How to Swallow Cum without Gagging & Go From Spitter to Swallower

Want to know how to swallow cum and enjoy it without discomfort? Here are some tips and how to do it without gargling!

how to swallow cum

Maybe you’re a grumpy person who wants to switch to the swallowing baton. Or maybe you just want to learn how to do it properly. Here’s how to swallow semen without choking or feeling the urge to vomit.

My first experience with cum swallowing

I don’t want to scare you But I just want you to know what can go wrong. If you are not mentally prepared The first time I tried to swallow cum was with my high school girlfriend. Neither of us has experience. We want to try something new. And he frowned at me because that seemed like the easiest way to help him cum. It’s not that bad. And I really enjoyed it.

But where it all went wrong was when he actually ejaculated through my tongue while facing me. All I could feel was something hot and jelly filling my mouth and suffocating me. What with the dick in my mouth and all! I immediately tried to swallow it.

wrong movement Because it’s not easy to swallow when you open your mouth wide and you have a penis blocking your mouth. I ended up choking and coughing and coughing heavily. I had to cough and vigorously for a full two minutes while I hacked all the semen out of my mouth. Suddenly there was blood coming out! The veins in my mouth coughed violently!!

We laugh at it because it doesn’t hurt. It’s funny and embarrassing for me and for him! But my then boyfriend was too traumatized to try that with me again! that was my first time And the last time I tried to swallow his cum.

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Learn from mistakes and swallow better.

since that event It took me a while to try swallowing again. I’m still curious and I’m not put off by the ultimate. That makes it easier for me to try again and again! But if you are a woman who finds cum in her mouth disgusting. You don’t have to do that. Your boyfriend will find another place to cum and life will still be as good as ever.

But if you know how to swallow cum It will look sexy and controllable. And you feel an indescribable sense of accomplishment and confidence. So if you’re here to learn how to swallow cum. you have come to the right place From someone who choked on a little blood to someone who now likes to swallow instead of spit.

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Switch from spider to swallow

a couple of years ago I used to be a cockroach until he realized that it was easier to swallow When I started to swallow, I never had a bad experience. Oh yeah, just a too salty experience with a guy that made me stop ejaculating for a while!

I get it, ladies, some guys have spicy semen that’s what used to get in your mouth. scar you forever But if you are new to swallow games, don’t worry, it will only get better with experience. Want to know how different men’s tastes are? Find out about Different tastes of many women who share their own experiences

personally I find swallowing to be an easier and sexier way of dealing with cum. You just need to know how to swallow cum properly and you won’t have any problems. saliva comes out slowly and intently after he ejaculated through her mouth.

Spitting is easier. But it made the experience less fun. For you and for him, listen, I’ll tell you how to swallow cum and back away from spitting on Kleenex.

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How to swallow cum and act like it’s really fun

First of all, you don’t need to swallow. But if you want to learn, do it yourself. I don’t think men care too much if you spit or swallow. And if it’s very important to him Maybe he’s too selfish and likes to watch you eat his cum for dessert.

Do it because you want to try new things in bed and maybe because you love your guy enough to give it a try. Don’t do it to make him happy. It won’t help because his needs will increase.

1. Doing anything but swallowing

If you want to swallow his semen But you’re nervous, that’s fine. You can spit it out or have him ejaculate into your stomach, ass, or nipples. Swallowing isn’t the only option you have.

If he makes you swallow his semen when you don’t want to. tell him you don’t like If he ignores You should reconsider whether having sex with this person was a wise decision. [Read: 18 ways to instantly spot a misogynistic man]

2. Don’t be shy to talk to him about it.

If you’ve never swallowed before or if his semen is very spicy, tell him, he’ll understand and help you through the whole process. Now, maybe you really want to swallow. But the smell of his semen is too much, I get it. Some men have that smell. but you should know he can change [Read: Spit or swallow – What should you do with your man’s happy endings?]

3. He can do his job.

Remember when I said he could really change the taste of his semen? it’s true If he eats a lot of artichokes, asparagus, or meat His semen had a very strong smell. that I can’t lie Is cowardly trying to swallow

Instead, he should be eating more fruits and vegetables. He doesn’t have to go to vegetarian or vegan. But the heavy and greasy food overloaded his semen, so let him go to the fruit and vegetable store at the grocery store. If he’s smart, he’ll do it. [Read: 16 things a man can do to make his cum taste better]

4.Give his dick back all the way

Swallowing is quite easy. The important thing is that you want to make sure it hits your neck. That way, you’ll avoid its flavor and texture.

