How to Stop Having a Crush on Someone & Find Your Heart Again

Quitting is not always easy. but with time and patience You will be able to learn how to stop liking someone.

how to stop liking someone

Having a crush on someone can drive you crazy sometimes. Even if you don’t know this person well enough, you can’t stop thinking about them. And it may get in the way of your daily life. If you ever feel like this You’re ready to learn how to stop liking someone and move on!

whether this person is related to someone It’s an inappropriate choice. or ignore you You can stop liking him. All you need is a little focus.

Why do you have to stop liking someone?

As I have already said And although you might think it’s harmless to gather your feelings for someone, But the person you like can get out of hand. especially if people This is someone you can’t pursue.

Maybe they have a relationship. be your boss or does not match your logic In that case, you have to actively give up liking to move on with your life. It sounds difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

how to stop liking someone

It’s not always easy to control your feelings. Sometimes the likes come and go on their own terms. And you can’t do anything about it. But if you know that breaking up with your crush is the best thing for you. It’s time to take action.

#1 Stop actively thinking about them. How do you do this? similar to breaking up When your ex goes insane You will change your mind You have to do the same thing here.

When you realize you’re staring, thinking about them, or wanting to message them. Instead, change your mind, watch TV, get work done. or call a friend You can train your brain to distract yourself from your crush. And soon it will stop on its own. [Read: How to stop thinking about someone you still like]

#2 reasonable Yes, love doesn’t always have a reason. But by definition this is not love. it’s attention That means logic and reason can override it. Instead of yearning for the person, remind yourself why you’re trying to stop liking him.

Are they your former friends? Are they your boss? Make sure this reason is always on your mind when they are around. [Read: 10 signs you’re actually feeling lust and not love]

#3 Take off the rose-colored glasses. Crushing someone will give you a beautiful perspective that they can’t do anything wrong. You tend to see their best qualities only when you have feelings for someone. Even just a superficial feature

Instead of focusing on the love of animals and fluffy fur. Remind yourself of their worst qualities. Did they cheat on their ex? Are they shallow? Do they have bad breath? These may seem trivial one by one. But together there are many disadvantages and red flags to avoid.

#4 Make a list of advantages/disadvantages. If thinking about bad things About the person you like doesn’t make you break up. Lets make a list of advantages and disadvantages. Think about what you like about them and what you don’t like. Think about the positives of being together and the negatives. The downside should be strong and reaffirm your desire to stop your crush on this person again.

#5 give yourself space If the person you like is someone in your friend group. Try to create a gap between the two of you. This can be difficult. Especially if your crush is someone you work with or meet regularly. But spending time together until you dissolve that feeling can make things worse.

Try to avoid these whenever possible. But otherwise, keep it professional and light. Avoid flirting and, if necessary, avoid making eye contact because that’s what chemistry and feelings are all about. can be formed [Read: Falling for your best friend? Here’s why it’s best you back away right now]

#6 get it all out when you have someone you like All you want to do is talk about that person, but continuing to do so will refresh your mind. So vent to a trusted friend and do it all at once. talk about grievances Your plan to move on then let it go

Don’t close the bottle, but let it run out so you can take the next step.

#7 patient When you’re trying to figure out how to stop liking someone and move on. You must remember that atalking about someone Even the secret crush didn’t happen right away. It won’t happen overnight and you can’t just lose your feelings because you want to. Like anything worthwhile, it will take some time.

believe in the process Trust that you are doing your best to distract and control your thoughts and actions. Only time will tell when you really stop liking someone. [Read: 10 signs you’re love sick and 10 more ways to get out of it]

#8 go out. You don’t have to go on a date to break up with your crush. That can really hurt if you still have feelings for them. Instead of going out with friends, try new activities and see where it takes you.

Going too fast can lead you back to your crush and it’s unfair to whoever you’re dating. But being open to meeting new people In a calm environment, it’s a great way to remind yourself that there are good people. many are there [Read: How to get over someone you see everyday without losing your mind]

#9 unfollow them Unfollowing someone on social media can seem harsh. But if that’s what you need to stop thinking about your crush. to do that Now you don’t need to block them or unfriend them. Most apps have the option for you to just mute the sound so that the moments of their lives don’t show up in your feed.

This doesn’t have to be permanent. But it can prevent you from going back to peddling your crush when they post cute selfies.

#10 Say no. This goes hand in hand with avoidance. But it can be difficult to decline an invitation from your crush. You don’t want to be rude. But when you still have feelings This can be a dangerous game.

Politely decline an invitation to spend time together until your feelings are in control.

#11 Ask for help. as I said before That means even if you know you should avoid it. But your feelings may not make you think rationally. If you notice this happen Ask a friend for help

If the person you like is the person you work with. Ask a trusted colleague to come in when they see you’ve been tempted. Or have your friends text you often. to remind you that you are trying to move on [Read: How to instantly tell your real friend from the fake]

#12 Worried about you. take some time for you Instead of focusing on the person you like or even worrying about how to stop liking someone. focus on yourself Go to a spa. Go shopping. Do what you love to do.

This could be a hobby like fishing or even playing Netflix. But it also reminds you that you love spending time with you. Being single doesn’t have to be lonely. so enjoy it

#13 Consider dating. At this point, there was still some feeling left. But hopefully your crush won’t take over your mind anymore. You may not be ready to throw yourself into the dating pool. But it’s time to think about it.

Are you ready to go on a date? Are you interested in meeting other people? Are you trying to make the ex you used to be jealous of, or are you really open to liking other people?

#14 Write it down. If you can’t really shake off your last remaining feelings for your crush, write them down. Write a letter to your crush expressing all your feelings. Tell them how hard it is to beat them and write it all out on paper.

then throw it away You can burn the letter, throw it in the trash, or store it in the back of your filing cabinet, but don’t send it. This exercise is only intended to help your mental and emotional state. This allows you to release all your feelings without any impact or repercussions. [Read: Tips to help you cry it out and release the pain]

#15 The actual date. Hopefully, all of these steps on how to unlike someone will help get your crush out of your system. Now you can try to create a new person you like. especially with existing ones So download the dating app. Ask a friend to set you up or what do you have

[Read: 10 things you’re probably doing that’s sabotaging your own love life]

It can be difficult to figure out how to stop liking someone. But you can do it and move on. All you need is practice, patience and perseverance.

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