How to Stop Being a Side Chick: You Deserve to Be the Main Dish

There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re someone’s boyfriend and finding out that you’re the chick next door. Here’s how to stop being a street chick.

How to stop being a chick

Now you might be the chick next door. But you can learn how to stop being the chick next door. It’s time to break the pattern and be with people who see you as a partner, not a side chick. You can do better than being a side chick.

How to stop being a street chick

In my early twenties, I saw this guy. We only dated for a day or two. So nothing serious. I want to see where it goes and if we have a connection. We will send a large number of messages. and he will even call me They seem to be heading in the right direction. Then one day he stopped. And I can’t figure out why what happened?

I discovered his sweetheart Found that he was talking to another chick. And that chick is me I was shocked I didn’t even think I was a side chick.

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The good thing is that I’m not interested in him. And it doesn’t take much time to go on. I’m really sorry who was deceived by him and abused other women He told me he broke up with his ex a few months ago. But it turned out that he had broken up. thinking From breaking up with her for the past few months now, there’s a huge difference between thinking and acting.

However, I ended it all and took extra precautions to make sure whoever I’m dating doesn’t make me a chick. [Read: 14 signs you’re the side chick when you believe you’re his main girl]

#1 Is this what you want? There are some women who want to be side chicks. They like the friendliness of their relationships and the lack of pressure. I have my own opinion about it. And don’t think too much about women who hurt other women for personal gain.

But then again, this is your choice. Decide on the type of relationship you want, and if it’s the side chick, it’s your choice. If you’re tired of being a street chick. you should change [Read: 14 side chick rules to be a happy mistress minus the drama]

#2 Talk to him. Many women are still chicks next door because they think they’ll one day make them their main chicks. Look, chances are that won’t happen. especially if he is married Talk to him and see where he stands. In some cases, the guy may be willing to leave a serious relationship with you. but by any means You should sit down together and see what happens. [Read: 15 signs a married man is attracted to you and why you need to run for the hills]

#3 No more freezing or playing with him. If you want to break the style of being a side chick. make some serious changes I know it’s not easy but if you don’t You will not move forward in your life. If he comes to your house to sleep over or to hang out. cut it off Intimacy is the first thing that should end. [Read: Here’s how to stop cheating for good]

#4 reflect on your choice You won’t break the pattern until you see it. why You’re chasing a guy in a relationship. Why are you attracted to arrested men? is you Afraid to commit to a serious relationship? Is that why you choose a partner that is not available or not? It’s time to look in the mirror and find out why you are doing what you do. [Read: The reasons why we should embrace the sex positive feminist movement]

#5 Service has been stopped. When he is free, he will come to your house or you will take time off to visit him. Girls stop! If you want to know how to stop being a female chick, don’t be ready. Being by your side with every text and call doesn’t make this situation any better for you. Whether you want to see if he will leave your lover for you or you just want to put an end to it all. to stop being idle

#6 through the breakup movement this is a relationship You’re very close to him and have feelings for him, so when you decide to stop being his side chick, you’re going to suffer the feelings you’d get if you were in a relationship. You will feel sad and angry. And these emotions are perfectly normal. Process it so you can continue. [Read: How to end an affair the right way and get over it completely]

#7 Re-evaluate your relationship goals. What are your future goals and dreams? What do you want? If you’re wondering how to stop being a chick? It’s time to sit down with yourself and really think. what you want from your life Write or create a vision board about the type of relationship you want in your life. It’s possible that you’re a side chick who doesn’t fit that vision.

#8 Remove him from your social media. If you have him on social media, take him off. Remember, this is a breakup, so you can’t see his photos or posts with his partner and kids. This won’t make you feel better. or help you move on He has his partner. He chooses to remove him from social media so you can live your life.

#9 tell him what you want you want to close So tell him what you want. Explain to him the relationship you want and ask if he can give it to you. He has to choose between you or his current partner. And once he’s made up his mind, move on if you’re not his choice. Stop being a chick next to him.

#10 You know there are singles out there, right? Why did you go to the guy in the relationship? Do you know that there are good men Many are single now. This man has already found someone. and whether you like it or not Cheating on your partner is not a good quality to have. There’s no guarantee he won’t do that to you. [Read: The painful realities of being the other woman]

#11 Focus on building your self-respect. Besides hurting other women You also hurt yourself. Being the chick next door means you’ll never be the number one woman in your life. no matter what he said Focus on improving your respect and love for yourself. Come on, if you have self-respect and self-love. You won’t let a guy treat you like this.

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Some girls enjoy being the chick next door. But most women want to be the main woman in a man’s life. Use these tips to stop being a street chick. It will save you the world of pain in your future.

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