Many women don’t like the texture. and i don’t blame them It felt like something warm, sticky, and sticky in his mouth that took a few seconds to disappear. Make sure the dick stays in your mouth as far as you can. [Read: How to deep throat like a pornstar and leave him wanting more]

5. Rinse with water or juice .

Now, even if he ate all the fruits and vegetables in sight, You can also flush his semen by drinking water or juice. It completely obscures the taste. don’t drink milk I mean nothing wrong. But there is something about milk after ejaculation that is not put.

6. Swallow if you know he is clean from STIs.

Now I’m a fan of swallowing. But you want to make sure that the semen you’re about to swallow is free from STIs. Why? Because his semen can transmit infections such as HIV and hepatitis. Heavy swallowing isn’t worth contracting with an STI, so be smart and make sure he’s clean.

7. You can play with his semen.

This technique is suitable for women who have gone through the basic swallowing procedure without problems. If you want to power up when he ejaculates in your mouth you can play with it So do not swallow right away. pretend to be chewing gum Put your finger in your mouth, or spin around, the options are really endless. It depends on what you and him change. [Read: How to give good head – The ultimate guide and 50+ blowjob tips no one talks about]

8. use voice

If you want to show him that you really like it. Try to moan while you swallow or play with it. It makes the experience more seductive and mischievous. Enter a dual tone and you’re good to go. You can also amplify the sound by talking dirty while playing or swallowing it. [Read: How to perfect your orgasm face and make them want more of you]

9. You are in control

It’s important that you stay in control when you swallow its weight. Lots of guys try to control and ejaculate where they want. But you need to be sure that this situation is convenient for you. If you are stressed or anxious It will be difficult to swallow his load as your throat will contract. [Read: Why do guys like feelings breasts? The reasons why guys love boobs so much]

10. Licking his semen

Now swallowing his cum doesn’t mean he has to eat it all in your mouth. But he can do other things like your face, your breasts, on his stomach, etc. You can then lick his cum and swallow. It was a wild move, believe me, and it looked incredibly hot and intense. Wait another round after he sees you doing that.

11. Swallow the face

There are quite a few women who do this and I commend them. The face swallowing was quite intense. All you do is have your partner ejaculate all over your face. Just have him aim at your eyes – safety first. After he cums all over your face You’ll use your fingers to scoop up the cum and put it into your mouth. He’ll be shocked, horny—just a variety of emotions. [Read: The amazing facts about semen you probably have no idea about]

12. Relax yourself in swallowing.

Listen, you won’t become a swallow queen after one pass. There’s no point in rushing in. This won’t be the last time you suck on your dick, so relax, you don’t have to swallow the whole thing right away. Do it little by little and then you can get awesome.

13. Get your mind ready.

This is important. Now you can see the cum. Obviously! And you know its texture and the way it runs with your fingers. If you are planning to swallow his cum. Prepare mentally by imagining what you expect it to feel like in your mouth. You will be better prepared Instead of being shocked by the new sensations in your mouth. [Read: What does it feel like to be eaten out? Find out here]

14. Use lubricant to cover taste and touch.

Sometimes the best way to try and swallow cum is to use a large amount of flavored lubricant. The smell of the lubricant is quite strong and sweet. So smear it with a large amount of lubricant before it slips into your mouth.

Even if he cums in your mouth But the taste or texture won’t bother you much because of the lubricant. If you are a beginner and want to learn how to swallow cum. This is a great way to test it.

15. Spit it out if it’s too much.

Sometimes you may be mentally prepared to swallow. And everything is going well, but all of a sudden you’re not comfortable swallowing anymore. You know what? It’s okay! And it’s okay to spit it out.

Your guy won’t be disappointed because you decide to spit instead of swallow. Why did he have to be upset? Unless he gets a particularly sadistic pleasure from dominating you. Or like watching you eat his cum. [Read: First time sex and the virgin’s guide to nailing it]

16. Take it one step at a time

Now you know how to swallow cum. Like any other woman in the world, but you don’t have to switch from a blowjob to a swallow in one go. and try to find a way to that If the thought of swallowing his cum excites you. Let’s try it first. Lick a little cum when he ejaculates over your hands or body.

If that’s what you’re comfortable with Have him ejaculate in your mouth and spit it out. When you’re okay with everything up until now You can try and swallow it, who knows, you might like it!

All you have to remember is to do it slowly. and always feel in control with every step

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Now that you know how to swallow cum, give it a try. If you still don’t like it, don’t worry. You do what makes you comfortable. No one makes you swallow cum. So you do you!

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