How to Seduce Your Boyfriend and Leave Him Wanting More

If you’re wondering how to seduce your boyfriend and get him hot and sweaty under his collar. Don’t worry anymore! Here are 16 ways to seduce your guy.

how to seduce your boyfriend

If you want to seduce your boyfriend You have to remember that the art of seduction is easier for some people. Some of you have done your best. And a single seductive look would cause him to wriggle around badly. It will only take a moment for you to tear each other’s clothes.
For others, it’s not that easy. feeling insecure and nervous I don’t know what I like *and doesn’t dare to ask* for fear of being rejected or feeling stupid All of these are the reasons why we went from sexy girls to shaky and disconcerting ruins in no time.
If you have a relationship You might find it difficult to take on the role of a seductive woman. especially over time It’s not that your feelings for your man have changed. But those times “I have to have you” is getting less and less.
Of course, this is extremely natural. but at the same time It’s also good to remember how wonderful it is to have a great sex life. Not to mention how amazing and grateful your man will be if you control and seduce him well and properly! [Read: Naughty ways to tease your man and leave him hard]How to Seduce Your Girlfriend: 16 Unforgettable Ways
with this in mind So we’ve come up with 16 great ways to try and seduce your boyfriend – he’ll be a putty in your hand in no time, we’re sure.
#1 Tell him your imagination. Guys love to hear about the dirty and sexy things we want them to do with us. So don’t be afraid to share your wildest fantasies with him.
what you have in mind Choose your moment and whisper in his ear. He will be desperate to make your sexual fantasies come true. So if you are game We are sure he will be. This is a good first step in figuring out how to seduce your boyfriend. [Read: 50 really dirty and sexy things to talk about with your boyfriend]#2 ask his imagination It’s clear that sharing and expressing one another’s imagination is a two-way street. So let him tell you his ultimate imagination and show it off. Be sure to keep an open mind and go with it. The fact that you are willing to make his sex dreams come true will give you serious boyfriend brownie points.
#3 play along with the music Ever tried sex with music? It can really change the way you do it. Music is very emotional and can make you feel happy, angry, energized, and yes, you can feel sexy too. [Read: How to seduce a man who is not yet yours]Couples look for different types of music. Some people like to listen to classic Bump n’ Grin, while others like to get down and dirty while playing punk rock in full volume. Anything that makes your boat afloat This method is worth trying and can make you feel more energized and confident too.
#4 romantic him Men like to drink wine and eat sometimes too. Make sure you give him the full attention he deserves and show him how special he is to you by taking him out on a romantic night out.
There’s nothing wrong with having a private night inside of you – just the two of you lighting a candle and turning off the lights. and let the romance take over [Read: 10 ways to get your man in the mood for naughty romance]#5 buy sexy lingerie There’s nothing a guy likes more than taking his clothes off his woman and finding that she has a sexy little surprise inside for him.
Sexy lingerie can be just the ticket when it comes to ways to seduce your girlfriend. You may opt for classic, sexy clothing such as red or black lace. Or going to town in sandals, stockings, suspenders, suspenders… the list goes on.
#6 Make eye contact. Even if you don’t feel that confident But if you don’t make eye contact with your boyfriend It would be difficult to persuade him. Practice looking confident and sexy in the mirror.
Making eye contact with him, especially when you start your business, can be downright tempting. [Read: How to keep a guy interested in 30 super sexy ways]#7 give him a sexy massage. Let your man really relax. by doing spa treatments for him to the fullest Invest in scented massage oils, listen to spa music *you can easily find them online*, then give him a full body massage to help relieve stress and make him feel totally at ease.
Smell, slippery oil And you’ll work together to seduce him in the world of glamor in no time.
#8 recapture. Look at old photos together. Visit the places you went on your first day. And talk about your favorite memories of each other. Being a great seductive girl isn’t just about sex.
Remembering the wonderful moments you’ve shared will make you feel stronger and closer as a couple – and that’s seductive too! When you wonder how to seduce your boyfriend? I bet you’ve never thought of this before.
#9 made out with fervor Often if we have been in a relationship for a while. We forget how sexy an old fashioned makeup session can be.
Why not seduce him by reminding him of the old days? where you will spend hours together just canoeing on the sofa We’re sure he’ll eventually be charmed! [Read: How to make out with a guy like a sex goddess]#10 Organize sex dates. Obviously, spontaneous sex is awesome. But really the placement It’s sexy too. If you are dating for sex Anticipation will drive both of you crazy.
You can meet up separately in the bar first. drink a few glasses And before you know it He’ll immediately drag you back to your bedroom, stop being embarrassed, stop wondering how to persuade your girlfriend, and do it!
#11 Send a sexy message. while he works Why not send him a sexy message? You can start with something like “I can’t wait to see you when you get home” and switch to a more sexy message.
You can tell him exactly what you want him to do with you. and what do you want to do with him That would definitely make him hot under the collar. So stop worrying about seducing your boyfriend and grab your phone right now. [Read: 20 sexy text message examples to start a naughty conversation]#12 Surprise him with a trip. There’s nothing like an impromptu road trip or a break to rekindle that spark. So, if you really want to please your man. Why not pack your bags and go out on your holiday somewhere with just the two of you? Sometimes getting away from it is all you need.
#13 Book a hotel room. for one night only Why not book a hotel and indulge in a night of longing? Sometimes getting out of an old, tired bedroom can help light a fire. Why not try and see what happens?
#14 Have a fight. Sex makeup is the greatest thing of all time. And while we are not suggesting that you intentionally incite your people into battle, If there’s something you quarrel about Next time you have that argument. try to turn in your head [Read: How to make up with sexy make up sex]The moment you stare furiously at each other? Why not take your anger out of your bedroom? It’s a lot more fun, and we can assure you that you won’t be annoyed again once you’re done!
#15 Make him laugh. Humor can be really sexy. Can relieve tension and brighten the mood. Want more bonus points? Tell a sexy joke which is something cheeky and flirty to get you both on.
#16 Do a striptease tease. let’s face Sometimes classics are the best. A nice retro teaser is a great way to seduce your guy.
Make sure you choose the best outfit – sexy layers that are easy to take off. and wear unbelievably sexy under your clothes. Don’t let him touch you until the end. And what more will he ask you for!
[Read: Sexy strip tease 101 – how to strip for your man like a pro]Now you can stop wondering how to seduce your boyfriend! As you can see, it doesn’t have to be scary. with these tips You will definitely let your boyfriend be seriously satisfied. Why not give it a try today!

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