How to Take a Good Selfie: The Must-Know Selfie-Ready Guide for Men

As a woman who spends most of her time on dating apps. I can honestly say that most guys don’t know how to take good selfies.

how to make selfies beautiful

Just a few minutes swipe through the dating app. It’s clear that men don’t know how to take good selfies. How or how does it feel natural to do it? I don’t blame you now Taking self-portraits can feel awkward and shallow.

But taking selfies is not much more than other photos. and should be treated as such. Because selfies are what attracts people to social networks or even romantic life. They are the little windows that indicate who we are.

That’s a lot of pressure for a single image. Once you learn how to take good selfies It wouldn’t be that scary. [Read: A photographer’s guide to taking a sexy picture]

Why do men not know how to take good selfies?

when i say man Of course, I don’t mean all men. Have you seen Will Smith’s Instagram?

But there’s a reason you came to this post. Whether you feel strange When it comes to taking selfies or thinking your selfies always come out wrong, you’re right. Sorry, but it’s true. I don’t want to judge a man or anyone by a simple selfie. But with today’s online dating and social media methods. Selfies say a lot.

So why don’t men know how to take good selfies? My opinion is that you are trying too hard. Do you pose and make serious faces when your mom takes pictures of you and your sister? No, but that’s the most flattering picture of you.

from what I have seen Men will role play or create an atmosphere in selfies. It seems that men are trying to impress other men by taking selfies. They don’t want to be seen as feminine or ridiculous. So they acted as “cool” rather than “happy”.

Of course, not everyone takes a selfie to attract someone. Even your aunt and grandma would love to see your next selfie that looks like you and dislike the version you are trying to impress too much. [Read: The best and worst ways to present yourself online]

The idea behind taking a good selfie

when you’re going to take a selfie What do you think of? How does your hair look or how is it lit?

Before getting into the main points Think about the selfies you see. Statistically, selfies showing a smiling person are swiped to the right *likes* more than selfies that show someone else’s face. 2 As much as when you see a woman on Instagram posting a smiling selfie. That smile affects you more than a duck or a serious look.

Even if you don’t think so But it has been proven. smile is contagious They received more positive feedback, so let’s go to the next selfie happily and have fun. Instead of showing or acting that doesn’t feel like you.

What should a selfie look like? It should feel like someone is watching. how are you It’s not how you want it to appear or how you think you should appear. [Read: 30 effective tips to help you win at online dating]

How to take a selfie to please someone

Who is your selfie for? All your Instagram followers? Dating app? your boyfriend? When taking selfies, the recipient is important.

And I’m sorry to say that I received far too few flattering selfies from men on Snapchat. Not to mention the many bad selfies on Bumble and Tinder, this might be too much information. But if you look constipated, it doesn’t look good.

I can’t tell you how many times I took a selfie from a man on Snapchat and actually turned it off before 10 seconds were up. It made me feel uncomfortable. You shouldn’t look serious There is nothing serious about selfies. You shouldn’t look like you’re struggling to excrete or imitate. Sulander cause

You should enjoy it. Funny faces, smiles, even weird and embarrassing filters are the way to go. And to be honest, sometimes there is no better selfie than a bad selfie. A bad selfie can be a major ending. And it’s not about your ability to take good pictures. but about the feelings you give [Read: What makes a man sexy – 15 desirable traits that make you hot AF]

good selfie example

As I scroll through dating apps I was overwhelmed by photos of men standing in front of cars I knew and had no interest in. I see selfies of guys trying their best to look serious. In fact, they look unattractive and creepy.

Rare selfies of men smiling or making funny faces are refreshing, interesting and attractive. This could be just me. But I feel like women would rather like men to be themselves and have fun than try to impress.

And when men post serious selfies and pictures in front of their cars. They seem to be trying to impress other men rather than interested in love. Are you asking your guy friends for help in choosing dating app pictures? Next time, try asking your female friends for advice. [Read: Why a girl best friend is a real gem]

Do’s and Don’ts for Taking a Good Selfie

Hope you can see where I came from when I say that the best way for guys to take a good selfie is to stay comfortable and avoid trying too hard. But with these tips Here are some more helpful tips to ensure your next selfie gets all the likes on Instagram and the right swipes when dating online.

