How to Talk Dirty to a Girl and Not Turn Her Off!

Dirty talking is an art that can do wonders in bed. But that’s only if you know how to talk to a woman the right way. And don’t say it wrong!

how to talk dirty to women

The woman was comfortable with groaning.

but men can’t

They growl and still look good doing it!

But you find your tongue tangled every time you have to do more than just take a deep breath. Or complaining in bed while pushing deeper?

If your boyfriend has told you that she wants you to talk dirty to her. Do you know what she wants?

or worse Has your boyfriend ever told you that her ex was a dirty talker in bed?! *Awesome sobbing*

Now will definitely increase the pressure to talk lewd, right?

[Read: 15 tips to satisfy a woman in bed and make sex a lot more exciting!]

dirty talking is an art

but more than that *And more importantly* it’s personal.

You may be fantasizing about sleeping with her sister or mother. But can you really talk about it in bed with her without making her want to put your ball bag together?

Your girlfriend might like to play games to talk dirty. But not everyone is ready to let go of all the fantasies and chatter in bed.

So before you open your mouth and gape at something naughty, Learn how to properly speak lewd with women. So that you can reach your sexual climax! [Read: 23 sexy tips to dirty talk and say the sexiest things!]

how to talk dirty to women

If your girlfriend or wife tells you that she likes the idea of ​​being lewd. That’s good news!

Because now you can express wrong thoughts. That circles in your head when you’re banging your girl. and stimulated her at the same time

But before you say everything that comes to mind You have to realize that the dirty thoughts in your mind may have been there for a long time. But your boyfriend has no idea about it!

Always take it easy and start slowly, pawing your paws around talking dirty like a cat sneaking through a new area. Say something tame and easy to start. And try harder as time goes on if both of you enjoy chattering and fantasizing during sex.

over time Both of you will be cheerful. stand out more and the fantasies will begin to grow wild as well. But if you say the wrong thing too quickly, she’ll probably just tape you over your mouth during sex for the rest of your life. [Read: 10 things women need in bed to feel sexy and loved]

man with vision women have more imagination

Have you ever felt that having sex without saying anything was getting boring? Most couples feel that way after a few years of regular sex as well.

Call your girlfriend a “bad girl” ??, “whore” ?? or “bad girl**” ?? It was fun in the beginning. But if you’re going to say the same words over and over, every half hour during sex, and every two to three times every week, you’re going to say the same thing over and over again. It was only a few months before those words started sounding more like a turn off than a turn on!

For guys, watching porn or imagining something sexy like a costume can instantly feel embarrassing. Especially if your boyfriend dressed up as the fantasy character you’ve always dreamed of.

but for girls Sex is more imaginative and creative, so if you want to seduce a girl and talk badly about her You have to do more than just dress up as a fireman. You have to make her heart race. You have to make her imagine the words you say. And you have to send her mind to a place of sexual pleasure. [Read: Sexy dirty talking examples to talk dirty with your girl]

Explain your thoughts in detail. instead of talking about it It will make a difference while talking dirty to a woman!

Men make mistakes when they talk dirty.

for most men Sex monsters dominate them when they have sex. You are sexually obsessed and your mind is full of violent acts and perverted thoughts. But you have to remember that your girl can’t read your mind.

So if you talk dirty to her in bed Don’t confuse or distract her with a few murmurs. sometimes and think she can play with what you say It’s possible that she doesn’t even know what you’re talking about. And that will upset both of you! [Read: 6 tips to sound really sexy in bed]

The best way to lewd a girl is when you’re a missionary and above her. She stroked her hair with a hand and gently held it behind her head. And when you move in and out of her Put your lips to her ear and whisper the words you want to say in a soft, sensual tone.

It’s simple and intimate. but very sexy and provocative Especially if you bite her neck every now and then. Between all the dirty words you say, do that and you’ll make her moan. And wet the bed with pleasure!

Some dirty conversations shouldn’t be discussed.

Your mind can go crazy, especially when you’re having intense sex and not trying to control your thoughts. And if you say something that’s really weird or perverted It might frighten your girlfriend. This is especially true if both of you have been dating recently. And that’s probably why dirty talk works best if both of you have been in a relationship for at least a few years. [Read: 30 naughty questions for couples to get to know each other better]

And when you say something quite assertive Your girlfriend probably knows you’re just talking obscenities. but in her heart She also wonders if someone like you can concoct the wrong idea. Or forbidden when you’re horny and when the thought comes into her head. She might start to think you’re a pervert.

