Booty Call or Flirty Hello? How to Respond to Late Night Texts

You’re chilling in bed and suddenly ping! The message came to you Booty call center or innocent chat? Here’s how to reply to late-night messages.

How to answer late night messages

Technology is great on many levels. No more awkwardly flirting with your crush at the bar or gathering the courage to take the first step. No body language signaling and wondering if the other person will find fault and doesn’t make you feel weird. But it doesn’t help us to reply to late night message category.

Yes, technology has opened up the world of dating to some extent. We can connect with people in ways we’ve never been able to before. and meet people we’ve never crossed paths with.

The problem is technology can still apply to us. It can easily confuse you with someone’s true intentions. [Read: Friendly vs flirty – 12 subtle signs to stop reading the wrong signs]

What game would you like to play?

What do you do when receiving text or text messages on the phone slowly? Is it a thief? Someone just thinks of you late at night and wonders if you’re doing well. Is it a mixture of both?

It’s very confusing!

For me, proper handling is key. This can determine the future whether you are in a relationship, a jerk or not!

There is still a lot of controversy open! Should you end up having sex with someone early or should you wait?

For the most part, understanding how to respond to late-night messages depends on how you want to play the game. Do you want to go for it and throw caution to the window, or do you want to be detained a bit more?

It’s the choice you have to make. The way you respond to this message says a lot. let’s destroy it

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What does late night text mean?

This is the crux of all. What does it mean when everyone’s bedtime message arrives in your inbox or your phone?

in my opinion There are two explanations for this phenomenon.

First of all, they’re thinking of you when they’re quiet and relaxed. Perhaps lying in bed waiting for sleep to take care of them. It’s a good idea when you think carefully. because it means when they are left on their own devices You are the one who comes into their minds. They want to contact and inform you.

In that case, go ahead and reply. [Read: 17 clear signs someone’s thinking of you and missing you]

Other description And most likely, the perpetrators of such messages are lying in bed and they have some rather unclean thoughts in their minds! In this case, late night texts are the tech version of the burglar calls, should they answer? It’s all up to you But always be aware of sub-messages!

These types of messages are much more common. This is because it is easier to reject unanswered messages. Rather than actually talking to someone and listen to their excuses or reactions. That’s why late messages are on the rise!

Learning how to respond to late-night texts depends on how you feel about the descriptions surrounding it. How confident are you in terms of the reasons behind it? If you’re sure this is innocent and you want to spend a few minutes texting back and forth before saying goodnight. I think I can go will make you smile before bed

However, if you are not satisfied with the fact that you are getting what is most likely a text version of a thief call. You should reply or ignore it. It depends on whether you can bite your tongue or not! [Read: Mixed signals from a guy and the complete guide to interpret them]

How to answer late night messages without being wary or offended

You might be wondering why you’re worried about hurting. If someone tries to remove a stone at night and you are the first person they think of. Maybe you are unsure of the reason behind it! In that case, a quick, non-offensive response is the best way to avoid possible explanations without causing problems in the future.

Should you reply? Of course, you can leave it unread and pretend you’re sleeping. It’s easier to do with real messages. in most cases There is no way the sender will know that you have read it. They may have delivery messages in the settings. This will notify them that you received it, i.e. sent. They don’t know if you opened it or not. [Read: 15 unwritten texting rules you need to remember]

If you’re reading a message from a social media platform like Facebook Messenger or Instagram, they’ll see that you’ve read it. Proceed with caution if you want to ignore it and not have any follow-up messages that are often “????” messages. How annoying is that?

If you don’t ignore it and you’re sure you want to send a message back. Knowing how to respond to delayed messages comes from two questions. What would you like to lie about? [Read: Why is he texting you if he’s not interested? 15 reasons why]

If you don’t like to distort the truth a little to get out of a tough situation. You may not like this advice. But sometimes we just have to do what we have to do!

You see, sometimes people send messages impulsively. In some cases, you can’t retract the message when you hit send. They might regret it or they might get drunk. So you can’t portray them as people looking for a fun night out without the real facts. That’s why it’s so much easier to misrepresent and get out of the situation.

Personally, I’d say something like, “Hey, I’m going to bed, so tired! Hope you are fine.” Or I’ll say I’ll answer tomorrow. Chances are, if it’s a tempting message, it will disappear the next day. You won’t hear it anymore! [Read: 12 signs you’re just being manipulated by your booty call]

How would you like to manage late night messages?

How do you deal with it? I think my advice straddles the line of getting out of a difficult situation easily. And dealing with the feelings of people that probably don’t mean really bad things. Late night messages have many possible meanings. You can never be sure which message they are thinking of going.

A quick, quick response by promising to talk the next day will often get you out of the situation. and let them slip away If you misunderstood the whole thing! [Read: Sexy, naughty texting games to have fun all night long]

You see, technology can have major advantages, and there are many. But it also has the power to destroy relationships and friendships. How can you be sure who the message is to? A lot is missing: body language, tone of voice, speed of sound, etc. Going forward is the best choice.

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So, no more wondering how to respond to late night messages. You just bend the truth a little, step aside until the next day. and see the laying of the earth No more confusing or awkward text conversations when you really need to sleep!

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