How to Stay Friends After a Kiss and Decide the Best Way Forward

Oh, kiss a friend. This is a pretty tricky situation. You wouldn’t say it. The real question is. Can you learn to be friends after a kiss?

How to be friends after a kiss

If I had a nickel every time I was asked this question. How can I be friends after a kiss? I will… well… I might still be heartbroken. But my bag will jingle! I think we all used to ask ourselves this question after kissing a friend.

And you know, it’s a difficult question to answer. For some, they’re able to maintain friendships with the person they kiss. Others try to cope with the situations and emotions associated with kissing. It’s not easy to be in a position. Now when I think of my past I already kissed a friend Most of us have been in this position.

for myself I can’t say that kissing has a positive effect on my friendships. In fact, it became a divisive barrier. Do I have feelings for my friends? may? I’m not sure why we kissed, the result was 50/50.

I was able to realize if I felt something more or not and just move on with my life. I choose the latter the only problem is I brought the innocent to my hesitation. And that’s not cool. If you’ve kissed a friend and are now wondering how to stay friends after a kiss. It’s not going to be easy and it might not actually happen. But if you use these tips You’ll be more likely to be friends after kissing.

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How to be friends after a kiss

Can it really be done?

#1 admit it happened We like to pretend things don’t happen when they clearly do. Sure, you can shrug it off and pretend to kiss. never happens, but we all know that is Lie. It happens and you are part of that. If you want to be friends Don’t sweep this kiss under the carpet and act as if nothing happened. [Read: Drunk kiss dilemma – So you kissed someone, now what?]

#2 A kiss is more than that? Before you think the two of you can revert back to the friendship they once had. You have to think about the kiss first. Why are you two kissing? How do you feel during the kiss? Of course you can go back to being friends. But if there’s something behind the kiss You have to process and understand the feelings behind the kiss.

#3 What do you want? N.S. really Want to be friends after a kiss? Or has the kiss made you better understand your feelings for this person?

In other words, do you have feelings for your friends? if so Going back to the old friendships won’t be easy, and you have to ask yourself: do you want this Do you want to be friends with them? Can you really handle being friends with them? [Read: A subtle guide to get your friend to like you back and start falling for you]

#4 You may need to take some breaks. If you two are friends Kissing is definitely not something to expect. If you’re a little shocked, that’s fine.

In that case, take a few days to relax and think about what’s going on. A gap might be all you need to assess a relationship. Being confused is a normal feeling if you’re wondering how to stay friends after a kiss. Especially if it happens unexpectedly and unplanned until it finally happens.

#5 communicate with your friends Whatever you choose to do You have to sit down and talk to your friends. Whether or not the two of you decide to be friends after that. It’s important that the two of you discuss what’s going on.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find that you both need more than friendship. You don’t know unless the two of you talk Explain how kissing makes you feel. and ask them how this situation affected them. [Read: Sleeping with a friend – A no regrets guide to doing it right]

#6 How do you two want to deal with kissing? Okay, you two sit down and talk about your feelings. It’s time to figure out what the two of you want to do. You want to be friends? How would you like to move forward as a friend? There needs to be some agreement about how you want to maintain the relationship. [Read: How does being best friends with benefits really work out?]

#7 sincere throughout the story You can’t lie to yourself and your friends about how you feel and what you want. You have to be honest with yourself. If you have serious feelings for your friend Pretending to kiss doesn’t mean it’s unfair to you. Of course, the friendship could end. But it will end if you’re not honest.

#8 Give yourself time to win the kiss. In some cases, you may like your friends but are willing to push your feelings to be friends with them. I understand where you come from.

In this case, you’ll need to give yourself time to process your feelings. Take a break from your friends for a few weeks to help keep the mood moving. and set boundaries for yourself [Read: How to have sex with your friend and make sure things don’t get weird]

#9 Avoid creating gossip. If you two kiss That kiss will be a kiss between you and your friend. no one else You want to move forward from the situation. And that means you should prevent “kissing” from becoming the first page of gossip. Do I have to tell anyone? if so tell someone you trust And who wouldn’t spread the news?

#10 Hang out in social circles. You may have mixed feelings after a kiss, that’s okay. If you decide that you want to know how to be friends after a kiss and remove the awkwardness Focus on group gatherings with mutual friends before having a one-on-one hangout. This will reduce your frustration and bring your friendship back on track. [Read: Are you two way more than just friends and really close to each other?]

#11 Avoid awkwardness. Easier said than done I know If this person is your friend Keep treating them like your friends. Behave normally and treat them normally. If you start acting differently You have to assess your feelings and ask yourself. why you are feeling like this

#12 Keep communication open. If there’s an awkward moment or you’re not sure how you feel? Talk to your friend about it if this person is your friend. You must be able to talk openly with him about your feelings. Even if your feelings are about him. Honest and open communication channels

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If you can avoid kissing your friend, I recommend it, but if it has already happened You have two paths ahead. You can learn to be friends after kissing. or if you know you have feelings for them whether it’s romantic or sexual Maybe it’s time to sit down with them and talk about it.

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