Yet, we continue to choose to impose and bully ourselves, believing that we are not good enough.

As a result, many of us reject compliments because we truly believe that they are not deserved. [Read: How to make small talk and answer back to people without feeling awkward]

#3 We can’t stand the pressure.

Many of us fear being praised because we feel it raises our own expectations.

For example, if someone compliments you on your outfit on a particular day. Would you feel pressured to look amazing every other day for fear of being judged for being a good person on a good day? One day, forever?

We try to remedy this situation by rejecting compliments in the first place and overlooking our success for fear of disappointing others in the future.

#4 we don’t trust

when complimented It is often difficult to recognize whether the other person is sincere or not. Maybe they were motivated or trying to provoke some kind of reaction?

Think of the cult teen movie from the early 2000s, “Mean Girls” and famous Queen B, Regina George. In one scene, she stops her classmates in the hallway and compliments: “Oh my god, I love your skirt. ! Where did you get it???

As the girl turned around, she muttered: “That’s the ugliest skirt I’ve ever seen”?? Many of us who are afraid of moments like this. Try to save your face by rejecting compliments. and try to align our responses with what we believe to be the true opinions of the old audience. [Read: 14 ways to instantly recognize fake people and stay away]

#5 we love to criticize

In society, we have a unique ability to distinguish flaws. Most of us sit and chat with our friends. Complaining of blood vessels in the legs perforated nose and excess fat around the hip bone

After all, you are the most qualified to judge yourself, right? You can safely say that we enjoy complaining about ourselves as much as we do. With that we like to complain about other people!

For this reason, we tend to find it easier to respond to criticism than to compliment it. Just because they agree with our beliefs more often.

In addition, we subconsciously believe that accepting compliments is acknowledging that you are wrong about yourself. which many of us have difficulty accepting. [Read: How to master positive self-talk and banish negativity]


Are all compliments free?

That doesn’t mean all compliments are for free. There are times when someone compliments you, but it really isn’t. Freehand compliments are the way people make you up just to knock you down.

It’s the type where you want to quickly distract yourself and move forward. If someone compliments you for tricking you or making creepy gestures, accept it, but send a clear message that you know what the intent is and that you’re not interested. [Read: How to react to a backhanded compliment without losing your poise]

N.S. 5 The main reason you should learn to accept compliments

Before we learn how to respond to compliments the right way. It’s time to flip the script inside and get rid of your fear when it’s complimented! this 5 the reason why

#1 You appear more humble when you accept compliments.

Rejecting compliments can make you look hostile and offensive. unassuming and modest

Typically, you might reply to compliments like, “Your hair looks lovely today,” and reply, “Oh, it’s scary and greasy… I haven’t washed in days.” ??

You might think that you’re just lowering yourself to look polite, but actually you’re also accidentally saying: “You’re wrong, I’m right, and here’s why”?? Which is quite arrogant, don’t you think so? You are much better off accepting compliments with respect and courtesy.

#2 Can you give compliments from embarrassment and embarrassment?

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