How to Stop Being Strung Along by a Guy: 15 Steps to Take a Stand

If you’ve been persuaded You know how confusing it can be. But you can stop getting confused and learn how to get out of being tied down by men right now.

how to break up with a guy

Men can be very mysterious. That’s part of their charm. But they can also be confusing. mislead and avoid like crazy If you are reading this I’m sure you’re wondering how to break up with a guy who has no intention of making things official. You can probably deal with this right now.

dating a man is not fair

You know how they say that all is fair in love and war? That’s not true at all. especially if you’re stressed out. He gets involved when it’s convenient for him. But he has no responsibility or “technical” commitment to you. How is that fair?

You sit around wondering how he feels and why he treats you like that. And worst of all, he’s still hanging a little hope in front of you. But it’s not enough to make you happy. enough to drive you crazy [Read: The warning signs a player just can’t hide]

You deserve better than being moaned by men.

You probably hate going on a date/not the dating boat you’re currently playing. But it was difficult to get off the boat and swim ashore. Now you know this guy and maybe you’re comfortable with him. Starting over feels like a lot of work.

But are you stressing about what you really want? You deserve a guy who can say that he wants to be with you unconditionally and without uncertainty. [Read: This is how you know a guy is stringing you along]

How to stop being strangled by men

It’s hard to learn how to break up with a guy because sometimes you don’t even know it’s happening. But if you’re reading this hopefully you do. Acceptance is the first step to stop it.

Accept the fact that this guy doesn’t treat you the way you deserve. then go from there

#1 figure out what you want before finding a way to stop messing with it Think about what you want. If you’re not confident that you want to be in a good relationship. You might as well be on the same page. Maybe you want to be comfortable

But if you want to be in a relationship and this guy can’t commit or even give you a direct answer, then it’s time to make a decision. [Read: What to do when a guy won’t commit or let go]

#2 Talk to him. Once you know what you want from this guy, tell him. Chances are, he might have trouble expressing his feelings or aren’t sure what you want. and when you set him straight maybe things It might well be

Spit it out, tell him you want more. If he can’t commit, you deserve better. This might sound like an ultimatum because it is. I wouldn’t normally recommend this. But if this guy stresses you out This was the only way to get his full attention. [Read: Ultimatums in a relationship and the best ways to use them to full effect]

#3 talk to your friends If this guy still can’t be formal with you. but is more attracted to dating you than before talk to your friends And it’s not the friend who tells you what you want to hear. But what a friend said

If you tell him his answer They will analyze without any bias you have and keep you straight. Your friend is the perfect person to help you get out of this ditch.

#4 view your history If your friend can’t convince you to break up with this guy. Hopefully they will start to wonder. Then look at your history with men.

Has this ever happened before? It’s hard to admit that you’ve played it before. But let’s try to figure out what it is. probably not very big This time it will be the same if you don’t close it.

#5 Are you gullible? This is another matter that is difficult to accept. Trusting too much is something that a lot of people face. Trust me, I’ve been there. You want to believe the best in this guy. He says he won’t hurt you and just needs any time or excuses that he used to associate with you. But that’s not how you treat the people you care about.

Finding a balance between questioning everyone and trusting people’s good. especially men is difficult If he can’t earn your trust He won’t be worth your time. [Read: 22 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend]

#6 How much are you willing to give? How many times have you talked to him at this point? How many times have you asked him where this thing is going? And how many times has he evaded that conversation or gave you a vague answer?

You might think this guy was worth the wait. But you don’t wait for him to come back from building a school in Africa. You are waiting for him to become a man. And who knows how long it will take?

#7 come on condition When you’ve used your brain for every reason to keep stressing and can’t think of anything good, it’s time to come to an agreement.

Knowing that being single is better than being strangled by a guy waiting for something better to come. And you shouldn’t be thinking that way. He should feel lucky to have you around. Realize that you are worth more and plan. [Read: How to let go of a relationship that’s really bad for you]

#8 walk away. The decision to walk away is one thing. It’s another thing that really needs to be done. Tell him you’re done and it won’t be easy. Even if he can’t commit to you. But he’s always doing everything he can to keep you around as a backup.

You have submitted your ultimatum. And he throws it back in front of you with an inevitable response. You should now hold on to your guns and be determined to walk away, or else you’ll enter a vicious cycle.

#9 put the law Men have weird things that they don’t know what is until it’s gone. So he should probably try to come back. But if he is like most men who date women together. He wouldn’t show any romantic gestures to do so.

He won’t show up at your door with flowers or hold a boombox over his head. But he’ll text you at hit. 1 to say that he misses you without recognizing his part at the end He may be trying to make you feel guilty for meeting him. This is your chance to make sure he knows you’re done, don’t respond, even block him if you want. [Read: 12 strong clues to tell if a guy is playing you for fun]

#10 Mourning. When you’re trying to figure out how to stop being bullied by men. Let me tell you this part is awful. You’re never really dating, but you bond. You deserve a chance to beat this. So treat it like a breakup. Watch romantic comedies, eat junk food, and cry to yourself in the tub.

Release the frustration and deal with the part of you that misses the good part. Something about this guy will help you figure out how good your decisions are in the long run.

#11 Keep going. When you realize how much better your life is without this loser. Find someone who truly deserves you. and treat you like that And this time you will know the signs you should be looking for. [Read: 25 signs and qualities that make a guy a really, really good boyfriend]

#12 Learn from this. while you continue dating More and more men like this will appear. Now you’ve learned how to break up with a guy. You won’t have any problems next time.

#13 Have fun. remember to have fun Not every part of dating is focused on commitment and brand. That was important at some point. But the beginning should be about butterflies and the first kiss.

#14 Get on the same page. When you know you like someone and want to be exclusive. Keep going to the same page so you don’t find yourself in a similar situation in the future. [Read: 15 signs you’re ready to be exclusive]

#15 Forget him completely. And hopefully at this point you won’t miss him again. He may regularly text you on Facebook along the way or check out your Instagram stories. But the best thing to do is encourage you to feel sorry for him and the way he lost you when he did.

[Read: 16 clear signs you should break up with your boyfriend already!]

It may take you a few steps to learn how to stop being in a relationship with a guy. But that’s because they have experience doing this and you believe in the best in them.

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