How to Stop Liking a Guy You Know You Can’t Have

Sometimes in life we ​​like someone we know we could never have. If it were you, here’s how to deal with heartbreak and understand how to stop liking a guy.

how to stop liking a guy

The heart wants what the heart wants We can’t help the people we like sometimes, no matter how hard we try to dislike them. If we can really control the people we fall in love with The world would be a much better place. Because this world is not a perfect world. So we’ve explained how to stop liking a guy you know you can’t have.

The truth is that our bodies and minds control who we feel attractive and who we really feel. The problem with this is that they don’t care if the person is free or not. or there is a possibility that there is a reality in which we are actually with that person.

choose the one you love

Sometimes we have the right to choose the one we love. True love can sometimes be chosen. You may not be able to choose whether you feel in love with someone or not. But you can choose to love him and show this love every day.

Sometimes we make the mistake of being in a relationship with someone we like and like to be with. But I never thought that we could live life by choosing to really love them or not. This is often worse than liking someone you’ve never had. [Read: The 12 rules of attraction as explained by science]

How to stop liking a guy you know you don’t have.

The reason you can’t have him doesn’t matter in this case. The point is that you have feelings for him and you can’t be with him. The truth is hard for some people. They tortured themselves hoping for something else.

If you really want to win over your crush who is going crazy and is finally going to like the person you really have a chance with. You will need our assistance. Here are the different ways To stop liking a guy you know you can’t have.

#1 admit you don’t have him There are certain things in your life that you cannot change. You just have to accept liking someone you know you can’t have as one of them. in order to really stop liking them and move on to accept your reality

If you continue to deny that you can’t have him. You will have more and more feelings for him. In the end you will definitely be crushed. Accept that you can’t have him and it’s easier to break up with him. [Read: The pain of loving someone who doesn’t love you back]

#2 busy with friends The best thing to do at a time like this is to just take your mind off him. go spend time with your friends Surround yourself with people who love and care about you.

This will keep you from missing him. And you will be able to separate more and more emotionally from him. if you are busy with friends This will make it easier for you to forget about him over time until you have never thought of him.

#3 Choose a new hobby As well as being busy with friends, choosing new hobbies can also help. Don’t sit at home and lament about how much you can’t have him and how much you like him. Go out there and find something new. that will excite you!

#4 regret it for a while Many people make the mistake of pushing away their sadness during times like these hoping that it will go away. Unfortunately, life is not like that.

When you feel the sadness that covers you when you miss him. let yourself be sad Hell cry if you want! Letting go of those feelings will help you deal with them. In the end, it will help you defeat him. [Read: 45 saddest lost love quotes for the broken-hearted]

#5 keep distance from him Most people want to spend a lot of time with the people they like. And I bet you’re no different. You might spend your free time thinking about different ways to “accidentally” meet him just because you want to see him.

stop doing this It just stabilizes your feelings and makes it harder for you to stop liking him. distance yourself from never seeing him And you’ll stop liking this guy you know you can’t have.

#6 don’t even talk about him instead of avoiding seeing him in person Don’t even mention him. Even if he pops into your head and you want to tell your friends about him and how much you want to have him. don’t do that

Stopping yourself from talking about him This means that you train your mind to not miss him at all. This will help you to stop liking him. Keep your mouth shut when you want to mention his name. and refuses to talk about him, even if your friends raised him.

#7 go out and have fun Don’t sit at home and meditate on your unfortunate reality. Get out there and have fun with your friends! Go to the bar, hit up the mall. Enjoy fun movies, get distracted by having a good time. It will help you to stop liking a guy you know you can’t have. [Read: Make the most of your girl’s night using our 13 fun ideas]

#8 read a new book Sometimes reality is hard to deal with, we need to take a break from it. I recommend buying a new set of books and getting lost instead of losing yourself in your own reality.

Books are wonderful because they help you focus on the problems your characters face. Instead of dealing with your own problems This distraction helps you to stop liking him.

#9 Avoid romantic movies. The worst thing for you to do at a time like this is turn on the TV and watch an absolutely unrealistic romantic movie. These movies don’t show you how real-life love happens. It fills your mind with false hopes.

Turn off all romantic movies and everything that makes you heartbreak and miss him more. It’s best for you to read and stay out so you don’t get fooled by fake promises. of romantic movies that seem to be given to you

#10 Focus on improving yourself. Instead of worrying about how to be without him and how to stop liking him. Instead, focus on making yourself better. hit the gym more eat for better health and create better self-esteem You’ll soon forget everything about the guy you don’t have. [Read: How to stop loving someone else… And love yourself more]

#11 Flirt with someone new. I’m not saying you have to give up and start flirting with the guy you like only because now you’re the only one and you can’t have him. Flirt with everyone!

Flirting with people you don’t even like. You probably know that you really don’t want to be with him. Who knows? You might even flirt with someone and end up liking them instead!

#12 Start meeting new people. You can’t stop liking someone until they become interested in you. Even if you don’t want to date anyone right now But if you want to stop liking a guy You have to meet new people. so that they may pull you away from him. [Read: Meeting a guy at the gym: 8 essential dos and don’ts]

#13 If it should be, it will be. Don’t forget that no matter what happens life has a plan for you If you two are worthy You will be and nothing will stand in your way. However, if you just accept this reality. It would make defeating him a lot easier.

[Read: Fool-proof ways to get over the one… The one you never had]

It’s not easy to stop liking a guy you know you can’t have. There’s something about the forbidden love fantasy that draws you to him, but if you do these 13 things, you’ll stop liking him and be able to express feelings for the person you’re with.

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