How to Stop Playing Relationship Games & Focus on Loving Instead

No one wants to deal with annoying relationship games that leave you frustrated and insecure. Here’s what you can do to avoid it.

relationship game

Shouldn’t a relationship be filled with honesty, love and trust? So why are so many people playing this ridiculous relationship game? They let others sit still. feeling anxious and insecure
Well, I’m so tired of it, aren’t you? If you are someone who is stuck in a relationship with nothing but brain games. You’ll know how frustrating it can be. You never feel truly safe in this relationship. And you never know your lover
Why do people play relationship games?
There are plenty of reasons someone would drag other people along and play mind games with them in a relationship. As I’m sure you already know. It seems that men are more likely to play mind games than women. However, women can be guilty too.
People who play relationship games tend to lead the other party. pretend to be interested and leave them confused about how they really feel. They usually do this because they want something from them. Or even just because they wanted someone nearby, but really wasn’t ready to give anything.
What to do when you’re bored of relationship games?
Relationship games get old very quickly, one can only deal with manipulation, lies, and sometimes even cheating before they finally break.
If you’re tired of the debilitating relationship games and don’t know what to do. show that you are lucky There are a number of ways you can deal with your partner playing endless brain games. Here’s what to do when you’re at a breaking point and are bored with childish and selfish relationship games.
#1 keep calm I know it’s really hard Not to get angry and annoy people who play games with your heart and emotions. It can be tempting to participate in screaming matches that can escalate quickly and become ugly when you are pulled over with annoying relationship games.
But the worst thing you can do is act weirdly for no reason. Try to take a deep breath, stay calm, and give yourself the opportunity to rationally think of a way out of here. [Read: Put the crazy away: 15 ways to calm the hell down]#2 Find out what the problem is, if any. Not everyone plays relationship games intentionally because they don’t want to commit. Some people may experience real life issues that cause them to inadvertently play these games. Your job before going crazy and making a big deal out of it is to find out if there are real problems in the relationship.
One way to find this out without direct confrontation is to take a sneak peek into their past relationships. Is there any cheating involved? Is there anything that might give them a reason to have trust issues? if so These may be the cause of their relationship game. And you’ll have to talk about these separately.
#3 Talk to them. If your patience has run out or you’ve been dealing with their relationship game for a while now. It’s okay to open up and talk to them about it. Sometimes they don’t even know they’re doing it. Sometimes, calling them underage behavior is enough to stop.
I recommend doing this on your own during a time when both of you are at peace. That way, they can’t evade any questions. without replying to messages or pretending not to understand when you talk to them face to face You’ll be able to tell how they really feel about it. with their reactions and body language [Read: A guide on effective communication in a relationship]#4 ask for support By now, I’m sure all of your friends have heard of your significant other’s bonding game. These people will create the best support system. Because they already know what happened between you two.
Talk to your support system about this and get feedback on it. You never know if you’re blowing things out of proportion or if you’re not making a big enough deal about the game your partner is playing. Support is a must during times like these. When your emotions are high and angry
#5 don’t play at all Never give up on their gaming antics. You probably know all the telltale signs that they’re about to pull something on you. So don’t play at all! In fact, when they start with excuses or whatever is a game. call them out Not only will they know you’re not playing with them. But they will be more likely to stop this behavior in the future. [Read: How to stop selfish people from hurting you]#6 Ignore every time they start playing. Another technique for eliminating relationship games is to completely ignore them. If they text you with the excuse that they can’t go out because they’re “busy,” ignore it. If you don’t give them anything Their behavior must be stopped.
#7 Realize it’s not your fault. Many people think that if they are more beautiful. more interesting, funny, or more confident Their love interest would never play with them in the first place.
But the truth is that it’s all their fault. There’s nothing you can do differently that will make them stop playing relationship games with you. If it didn’t happen to you It will surely happen to other women or men.
#8 set the scope of the situation One option to think about when you don’t want to leave the relationship entirely is to They can play games to make themselves more attractive to you.
Although this method of attracting someone doesn’t always work. But a lot of people use this method especially if they are embarrassed to share their feelings with you. If you spend a little time defining the boundaries of what’s actually going on. They may quit relationship games if they know you like them too. [Read: Why do men like a chase? How to use it in your favor]#9 Avoid associating with famous players’ personalities. This one is just plain and simple. If you know someone has a reputation for being a player. Don’t interfere with them. Reputation is not built from the air.
Sometimes, though, a person can get a bad reputation from an ex who is unhappy with them and decides to leave the relationship in vain. But you’ve come to like him Get to know them a lot before you get serious. [Read: 10 signs he’s not playing hard to get, he’s playing you]#10 Let it go! apparently If you are sick and tired of relationship games It shows that you are dissatisfied with the current state of your relationship. If it’s been long enough to make you suffer There’s nothing wrong with being bored and throwing them away.
Your happiness should always be important in your life. Even if you have deep feelings for someone. If they don’t give you what you want, because they are too busy playing the game, immature and useless relationships. Show that you have reasons to break up with them and seek happiness elsewhere. [Read: 16 clear signs it’s time for you to leave the relationship]No one likes someone who plays debilitating relationship games. They cause their significant other to be hurt and uncertain which they do not deserve. If your lover plays these games a lot. Again, think twice about whether they are worthy or not.

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