How to Talk Dirty to Your Man Over Text & Leave Him Hard and Horny

It’s the 21st century, so if you don’t want to rant about the pigeon letters. which you don’t want You will learn how to talk dirty to your man through text.

How to talk dirty to your guy over text

Ladies, don’t think too much about how to talk dirty to your guy over text. You’re going here and there in your first few messages. i mean Texting can sometimes feel a little weird, especially when you’re used to sharing these personal things with your guy in front of him. But he is not always in front of you.

Sometimes you just want to remind him that he opens you and you want to open him. This is where dirty texts come in. I mean, it’s time you learned how to talk dirty to your guy through text. [Read: 14 sexy tips to effortlessly sext like a pro]

How to talk dirty to your guy over text

We all want to be able to turn our people. I mean, it’s a lot of confidence when you can make your man better with a simple message. But it wasn’t just him reading some words on the phone. it’s about you You sent these words to him. And these words are intimate. But it was from you that was a real turning point.

but naturally Sending dirty messages to your guy is annoying. If you’ve never done it before, but listen, it’ll be fine. Let’s move on to technology, girls. [Read: How to start sexting your lover when you’ve never done it before]

#1 do it only if you want You might be thinking that your guy wants you to be rude to him, which is highly likely. but you don’t have to If you are uncomfortable with it You can wait until you feel like giving it a try. You don’t have a timeline. need to start talking dirty to your man Go with what feels right for you.

#2 It’s not what you say it’s the way you say That’s right. Let’s focus on what we’re going to say But it has everything to do with tone of voice. Now, I know that this feature is a dirty way of talking to your guy over text. So you might be wondering how you can convey your tone through words, but you can. See “I think you look sexy” and “I think you look sexy babe ;)” for completely different tones. at?

#3 know what you guys like If you want to upset him by sending a dirty message. You need to know what impresses him. If you are already close to him You already know the little things he likes.

All you have to do is take those foreign objects and touches and put them on paper… or should i say text If you know what he likes It’s not hard to figure out what to say. [Read: Sexual questions to ask a guy and get to know what he likes in bed]

#4 in the mood If you’re not in the mood to talk to your guy, don’t do it. If you want to make him feel You have to make him feel you. need he will activate if not then He would feel that it was a pitiful feast for him and no one cared about it. Don’t try to force things that aren’t natural. time is important

#5 Dirt is in your head Now if you want dirty Lets vent your dirty thoughts in text. You don’t have to say four letter profanity to get dirty. You can say the dirty sentences and phrases you come up with. Talk about what you want to do and with them. You have all the thoughts in your head. You just have to pull it out. [Read: 60 dirty and seductive lines that’ll surely turn any guy on]

#6 make them short You want your message to be short and to the point. if he was aroused He wouldn’t want to read the paragraph. He wanted it to be a short sentence. to the point If there are too many sentences He’ll feel overwhelmed and won’t bother reading anything. Even if you have a good chapter but he will not see them.

#7 early start when you text him You should start first You don’t have to talk dirty for 10 minutes before he comes home. No, no, no. You can start talking dirty to him the minute he leaves the office. Send him naughty and spicy photos and messages throughout the day. That way, he can’t wait to run home to you.

#8 use all senses You have six senses so you should use it If you want your blood to pump under You have to use everything you have. when sending dirty messages Most people tend to see and touch, not bad. However, you’re not magnifying all their sexual sensations, talking about taste, sound, and smell. [Read: 21 steamy sexting tips to arouse your boyfriend while texting him]

#9 Go easy on rude words. You don’t have to swear every second for him to understand that he should open up. for many people Dirty talk is a huge turn off. You should explain more. Also, don’t use vulgar words either. Especially if you don’t know what he likes.

#10 Let him answer. When you talk to him in dirty texts. You should give him time to answer. Okay, you want to turn on the device. But it’s a two-way street. He should also reply to you. Try to excite you as well. This way, you can truly enjoy the experience. and doesn’t feel like he’s the only one who has to do everything

#11 Soft start. You don’t have to attack him with an overly sexual approach when you’re trying to figure out how to lewd your guy through text. Instead, start the conversation soft and flirtatious. by examining his mood because it exceeds the text You don’t know if he’s had a bad day or not. See how he reacts. Then proceeded with his reaction. Then start improving your dirty message as he gets more interested in it. [Read: 16 fun emojis to turn any conversation into something naughty]

#12 Make the first move. You don’t have to wait for him to text you to talk nonsense with him. Be the one who takes the first step He’ll be surprised to see you in charge of your sex life. It also gives you control over your sex life. Think of it like you have more freedom in your sex life. [Read: How to be the one to initiate sexting in your relationship]

#13 No one knows what they are doing. At least the first time the text gets dirty, so don’t feel weird when you start using dirty text. Try it first and you’ll like it. If you’re nervous to try it out. Let him know that you have no experience with this so he can help you.

[Read: 25 creatively dirty things to sexy a guy and arouse him]

Now you know how to lewd your guy through text. So let’s start practicing. You might make a few trips along the way. but you will get used to it

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