How to Tease a Girl Sexually & Leave Her With Your Thoughts All Day

If you really want to make women want you. You’ll have to let her want more. Learning to tease a girl does just that.

how to prank women

Knowing how to prank women is invaluable. There is something very special about a guy who can tease you and leave you thinking about him all day. It’s like foreplay at its best. And you don’t even need to be near her.

If you want your sex life with women is incredible. Teasing is all you have to do. A woman needs more than a few touches before jumping into bed. Foreplay must be a big task, otherwise sex is not satisfying. [Read: How to tease girls over text and get them to flirt back with you]

Why foreplay is of the utmost importance for women?

Sure, you can have sex without foreplay and that’s fine. Some girls even play without foreplay at all. But it’s not normal. Because women take longer to complete So we have to start a little early.

The initiation comes in the form of foreplay and without it, the chances of a girl having an orgasm are greatly reduced. Foreplay is an essential part of sex for women. It’s essential if you want to keep your sex life alive and your woman happy. Learn some foreplay that will make a huge difference. [Read: 10 foreplay moves every guy needs to do to their woman]

How to tease a girl to miss her all day

Fortunately, teasing is a really fun way. in foreplay This can be done whether you are with her or not. to leave her with naughty thoughts about you all day. Let’s focus on these methods.

#1 gentle. You know when you’re turned up what you want your lover to draw you close to and touch you all over? girls are the same We love that rough hands make us feel really firm.

One way to tease a woman is to deny that pressure. Give her a gentle touch and a gentle kiss. Gently drag your lips down her neck. But don’t be rough. This will put her in a good mood and make her want to touch you more deeply. [Read: 10 secret pleasure triggers to arouse a woman instantly]

#2 Find those erogenous zones. We have them all. Women are very sensitive around the neck. collarbone, back of neck, inner thighs, and ears. This gives you a lot of content to work on.

Emphasize these points and play a little game with yourself, touching and kissing her in these areas until she can’t take it anymore. This is a good thing to do to wake her up in the morning. And when you run away from work She won’t be able to stop thinking about you.

#3 Whisper some really dirty stuff in her ear randomly. Pull her closer when you’re out. or even at work or family and whispered something naughty in her ear. Tell me everything you want to do when you get home. This made her expect to pull into the driveway and walk through the door.

This doesn’t just keep your lips close to her ears. which is the only erogenous zone But it also puts those dirty thoughts in her head. What makes you even more teasing is the fact that she can’t do anything about those things until later. [Read: 35 dirty things to say to a girl to leave her wet with desire]

#4 Text her about the last time you had sex. You can do this when you’re together or just texting. Talk to her about the last time you had sex. Describe what you like best. Tell her you’ll do something different.

The idea behind this method of learning how to mock women is You’ll want to remind her of the last time the two of you had sex. She will bring back memories of how good it felt. And it will be in my heart until she sees you again.

#5 Explain what you want to do with her. Women are good at visualizing things on their minds, so why do you think we love reading romance so much? If you sit there and explain everything you want to do to her. will make the picture clearly

When she pictured everything you said She will immediately begin to need it. Making her wait while still telling her everything you want to do is enough to drive her crazy. [Read: 30 lusty things to say in bed]

#6 use your hand Drag your hands up and down her body. let your fingers gradually She grazed her delicate areas before pulling them out. You can also increase the pressure.

really being gentle Then squeeze that she can increase the sensitivity. That will make her thirst for your touch even more. If you do this repeatedly It would be the worst and best parody of her life.

#7 use your lips Do the same thing with your lips. Let them follow your body. You can also make it more naughty by biting lightly in certain areas. The best thing you can do is kiss the spot you know she loves. Make her beg you to touch her there. [Read: 28 turn-ons for girls that’ll make them melt in your arms]

#8 Pulled out after leaving her a little. And finally, when you let her get a little touch that she likes. Stop and do less of what you like. Your pampering and giving her what she wants before tearing it apart will make her want it even more.

#9 Talk about how fierce she drives you. Something that will really tease her is if you tell her how horny she is for you. Tell her what makes you melt for her. Knowing that she drives you crazy will make her want to do it again. and if you reject her That was the biggest tease. [Read: 25 sex questions to ask a girl to make her instantly wet]

#10 Knows what she likes and almost only gives it to her. The idea behind this is that you will make her desire more. She may not always be thinking that you are doing something that she enjoys during sex. She won’t be able to get it out.

It’s like when you start talking about ice cream to people who are losing weight. The moment that thought popped into his head. They couldn’t stop thinking until they finally got it. That’s how it works when teasing a woman.

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Learning how to prank a girl takes a little time. You have to get to know her and her preferences very well before you can use that information to beg you. These tips will help you feel excited and miss you all day.

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