How to Stop Hating Someone Who Hurt You: The 7-Step Master Guide

If you’ve ever sat down and pondered how to stop hating people who hurt you? There’s good news in the form of seven helpful steps.

How to stop hating people who hurt you

Learning how to stop hating people who hurt you takes a lot. being abused sucks it really hurts You can’t believe that he betrayed you and didn’t think of pressure on you as if it meant nothing. You have no clue why they are so ignorant and think nothing will scar you or hurt you.

Yes, abuse is a pitfall. Unfortunately, most of us have been hurt in the past. If you’ve never been injured I want to say that it will not happen… But the opportunity is not in your favor, sorry.

Why do I say that? Because humans are cruel by nature. You might not think so, but deep down the human race is selfish. We always think of number one first.

means you and I. We all have flaws. We all have it. It also means that we make mistakes. Even if we don’t raise our hands and admit our mistakes, deep down we know. [Read: How to recognize the emotionally unstable people in your life and cut down on the drama]

Why should we not let the hate grow?

may be friends family members A colleague, partner, or someone accidentally But the pain still hurts

When the pain rages and doesn’t close bitterness prescribes it. Other strong emotions can also cause ugly headshots, such as hatred. Yes, we sometimes feel hatred in response to the way someone makes us feel. don’t care about our feelings Or because of what they do that basically gives us a lot of emotion.

is normal Although true hatred is hard to come by. But it’s normal to feel it when someone hurts you. But if you’re wondering how to stop hating people who hurt you? you have come to the right place [Read: How to become a better person by following these 9 golden rules]

put an end to hatred

hatred exhausts Resentment takes effort. To be honest, the person doesn’t deserve another second of time or effort. Stop carrying past luggage as it will only make you heavy.

It’s like going on vacation and checking in your luggage at the airport. You’re overweight because you have a suitcase with old things that you carry with you. Let it go…but how?

How to stop hating people who hurt you 7 step

#1 acceptance The first step in stopping hatred is acknowledging what really happened. This might be the most painful step. because to some extent It means reminiscing about what happened. It doesn’t matter if it happened two weeks ago, two months ago, or two years ago. It still hurts when you think back. The good news is that it will hurt less over time. Time is a really good healing machine!

Allow yourself to think about what you might have pushed in your mind and remember your feelings and events. Understanding how to stop hating the person who hurts you is to accept the problem and not pretend anymore.

Let it be part of your past and stop running from it. Once you accept what has happened and accept the role that person may or may not have in your life, You can proceed with the rest of the steps.

Just because someone hurt you in the past That doesn’t mean they can’t be part of your life right now. I understand that it can be very difficult in some situations. and in that case It might be better to wave goodbye and move on. Life shouldn’t be filled with painful reminders. In that case, acceptance is about acknowledging that this person is no longer part of your life. quite frankly if you hate them That’s not a big loss! [Read: How to get out of a toxic relationship with your dignity intact]

#2 attitude. The second step is to put the whole thing in perspective. When intense feelings are involved It will be easy to blow things up. I’m not saying you’re wrong to hate this person. But maybe you don’t see the whole picture.

Is there a reason this person behaves the way they do? Is there anything you’re missing? Making sure you have all the facts You can move on more easily. Whenever there is an unanswered question Your mind will always be stuck in the past.

That doesn’t mean you should look for more. Just understand what you already know and how you feel at that moment. and what you feel now

You are empowering yourself by gaining perspective.

#3 forgive yourself. The next step can be a painful one. To successfully let go, you have to forgive yourself. This does not mean that you are involved in your own pain. You are abandoning yourself for allowing yourself to be hurt. no matter what you say or do And you also forgive yourself for feeling hatred.

That might sound harsh. Because how could it be your fault? The point is, it’s not your fault. But the real forgiveness lies on both sides. Forgive yourself for your weakness. The light you gave them and anything else you may be pondering in your own mind. Tie the ends loose and move on. [Read: How to stop hating yourself and instead learn to love all of you]

#4 future hope. The real knowledge behind knowing how to stop hating people who hurt you is looking to the future. when you look forward You will take your thoughts from the past and let hope creep in. Hate cannot coexist with hope. When you are excited about future opportunities or wondering if the future will be brighter? To believe it can be done! Look for those new doors. A door that opens when you let go of what’s holding you back.

#5 forgiveness. This fifth step is a difficult one. How can you forgive someone who hurt you? You don’t say, ‘Hey, it’s okay you hurt me.’ You just say ‘I let this hate go.’ By doing this, you forgive.

you have forgiven yourself But you can’t move forward. Unless you forgive the person, you don’t need to understand it or be friends with them. In fact, you don’t even need to speak to them. you just let it go

#6 learning. How can you learn from experience? How can you be sure it doesn’t happen again? Life doesn’t guarantee you’ll never get hurt again. But you can learn from experience and how to better deal with situations.

Learn from any mistakes you make and change the way you live as a result of past experiences. Sit down. Take a deep breath and think about any learning points. that you can specify [Read: How to learn and grow from the rejections you faced]

#7 let go. The last step? Let go. Visualize the entire situation in the box, close the box, and then visualize the large lock on it. and imagine yourself burying it deep in the ground Finally, he added so much soil that there was nothing left to see. This visualization exercise is extremely powerful and will really help you let go.

Don’t let hatred and resentment hold you back any more negative aspects of your life.

[Read: How to let go of someone you love without any bitterness]

Understanding how to stop hating people who hurt you isn’t easy. and it will take time It’s about raising your hand and saying, ‘I Can’t Weigh Anymore’ And That’s Enough

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