How to Stop a Guy from Flirting and Hitting on You –

Wondering how to get a guy to stop hitting you? Use these 14 tips to stop men from flirting with you. Then you can do it easily!

stop men from flirting

Be the man who follows you in spite of Are your intentions clear?

It could be a good friend or just another guy peeking at you.

But sometimes dealing with a guy who won’t accept your rejection can be a big deal behind the scenes.

If you don’t like this guy and don’t see the possibility of you dating him. The first thing you need to do is stop playing with him. *If you’re still flirting with him*

Remember, the longer you tolerate his flirting, or the longer you wait before breaking up with him. It’s even harder for him to break up.

It’s very likely that he will assume you’re just playing hard to get it because you brought him up until now!

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How to stop a guy from flirting with you

Sometimes you may enjoy the attention of a guy without you even realizing it. Even if you don’t like the idea of ​​dating this guy or having a strong relationship with him.

But this is a decision you have to make.

You want him to keep chasing you because you like the feeling of wanting and wanting from him. Or do you want him to stop flirting with you so that you can make it clear that you don’t care about anything more than just friendship with him? [Read: 16 signs you’re turning into an attention whore!]

We all love feeling wanted and fanciful. But when it comes time your pursuers may interfere with your own love life. This is especially true when you’re in a relationship or trying to get another guy’s attention. And eventually, your confused state of mind may drive you into a difficult love triangle where you need both men’s attention. And you will be the biggest loser! [Read: Love triangles and its confusing complications]

He didn’t invite you on a date. But he flirts with you!

This is always difficult. Because you can’t tell a guy that you’re not interested in dating him when he doesn’t even ask you out. What do you say to a guy who hasn’t made his intentions clear yet?

Many men who think they are slick players like gloves in this category. They tease you and seduce you. But never make their intentions clear. By doing this, the guy will seduce you. arouse your curiosity and make you miss him often And that will make you fall in love with him before you even know it.

When a guy doesn’t tell you that he likes you but still flirts with you. He may eventually embarrass you by flirting in front of your friends. Or even worse, in front of the guy you really like!

Many men flirt with the girl they like in front of other men. It’s a way of trying to mark their territory even if it doesn’t belong to them. Flirting in public and outrageously in front of other media That might be possible for a boyfriend. It’s telling the other guy to break up because he’s in a better position to date you than anyone else. [Read: 19 sure signs of love to know if you’re falling for a guy right now!]

don’t take him

If you want to stop men from flirting with you all the time. Don’t give him the opportunity to believe that you enjoy his flirting by showing interest in him. or by satisfying his playful game from time to time and when you’re bored late at night. [Read: 7 flirty texting games to feel wild and horny all night long!]

Be affirmative – Don’t be a sweet girl.

This is a mistake most women make. Most women are too cute to refuse. because they don’t want to be rude But you have to remember that his behavior stresses you out. make you look stupid in front of your friends And almost everyone probably believes that you’re just pretending not to like the guy while you secretly flirt!

And just try to be nice to this guy. You will lose the interest of other men. who may secretly like you and worse You will be ridiculed by your friends for being so spineless. And having to face each other only because of you Pretend to annoy this guy.

How to stop him from flirting with you

If you know this guy But he’s not your best friend. use these 7 Tips for him to step back If he’s a good friend and you don’t want to lose your friendship or feel uncomfortable around him, just go with the next option. 7 Tips [Read: 18 secret ways to read a guy’s body language and find out of he likes you]

#1 Tell him you don’t like it. If this guy pulls you out and salivates in front of you. Or if he’s trying to tell you how sexy you are or how much he wants to take you out. Cut him in the middle of the sentence instead of smiling at him in agreement. Tell him straight to the face that you think he’s annoying when he talks to you like that.

#2 you have received Tell this guy that you have a boyfriend. or every time he tries to flirt with you Talk to him about another guy you have a crush on. it might make him angry But he’ll get a point!

#3 he is your friend when he flirts with you Tell him you’re uncomfortable because your friend shouldn’t say that. Tell him that you consider him a good friend and don’t care about more.

#4 Texting games. Avoid texting him. especially late night It’s very easy to fall victim to the flirting game when you frequently text guys late at night. And if he tries to text you avoid answering him He will eventually get a hint. [Read: 30 facts about guys that can help you read a guy’s mind effortlessly!]

#5 Envious encounters Really close to other men Or ignore him in front of the guy you like. it will make him angry And there’s a good chance he’ll confront you and ask you why you’re ignoring him. And you can use an excuse to make it clear that you think he’s a friend. And he should act like a friend!

#6 ignore him If he’s not an old friend and someone who is just trying to get close to you just to get into your pants. just ignore him if he doesn’t get a hint. There are just so many things you can try to get a guy to understand your friendly intentions.

#7 reject him. If you’ve tried all of them and still find this guy chasing you. You have no choice but to reject him. [Read: How to reject a guy and turn him down politely and firmly]

How to stop a guy from hitting you when he’s your friend

Does your friend fall in love with you? This is a difficult reason because you might like him as a person and you might not want to lose his friendship. If a guy who is a good friend invites you on a date or flirt with you, this is it. 7 What you can do to get him back and get him back into the friend zone. [Read: The real reason behind why guy best friends are nothing but trouble for girls!]

#1 Pause the game Avoid giving him the signal that he can flirt by smiling or laughing when he flirts with you. Even a small gesture like that would be a confirmation to continue flirting. Flirting games tend to be slow to start and work with their sex drive, so the sooner you see the signs and stop interacting with him. The easier it will be for him to stop hitting you. [Read: 13 lusty signs of sexual attraction to keep an eye on]

#2 curse him. Stare at him coldly when he tries to taunt you, or sarcastically when he says more than just a friendly compliment. It’s okay to embarrass or insult him a few times. It’s the only way he’ll know that you don’t have any intention of dating him to make matters worse.

#3 I feel bored. every time he flirts with you Pretend you’re bored or uninterested in talking to him. or as soon as he said something mischievous Look the other way and don’t say anything for a few seconds. *Even if it feels uncomfortable* And when you look at him again just change the topic Doing so will surely make him afraid to talk about anything else!

#4 alone time A guy who is your best friend won’t dream of flirting with you in public when other friends are around. So don’t give him the opportunity to hit you by spending time with him when no other friends are around. Especially if he’s already inviting you on a date or if he’s trying to wave around when no one is around. [Read: 15 obvious signs of flirting between a guy and a girl]

#5 intimate conversation The two of you may be very close. But until he goes back into the friend zone. Avoid long intimate conversations with him. He may use it to get closer to you. And you may inevitably feel your feelings for him as well.

#6 just ask him It would put him in an awkward spot. “You hit me? / Are you flirting with me? … If you are, I just want you to know that I don’t care about anything more than just being friends with you.”??

#7 he resisted Have you both been sexually intimidated at certain times? You used to date him *Even if it’s just once* After a drunken night or after multiple late night sexy texts? [Read: 10 worst people you could have a flirty one night stand with]

You can tell him you’re not interested in dating him. But he may still believe that you won’t stop him even if he tries to get close to you or associate with you because he knows you have a crush, though. You tell him you don’t like [Read: How to have a perfectly platonic friendship with a guy who likes you]

in this situation You have no choice but to isolate yourself from him for a while. You can have a serious conversation with him and tell him you’re not interested in being naughty with him. And you’ll be grateful if he can act like a friend instead. If he really cares about you and respects you. He will definitely try to avoid flirting with you.

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Remember, it’s easy to stop a guy from flirting and hitting you. As long as you are clear in your head and know what you want. And if you really want a guy to break up Just stand and stand He will receive a message soon!

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