How to Respond When a Guy Says He Likes You Without Breaking Him

Learning how to react when a guy says he likes you in the right way is key… If you want to develop a close relationship and avoid offending anyone!

How to Respond When a Guy Says He Likes You

Humans love to have their ego caressed. When people tell you that they like you and appreciate you. It’s definitely going to be a huge ego boost. You have to understand how hard that is for them. taking into account that Know best how to react when a guy says he likes you.

Think back to the last time you told someone that you were secretly attracted to him that you liked him. It may take some time to pull the courage. Maybe you need a few drinks first to give you the guts. That’s why it’s so important to learn how to react when a guy tells you he likes you. if you misunderstand You will destroy his confidence forever!

Whether you like him back or not is not the point here. It’s about being a good human being and not clinging to his ego.

He could definitely be a confident man. He is quite a footballer. Does that mean that you have the right to laugh at him when he admits something personal? You might think he didn’t mean it. But it’s important to be careful with your responses.

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How to respond when a guy says he likes you

Sure, it feels good when people tell you they like you, right? At that moment it was like you were walking in the air. Everyone likes to appreciate. Anyone who disagrees may be lying!

But it was easy to respond at that moment. You may feel embarrassed stuck in place and not sure what to say That’s why it’s so important to learn how to react when a guy says he likes you!

#1 Don’t put him down or laugh at him. When you hear something that surprises you Especially something flattering. Your reaction will come out without any control. it’s easy You might laugh out of embarrassment. But try to control this. Can you imagine how embarrassing he would be? Learn to react when a guy says he likes you without laughing or raising his eyebrows!

Take a moment to breathe and gain control. He wouldn’t notice at all. And you should do this to stop the uncontrollable reaction from destroying his soul! [Read:How to just be friends with a guy when he wants more]

#2 Understand that it may be difficult for him to accept. Let’s say this is a good man. The type of person who doesn’t tell anyone. that he likes them He may have to put in a lot of effort to accept this with you. And he may be secretly afraid that you’ll react the wrong way.

So whatever your final decision to make with this little revelation, first understand that perhaps accepting this to you is a personal matter for him. [Read: Non-awkward ways to let a guy down kindly]

#3 Do not react immediately Ask yourself how you feel about it and give yourself time to really examine it. may surprise you And even if that’s not the case You have to be sure what you are going to do. You don’t have to give him an answer at that moment. So take the time to think if you want.

You can say something like, “Wow, that’s great. I think you’re good too.” When you’re in the moment when a guy tells you that. Your body language will reduce your arrogance and help him understand what you really mean. [Read: How to become a better person – the 9 golden rules you should follow to evolve]

#4 open to possibilities Understanding how to react when a guy says he likes you means taking the time to reflect and open up to the possibility that he might be your crush. Maybe you already like him! The biggest mistake many people make is assuming he’s not your type.

How do you know? You still don’t know him as a person! There’s nothing stopping you from being friends first and seeing how things are going if you’re not really sure. That way, you’ll find out how you really feel. and you won’t regret it later.

#5 Don’t make promises you can’t keep. be honest with that man He deserves that very much. I know I mentioned earlier about not responding immediately. but depending on the situation If you are already dating someone It’s important that you tell him now and don’t put your hopes up in vain. If you’re not ready to start dating for any reason. Tell him so but do it gently. Don’t get his mind wet.

Knowing how to react when a guy says he likes you basically means being honest and nice in return. He mustered the courage to tell you. So be honored to reply. [Read: What to do when a guy friend acts weird *or weirder than normal*]

#6 Should you play it cool? There is an idea that playing hard to get is the way forward. But I’m not a fan of that. Put yourself in his place! Would you like to play games with you? Of course not! Don’t assume it’s easier for him because he’s a man. It’s not. He’s someone who has feelings for you.

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Some relationship “experts” may tell you that you should be cool and take care of him. While I agree that you shouldn’t suddenly overheat and stick. But avoid being the Ice Queen and make him wonder why he told you in the first place. These types of games can be easily reversed. And while it works for some games The success rate is not that high.

In the end, understanding how to react when a guy says he likes you is basically knowing how hard it is for him to tell you this and act like a nice guy in return. no matter how you feel about him. Sure, he could be a player who tells everyone he likes them. But that doesn’t change the way you react – stay fit all the time because let’s face it. Karma is a real female! [Read: How to reject a guy and turn him down in the nicest way possible]

A quiet or shy guy who gathers the courage to approach you and tell you that he likes you. His confidence will drop for a moment if you do it the wrong way. So put yourself in his place and get to know how you feel in return. Being laughed at, sneered at, or teased about is not fun. [Read: Does he like you? The ways to tell if a shy guy really likes you]

It’s not even fun that suddenly Let everyone know that you accept to like someone. Don’t go tell your friends and have a good laugh! Just behave appropriately and think about how you will feel in return. you never know This could be the love of your life.

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Many people don’t know how to respond when a guy says he likes you. But in the end, it’s just a good person. Accepting feelings is not easy. So reject him nicely or explore this possibility and see how things go.

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