#1 carry out. This doesn’t mean you take 200 selfies before finding a good one. It means you should get used to seeing yourself on camera. You can definitely find your light. But also get used to the idea that you’re taking a selfie and owning it.

Once you’re satisfied with your self-portraits Everything will feel more normal.

#2 Don’t show it off. Don’t be cocky. I say take it easy and own the fact that you’re taking a selfie. But trying to make it look “cool” or impressive is not the way to do it. Building a connection is how you get someone’s attention. So make it a goal for selfies.

You want to connect with the people who saw this photo. not threatening them [Read: How to make a girl like you without even telling her you like her]

#3 Keep smiling. It’s not like you’re taking pictures in high school.3 But as if you were happy and in a good mood. Smiling doesn’t mean you say cheese and show your teeth from ear to ear.

Just see what you would be like if you saw someone you were interested in. meet cute puppy Or spend the day with your grandmother.

#4 don’t wear sunglasses I can’t tell you how many men on the dating app have five selfies in sunglasses. Does this make sense? The whole point of a photo is to see what someone looks like.

If your last game is meeting someone They will finally see what you look like. At least it has your selfie face. Make sure you’re at the beach or posting Instagram stories to your friends showing off those Ray-Bans, but not when it comes to dating apps. [Read: 15 things guys do that are a big turn off for girls]

#5 be in the light No selfie point when you can barely see the outline of your face. Maybe you’re not the most confident about your appearance, I get it, but posting a selfie in the dark will only increase your self-doubt.

You may be afraid of rejection or no one cares about you. But you look up to the big world every day It’s your face and you have to own it. The whole purpose of a selfie is to express yourself. So standing in front of the window Let the sun shine. Natural light or evening light is the most flattering.

Posting a bright selfie shows that you’re comfortable and aren’t embarrassed to look much more attractive.

#6 don’t be creepy I’m not sure if men find themselves creepy in selfies or think they look sexy. but by any means Let’s stop at those serious faces. You look creepy or you have a stomachache. Trying to take a sexy selfie is like trying to make yourself smell good in the gym.

Just be you, your selfie should look the way you look. You should look and think, “Yeah, that’s me.” You shouldn’t look like you’re making a face. If you feel uncomfortable taking that photo. People will feel uncomfortable looking at it. [Read: How to not come across as creepy to a girl]

#7 of reasonable quality As for the iPhone, there are no excuses. For blurry or pixelated images If your selfies are so blurry that I can’t tell what you look like. It’s useless to use that image. It’s not art or mystery. Posting a selfie without others seeing you Make it look like you’re hiding something.

The only other explanation is that you’re taking a selfie on a flip phone. Take time seriously!

#8 Don’t take a selfie and drive This should be obvious and I shouldn’t have to say it. But I still see countless men. *or should i say man* post a selfie while driving And on the highway no less Not only dangerous and foolish But whoever has any feelings Seeing it will not find you attractive or smart.

#9 own it you are taking a selfie Of course it’s stupid Sure, it’s the ultimate millennial. And of course it’s a bit shallow. But what if you’re ashamed of the fact that you’re taking a selfie? That aura will pass through the photograph.

Do you know what people say about a photograph worth a thousand words? You want those words to be positive. It’s not a second guess and makes you uncomfortable. [Read: How to be comfortable with yourself and not give a f*ck]

#10 Don’t edit too much. I know you see people doing it all the time. Instagram is so full of edited selfies that the models look more like dolls than humans. But just because it’s normal. That doesn’t mean you should follow through.

Sure, you can increase the lighting and blur small spots, but you have pores. So don’t blur it out. The whole point of Photoshop and Facetune is to make it look like you’re not editing. It’s not that you have non-porous Chinese doll skin. Own your look and share that with the world.

[Read: 20 hot guy rules for men that will guarantee instant hotness!]

Guys, if you pick one thing from the Do’s and Don’ts list for a selfie, that should be you Your selfie should show you. not anyone or anything

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