How to Stop Being Attracted to a Friend and Just Feel Normal Again

I know it seems impossible now. But you can learn how to lose interest in your friends. when you do Your friendship will feel normal again.

how to stop being interested in friends

It’s normal to attract friends. Whether you really have feelings for them or not is a different story. But the attraction is totally normal. Learning how to get out of your friend’s attention will help you stay sane.

think about friend. Joey was clearly interested in all three women. But they are still close friends.

Attraction is based on looks, personality, etc., but it’s physical rather than emotional. You can attract someone and not take action or make it meaningful other than attraction.

Of course, if the sights are causing problems in your friendship or making you feel uncomfortable. You want to stop that place

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Why do you want to lose interest in your friends?

It’s healthy to be attracted to your best friend. But if it interferes with your friendship or makes things uncomfortable. should stop those feelings in their path

But why? Does this friend have a boyfriend? It won’t happen between you? Do they make it clear that they are not interested in you? Are you afraid to ruin a good friendship? [Read: 17 signs you’re falling for your best friend and how you need to deal with it]

Think about why you searched for this article in the first place as a good place to start. Knowing why you want to turn off these feelings of attraction can help you get started by eliminating them.

Reasons for why you don’t want to dismiss your friend will help you remind yourself to ignore that attraction. Either they were taken away or you’ve dated an unsuccessful ex. Those reasons should be in your mind to ensure that this cannot go beyond the attraction.

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But let’s consider the other side of this story. Are you sure you don’t want to be attracted to this friend? Are you more interested in them? Do you want to know if they are interested in you or not?

Finding out what causes the attraction and why you want these feelings to go away. will help guide you in the right direction. whichever way it is

how to stop being interested in friends

Stopping biological sensations in that path can be difficult. Attraction like no other So stagnating can take a lot of time to socialize and compromise with yourself.

You have to justify your attraction, understand it, and argue if you’re wondering how to stop attracting friends and maintain friendships.

#1 Why are you interested in friends? There are many types of tourist attractions. You can attract your friends or maybe you attract them based on their behavior or attract them by intelligence.

Identifying what interests you can help you analyze it so that everything makes sense and isn’t esoteric, which makes it difficult to manage. Even if you haven’t learned how to stop caring about your friends Determining why you can make it easier to cope. [Read: 15 ways to subtly flirt with a friend without making things weird]

#2 Redirect your attractions Every time you have sexual feelings about a friend. to turn that emotion into reality You are not romantic with this person. they are your friends You enjoy spending time together and rely on each other. Take that physical or romantic attraction and apply it to your peaceful friendships.

#3 Consider the negative aspects of showing up to your attractions. This trick, though useful. But it’s not my favorite. You shouldn’t feel guilty for feeling naturally attracted to. But reminding yourself why you’re not acting on those feelings can help you stay mentally clear.

#4 Think about the qualities that you are not interested in. Of course they are your friends and you like them. There is always something that will bother you. Do they chew with their mouths open or text and drive? Maybe they look good in their bathing suits. But are they not reliable as a prospective partner? [Read: How to stop having a crush on someone and find your heart again]

#5 What makes them good friends? Focus on your strong feelings. not permanent charm often short and fleeting So focus on your friendship.

Think of the hard times they’ve been through with you or their love for fandom or inner jokes. Focus on the feelings you want to keep and focus less on the feelings you want to get rid of.

#6 Organize your feelings on paper. write it all out our feelings Even a simple feeling Attractive can easily get confused in our heads. If you want to lose interest in your friends Write down your feelings. Explain when you first became interested in them, why, and how they made you feel.

It doesn’t have to be tight or perfect. You just write it out yourself and break it down and throw it away later. Writing your feelings down on a piece of paper where you can see them and getting rid of them may seem silly but very symbolic.

#7 Why is it so frustrating? Why are you suffering? Are you a masochist? Do you like the feeling of knowing you’re attracted to someone out of your reach? Do you hope they tell you that they find you attractive too?

Consider why it’s hard for you to stop being attractive or why being attracted is such a problem. It may take more time than you think. You may want to talk to someone you trust, or even a therapist, to see what’s bothering you. [Read: How to ask a friend out without risking the friendship]

#8 use some space Spending more time with friends you care about will grow your attraction. high tension and you feel things due to intimacy

away for a while. don’t stop being friends If you want to know how to get rid of your friends Choose a project that will keep you busy for a while. You’ll clear your mind before going on a trip together again. and go out in groups So you don’t have to pay much attention to them. [Read: How to handle sexual tension between friends like a platonic pro]

#9 Approximate date. Of course, you can attract someone while dating someone else. But what if you’re lonely and haven’t been dating for a while? The most romantic option might be a good-looking friend. Turn that attraction into a more suitable one and get out there. to meet new people or try a dating app Sometimes your body and mind can play tricks on you when you’re feeling romantically lonely. [Read: How to get your best friend to fall for you without asking them out first]

#10 Tell them. I know this is risky advice. But tell your friends that you are interested in them. Sometimes saying that it will really help those feelings go away.

back to friend Again *it is very relevant* Remember that after Ross got married, Rachel told him that she still loved him? After she spoke She laughed and knew how ridiculous it was. Just hearing it made me feel so much better.

Being attracted to someone is not something to be ashamed of. It is possible that your friends will be delighted. [Read: In love with your best friend? Why you need to back away right now]

#11 Feel the charm and let go Instead of fighting the feeling of attraction Feel it. I’m interested in Chris Evans and have no plans to let it go just because I can’t do it.

You can attract someone and not let it overwhelm you or create problems. let it be

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Sometimes you may find yourself attracted to someone. And that’s something you can’t help or stop yourself. But learning how to stop having feelings for your friend doesn’t have to be complicated. unless you let it go

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