How to Spoon Right: 11 Tips to Make Spooning More Intimate

We hope you’ll be fine as we’re looking at the health benefits of hugging and ways to make spooning even more intimate *and yes… sex!*

What is a spoon?

for most couples Nothing sounds better on a lazy Sunday than watching Netflix and chilling out while chatting with their partner. For those who do not have happinessSpooning is an affectionate act between two people that, by definition, means kissing and hugging around.

for most people Spooning means cuddling in the “back of the stomach”?? Position. This intimate gesture is often enjoyed after sex and can provide many health benefits.

5 How to make a spoon more intimate

Want to know why spooning is good for your health? Or how to make your romantic hugs even more formidable? Whether you are a big spoon or a small spoon We’re looking at five ways to make spooning even more intimate with your partner.

#1 change your location There are some surprising differences when it comes to spooning positions. For example, you can lie down with your legs crossed. you can lie back or in classic “Big spoon/small spoon” side by side, you can hug each other’s faces. Embrace each other by raising the legs of a small spoon. Or you could have two spoons tucked away in a drawer with the larger spoon lying on your back with the smaller spoon on your partner’s chest.

As with sex, positions increase the level of intimacy with one’s partner. [Read: 16 non-sexual touches to feel loved and connected]

#2 kiss while you hug Kissing is one of the best bonding experiences and can add intimacy to almost any situation when done right. This means no face or tongue licking. A soft and passionate kiss adds intimacy to your hug and who knows… may lead to the end of the enchanting night Find the best position for your personal kissing and go for it.

#3 Breathe together. A University of California study found that couples are in a similar relationship. heart rate Additionally, behavioral psychologist Robert Epstein found that couples who breathed at the same time had stronger romantic and intimacy. Holding each other’s bodies close together is the perfect time to practice breathing in sync!

#4 Use hugs as foreplay. Spooning often leads to mistakes. And mistakes often lead to sex… So why not spend time cuddling as a great sex foreplay? Let your hands walk along the body of the little spoon. As a big spoon, tap the *small spoon* between your girlfriend’s legs and girls use your butt to crush your guy violently. Spooning is a great way to enjoy each other’s bodies on an emotionally and physically intimate level. [Read: How to cuddle: Cuddling positions to be a much better lover]

#5 spoon position for sex Spooning is an amazing position for sex. First of all, it’s lazy—who doesn’t love it? Both of them don’t have much work in the spoon position. Second, it’s really romantic. Third, as the big spoon man. Your hands are free to touch your lover’s chest and tongue as you enter.

Spoon sex has a very soothing factor in lying down. All of this while having the dirty back entrance that often comes with doggy style. An even greater benefit? Both of you are in the perfect position afterwards to go to sleep! [Read: 7 naughty ways to trick your mind into having sex dreams]

Health Benefits of Spooning

As mentioned above Spooning is more than cuddling after sex. Spooning has a number of health benefits that should definitely make this couple’s hobby on your radar. Here are a few of our favorites:

#1 How to be close to your partner? By spooning, of course! There have been many studies on the scientific benefits of spooning. one study found couples The spoons rated relationship satisfaction higher than couples who didn’t. It also leads to better communication and overall happiness in the relationship. What’s not to love?

#2 Hugging = less stress Did you know that scooping a spoon releases oxytocin? It’s true! Oxytocin is sometimes called love pills hairReleased during bonding experiences, such as during orgasm or cuddling after sex.

The secretion of this beautiful hormone relieves stress. relieve anxiety and can fight physical pain Did we mention it also boosts hormones that boost your immune system? Yes, it’s basically magic. [Read: 14 sexy benefits of sleeping naked you had no idea about]

#3 Spooning is good for your sleep. Sleep is linked to most of the body’s healthy properties: brain function, mood, heart health, energy levels… You name it, sleep helps! This bodes well for impostors because the study was done by University of Pittsburgh It found that women who snuggled up with their partners reported sleeping better at night than single women who participated in the study.

Couples who participated in a similar spooning study reported having a stronger bond and feeling safer during their slumber.

3 The way you spoon is all wrong.

Haven’t been hanging up close and hugging? Spooning isn’t always easy. And there are several ways that your intimate gesture can turn into a hoarse throat—in fact, here are some: 3 how you all wrong and what you can do about it

#1 Neck pain. The most frequent spoon culprit is here: a sore throat! Hugging a guy in the arms feels like the most amazing relationship experience ever… About five minutes! After that, your neck will hurt completely.

Don’t want to end a spooning session where you’re a soldier. Just to end up with a huge pain in your neck. Troubleshooting? Hug him with both arms flat so you can support your neck under the pillow. While still having a chance to wrap your arms and legs above him, problem solved!

#2 Boner Whether you’re sleeping well Or are you being embraced while watching Netflix? Restraining might be difficult for you in the future. some girls like it Some people are not so excited.

For those who love the feeling of hard dick on their back. Party and enjoy the ride! But those who don’t? Just adjust so that your butt doesn’t hit your groin. Or change your position so that you lie on your back instead of giving the member a chance to feel better about you.

#3 is being crushed Do you know what prevents you from being intimate with your partner? Crushed by your partner’s weight in a failed hug attempt!

Fix your cuddling failure by repositioning you with the back of the smaller spoon aligned with the stomach of the larger spoon. or try a woman *or a smaller pair* into a large spoon, this will protect your partner from feeling like a potato smashed under your hug. And it also works wonders for neck pain!

[Read: The clueless guys’ complete guide to cuddling after sex]

There are many ways to make spooning more personal. With many health benefits to come! As long as you’re spooning in the right way and avoiding the hug pit. You will have a closer relationship and a healthier life!

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