How to Stop Texting Someone When That’s All You Want to Do

Want to know how to stop texting someone when the only thing you want to do? we can help you Here’s how to put your phone down and walk away.

How to stop texting someone

something happened The two of you broke up or decided not to talk anymore. But you’re having trouble with it. All you have to do is use your phone and text them. Because that’s what you’re used to and that’s what you like. But you can’t, and that means you need help figuring out how to stop texting someone.

Continue texting someone after you’ve decided that you can’t be scary.

for any reason You two don’t talk anymore. You should not message them. And there must be a good reason Otherwise, you’re still talking to them. And that means sending them a message can cause a lot of problems.

You are not only making your situation worse. But you only hurt yourself You can’t message them for a reason and that may be for your own benefit. So giving up and texting them will make things more difficult. [Read: 12 common texting habits that push guys away]

How to Stop Texting Someone When You Know You Can’t

It won’t be that easy. If you’re looking for a quick fix, don’t find it here, if you’re looking for a permanent fix. That’s what you get with this.

Just remember that everything is in your best interest. Even if you want to message anyone. Not doing so is better in the long run. Here’s how to stop texting people you know that you shouldn’t talk to for whatever reason.

#1 get rid of their number Yes. Deleted, if you remember it’s another story. but for now delete it from your phone And make sure their names don’t show up on the phone again. This is the best way to stop yourself from texting them.

The less access you have, the better. and if you remember their number At the very least, deleting their contact information will stop showing their name and make it harder for you to contact them. [Read: How to forget about someone you can’t have]

#2 Get rid of all their data on social media. Remove every profile you have and you can still block it. This will prevent their photo or status from appearing because of mutual friends’ likes.

Seeing less of their photos and names stops the urge to message them. It also means that you won’t be able to message them if you have a desire to talk to them after deleting their number.

#3 Block their number if you want. And if you don’t think you can stop yourself from texting them because you remember their number, block them. Call your phone company and give them the number to block.

This means that you won’t be able to receive or make calls or send messages to that number. and undoing is possible But connecting with people to unblock again is cumbersome.

#4 Keep yourself as busy as you can. The less you miss texting the more. The easier it is to resist the impulse, the easier it will be. And after living a busy life for a while, you’ll soon realize that you don’t want to talk to them that much.

You will basically move on. So don’t mess with some friends. go out and do things Increase the time you spend on hobbies and you’ll never want to text that person again. [Read: 8 ways to stay busy in life]

#5 Go to your friends for help. They’re there to get you through the tough times, right? Just tell them you’re struggling and need help. This tells them they need to spend more time with you. And maybe even take your phone off when you’re having fun together.

It will help distract you. and not only that It will also help remind you of the reasons why you can’t talk to them when you’re trying to remember yourself.

#6 Remind yourself why you don’t speak. But if you can, tell yourself as much as you can about why you can’t talk to them. Maybe they treat you very badly. and you are better Maybe it will make life more difficult for both of you if you keep in touch.

So tell yourself as often as possible that you are doing this for a reason. Not just torture yourself Have a valid explanation as to why you are out of touch and will make your life better. [Read: 14 steps to getting over someone you loved]

#7 Imagine your life after this difficult time. It won’t last forever The pain you are experiencing will go away in time. One thing that can help you figure out how to stop texting someone. is to imagine your life when you are above bumpy roads.

it will be much better Visualizing it and imagining it will save you the hassle of texting when you really need to.

#8 Focus on your hobbies This has to do with being busy, so you can’t miss them. The less you need to think about texting them. The less likely you are to text them.

So focus on certain hobbies. In fact, get a few more, try new things you never knew; You can find something that you are passionate about and make you forget everything about talking to that person. [Read: 8 fun ways you can start over]

#9 Focus on other goals Set new goals as you try new hobbies. Goals are great things that take up space in our minds. And that means you’ll have less room to think about texting that person.

So set new goals and plan to achieve them. The process is not only time consuming. but with more time devoted to goals You won’t want to text that person much.

#10 Find someone else to talk to. If you haven’t talked to him because of the breakup or you both decided not to be together. Finding other people to talk to can help. connect with new people

They can help you think of other people and you can talk to them instead. Sometimes the urge to text a person isn’t just about him. but about your need to talk to someone.

[Read: How to stop thinking about someone you still like]

Learning how to stop texting someone when you really need to talk to them. It might be one of the hardest things. Fortunately we can help. Follow these tips, hold on, and never give up!

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