How to Start a Conversation on Snapchat in a Fun and Flirty Way

Snapchat is perfect for funny filters. But how to master a conversation on Snapchat? Here’s how to do it in a fun and flirty way.

How to start a conversation on Snapchat

Snapchat is a great place for joking. Whether you’re sending selfies to friends or posting too many videos about cats. But what if you really want to talk to someone and keep the conversation going? It takes more effort than just sharing photos. Here’s how to start conversations on Snapchat the right way!

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Start a conversation on Snapchat? Why?

Chatting on your phone has become commonplace. Actually, it’s probably more normal than face-to-face conversation these days *sad*, but when you like someone they say, “Hey, what’s up?” Via text messages can be a bit daunting. Snapchat takes away that violence by offering a safe place.

Snapchat actually gives you the perfect opportunity to greet your crush. Remove the awkwardness of introducing yourself as you would in a typical real-world situation.

Just like tagging someone in a meme on Instagram, starting a conversation on Snapchat feels a little more subtle and natural. That way, something will give you an excuse to say hi. Instead of acting weak and inadvertently initiating a conversation.

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Why Snapchat?

Snapchat is casual, and the plus point is privacy, so if you’re contacting your crush Your friends won’t see that on their activity page. *sigh of relief!*

You can send pictures and messages back and forth and keep them between the two of you. It’s also less judgmental on Snapchat than other apps. No likes or followers It’s more of a free platform. It seems to be the only app you don’t have to worry about. Maybe because everything disappeared after 24 hours.

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How to start a conversation on Snapchat

First, open the app. I’m kidding. I’m sure you have opened it. A good place to start is to look at this person’s story. and check to see if they watch you. This can give you a background on what they are interested in or feel funny. What do they usually post about?

Do they go to the gym every day? Do they always post food? Or are they relatively quiet?

Also, if your crush or anyone you would like to chat with regularly sees your story. You may feel more confident starting that conversation.

1. Use stories

If you want to join or are looking for a subtle way to start a conversation on Snapchat, just reply to their story. but when you do that You have to make sure you’re not a normal person.

Avoid saying only LOL or haha, try to say something that leads to the conversation. or even better Open-ended questions – Ask a question or pick up what the post reminds you of. This way, you can interact with the full conversation. [Read: How to not be a boring texter and get your crush excited to talk to you]

2. Snap directly

If you want to be very detailed Post in your story and hope they respond. But sending them something is the best way to get a response.

Maybe send them a screenshot of the song you’re listening to that you know they like. or send a picture of your pet Everyone loves pictures of cute furry friends.

3. Don’t make it weird

By this I mean don’t send. dick picture or female equivalent If you’re not in a committed relationship This won’t let you have a conversation.

Most likely it will get you blocked. and your dreams of chatting via Snapchat. [Read: How to keep your intimate connection alive by following these Snapchat streak rules]

4. Sneaky

You can start a conversation on Snapchat by sending a one-second snapshot. send innocent pictures It could be your dinner. Your pets, selfies, things you have, but setting a timer for just one second raises questions.

Most likely, this person will ask what the picture is. This will be the start of the conversation.

5. Chat with pictures .

Some people don’t like Snapchat’s message section, I get it. Sometimes you lose your messages. and confusing Plus, the photos are even more interesting. and getting or sending cute pictures is always a plus

So send an inquiry in your pic. Ask if your dress is cute. Ask where you should order dinner from, etc., and this is more interesting than just text. [Read: The basic rules everyone must know to flirt like a pro on Snapchat]

6. humble

I get the most responses on Snapchat for funny or embarrassing posts. especially when I post old pictures. of themselves since childhood or when they feel uncomfortable

People like to go back to the past and have fun. [Read: The best funny conversation starters to make you fit in]

7. Share articles

A great usability for Snapchat’s subscriptions section isn’t just for following random news. But it’s also about sharing that news, so if you’re reading a funny Buzzfeed show or seeing tea from a celebrity couple, send it in.

apparently Be aware of this person’s interest enough to know what they think is funny or related. But this can be a great way to start conversations on Snapchat.

8. Do not multiply

Do not submit what you put in your story. This is a big pet for a lot of people on Snapchat if you include something in your story. You don’t have to send it to anyone.

This just seems hopeless and needy. If I’m being honest So try to avoid this at all costs. While I’m telling you what not to do You may want to avoid very long stories.

No more than 10 times a day is best. Unless you are the most interesting person in the world. which unfortunately you probably won’t [Read: How to take a GOOOD selfie and look cute every time you snap a photo]

9. chill

some people are busy They don’t have time to check Snapchat every minute. If you send a snapshot and they don’t open right away or take hours, don’t bombard them.

Sending a picture or a message or two is one thing. But what if this person opened Snapchat when they returned from work and saw 10 messages from you? They may be more annoyed than interested.

If you want the result to be a conversation let it be natural don’t force it [Read: Flirting over text and intrigue your crush with just your words]

10. Keep going

If you try to message this person, send them a picture and reply to their story. And you don’t get more than one answer. They may not care If they open your snap and don’t reply That’s not a good sign. and if they don’t open at all It’s time to move on.

Snapchat is an easy place to start casual conversations. But that’s not a guarantee. Some people don’t care. Instead, aim for someone new or focus on yourself.

Snapchat is a great way to get into the flirting phase of a relationship. But it’s not a dating app. So use it with delicate art. Just try not to overdo it. Also, be on the lookout for signs if this Snapchat conversation won’t happen.

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Everyone should know how to start a conversation on Snapchat. In this age, it’s a place for interaction and entertainment, and it’s a great way to find your way to flirtation. But subtlety is the key here.

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