For a sex-obsessed guy, say, “I hope I met you when you were a teenager. I’ll get you drunk at the party And I’ll catch you all over and tear your clothes to shreds. Even if you can’t help pushing me away!”?? It will sound like nothing is wrong. But if your girl chooses to read those chapters in a different way. She will consider you a freak! [Read: Top 10 sexual fantasies for women that you can talk about in bed]

It has the same effect. If you talk dirty about having threesomes with her and her best friend. Unless your boyfriend believes it’s just sex talk. She often thinks that you have a crush on her best friend and may start to feel insecure about the relationship. [Read: 20 threesome tips to know before talking about entering into one]

It’s easy to get carried away in bed. especially when you talk dirty But always remember to draw a line and play it safe. Otherwise you will regret it. And most importantly, the two must trust each other fully.

6 Sexy Things You Can Talk About While Getting Your Girlfriend Dirty

If you want to start lewd with your girlfriend. let’s start simple and keep trying It’ll get sexier and you’ll both feel more horny over time. But don’t think too fast or say anything that will make you feel uncomfortable or anxious. [Read: How to build trust in a relationship before talking dirty to each other]

this 6 Great Dirty Talking Tricks You Can Use While Talking Dirty To Girls Try it and you’ll see how well they work!

#1 call her name for beginners Dirty names are the perfect way to walk down a street with dirty words. while you pierced her grab her and claw her and say something dirty and sexy about each part of her body that you touch with your hands. Or just call her a dirty slut and work on that over time.

#2 explain it. This is another safe way to see if you both enjoy dirty talk together. Tell her everything you will do with her. About five to ten seconds before you actually do it. If you’re going to make it harder Whisper in her ear before you do. If you’re going to bite her neck or let your hand walk. Give her a breath in her ear and tell her before you do.

#3 ask her to open up Ask your girlfriend or wife what she wants to say. She might feel uncomfortable saying something during foreplay. So wait until you pierce her so that she feels completely uninhibited and brave. Then ask her to say something dirty and sexy. Or ask her to imagine something naughty and tell you where she wants to be. And when you say something that provokes you Let’s understand and go into the dirty explanation. [Read: 30 naughty would-you-rather questions to get her to open up]

#4 Forced sex. Many women enjoy this! Start by having regular sex. and somewhere along the way Hold her hand tightly with one hand and hold it behind her or on top of her head. Be active and punch her harder. and while you do that To leave her bare hands over her body gently.

If she enjoys what you do She might even play along with you. and from there The sky has limits You can spank her, bite her, or just say the dirtiest thing you can do to the girl you’re trying to take advantage of in bed. [Read: 15 dirty ways to have the sexiest rough sex ever!]

#5 Teach her. Tell her what you want her to do. You can use this during foreplay or while having sex. To make it a little weirder and sexier? Let’s mix up a few questions as well. “Will you slim down with me if we go on vacation and the beach is empty”?? “When we’re in the club I want you to put your ass on me. And I want you to reach into my jeans…”?? Did you get drift? [Read: Public flashing confessions that make for perfectly sexy conversations]

#6 Forbidden Imagination Talk dirty about what’s out of bed. Talk about places, get involved with other people, or just do things that are considered funny, like performing in public or performing in front of other people. [Read: The right way to fantasize about someone else with your partner]

Try these 6 dirty talking ideas for beginners And as long as you take the time to warm her up. You’ll both begin to enjoy sex more. and felt like a small teenager Naughty again! [Read: Do you like fantasizing about your girl with someone else?]

But always remember that what you say in bed should be in bed. Communicate and let her know that what you say is just dirty thoughts in bed and that you will never act on them.

After all, most taboo sex behaviors tend to excite us. But these fantasies are often best experienced on the mind when both of you are in bed!

[Read: 20 hot sex ideas to blow your girl’s mind in bed!]

Use this guide on how to talk dirty to a woman. Then you’ll leave her wanting more in bed. Because every time you have sex with her You will always make sex feel as unique and sexy as the first few times!

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