Sugar, Sugar: How to Sweet Talk a Girl & Make Her Melt

Every woman loves to be made to feel special. And the sweet talk could be the secret weapon in her heart’s fight.


man from mars Women are from Venus and sometimes when random men trying to move with women It really seems that way. Many times these clashes were caused by different emotions. that men and women have What men tend to see as subtle, for example, may be viewed by women as something like a car accident.

The fact that most men target articles with titles like “How to charm her pants off”?? or “Get out of the friend zone and go to bed”?? Says a lot about how most men work – seeing sex as an end game is more of a part of the relationship.

But that’s not how women usually work. This article uses the phrase “Talking funny” ?? More than “charm” ?? or “seduction”?? It’s for guys who are a little more about them. And who needs a relationship that’s perfect and fitting for what they want, rather than just stumbling between sheets?

How to speak sweetly to a girl correctly and effectively

Speaking up is honestly and politely sharing your feelings and observations about a woman you respect and admire, and the following 16 tips will show you what you are.

#1 eye contact. Before you actually start talking sweetly. Let’s start making serious eye contact. This will negate the element of surprise by showing her that you are interested in talking to her. And it makes it easier for you to enter conversations without interrupting common steps. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work]

#2 Do not use the answering line. One of the most important parts of a good conversation Especially in the beginning was In any case, you must avoid appearing like a creep. Unfortunately, those tried-and-true receiving lines will get you more than the cold shoulder. [Read: 70 hilarious cheesy pick-up lines to get a girl laughing]

#3 wait for the right moment. The first foray into a conversation with the girl you’re interested in must be done at the right time and the right one. she or whoever Would appreciate that you jumped into the conversation during the Uncool conversation, and it’s unlikely to impress.

#4 Best regardsThe gangster John Travolta is rarely moving in real life. valuable woman Contrary to popular belief He doesn’t like bad boys and feels that he deserves a lot of respect. Failure to do so will leave you nowhere. [Read: 13 rules of etiquette for the modern gentleman]

#5 body talk. When you finally talk to her Make sure your eye contact is tight. Your body is directly facing her. and your posture is upright, bending over, glancing, and turning around will be interpreted as a sign that you are not really interested. [Read: 15 body language cues a girl gives away if she likes you]

#6 humble question mark. Questions are very important in speaking well. Because it shows that you care enough about her to let her talk. And you’re not emotionally selfish. Just try not to make them shake like a game show host.

#7 notice everything. If you’ve seen her before Make sure you put everything about her in memory so you can deal with any changes in her hairstyle, nails, the different colors she wears, etc. Then tell her the way you’ve noticed. Men rarely do this. So when doing this Surely no one will notice.

#8 often complimenty. Add to the last tip, don’t be shy about complimenting her. Every woman likes to be told she is beautiful, well dressed, and has a good smile or laugh. And this is a great way to start showing her that she means more to you than just in front of the crowd. [Read: How to compliment a girl and make her blush]

#9 avoidance of consciousnessBy that I don’t mean to go out and get drunk – I mean another kind of sanity and the fact that being too serious is unlikely to get you closer to the woman you hope to eloquently talk about.

#10 Be confidentDon’t be afraid to be yourself or show people around you that you believe in yourself and your words. She’s more likely to listen to you if you show that your words mean something. [Read: Cold feet on a date – 12 ways to gain confidence]

#11 is genuine. Resist the urge to flatter and stories that are always made to impress. In fact, nothing will impress her more than a man of good manners. honesty and respect for others

#12 Physically impossible.. Realize that this is real thinking before you. And you’re more than just a body no matter how beautiful she is You have to pay attention to all of her qualities and make sure that these are reflected in your compliments.

#13 When the air turns blue. Even if everything goes smoothly and you begin to believe that you really have a chance to convince this charming woman on your merits. Resist the urge to talk about sex. Leaping onto the sex page too quickly could easily get you back at a certain point. [Read: 60 get to know you questions for a new romance]

#14 Give her undivided attention.. while you are talking to her She should be the only woman in the room. Although Miss Venezuela went into the joint You should make sure your eyes don’t get lost.

#15 Talk about family.. Not too obviously But women like it when men talk about family. It shows that you have romantic habits that are not related to sex alone. She will trust your sweet words more when she talks about it from time to time. [Read: 19 clear signs you are ready for a serious relationship]

#16 WalkSometimes, no matter how well you practice or how meaningful you are, Beautiful words are useless. Maybe you’re tired and your show has closed. Or maybe some crazy person will come up to you and ruin any chance you had with her. in a time like this There is only one guideline: walking. Wait until the next time you see her. When the stars like you more and try to win her heart Trying too hard when the ground is broken It may waste your opportunity indefinitely. [Read: How to know if you are truly in love]

Don’t just stand there in awe of the things that show your love. Win her heart with sweet talks and turn your romantic fantasies into real life reality.

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