How to Tell a Girl You’re Not Interested in Her like a Gentleman

Wondering how to tell a girl that you’re not interested in her? You don’t have to haunt her or be an idiot. Just use these instructions instead.

How to tell a girl you're not interested

Listen, it’s time to grow up. I’m saying this as a retired ghoster. It’s not really cool You have to learn how to tell a girl that you’re not interested in her. Don’t ignore her

To be honest, I’ve fooled people many times. Not that I really wanted to do it. But I’m a coward plain and simple I don’t dare tell them that I don’t care. But I don’t care about them. Is it good? No, it means I’m grown up, right? Absolutely not.

rather than say Hey, I don’t feel the connection at all. or I am not interestedI would drag these people for weeks as I developed the courage to deny them. Of course, that day never came. So became a ghost instead. [Read: Prepare yourself for these consequences of ghosting]

How to tell a girl that you’re not interested in her

Dating is bad, okay, I really like dating. But when you experience ghosting It will get your parade wet. You could have a great date and spend a few days texting. But now someone new has arrived. or you don’t that Get in her. Listen, it’s okay. These things happen. So it’s called dating, not marriage.

Dating is all about meeting people and seeing who would be the best fit for you to date, but way You end the relationship is a true demonstration of what kind of person you are. You know haunting is not the way to do it. So learn how to tell a girl that you’re not interested in her.

#1 You don’t have to like her. This is the whole reason we fool people is that we feel bad for hurting their feelings. We feel bad for them that we don’t like them. But you know you have the right to ignore her and vice versa.

basically haunting her and dragging her with emotions Show that you’re not hiding from her like you both deserve. Whether you’ve only been on a few dates or been dating a few times. You have the right to ignore her anymore. [Read: What is ghosting and how it affects you]

#2 know it’s over whatever you have with her You conclude that you don’t need that anymore. We are usually ghosts and familiar people. We’ll text them again in the coming months.

don’t be that Guys. Let them know you don’t want anything with her. You can step up and tell her how you feel by sticking to your beliefs.

#3 send message to her Look, you don’t even need to drink coffee to tell her you’re not interested in her. If you’ve been dating her for months That might be a different story, but seriously, you don’t have to see her in person. You have a good choice of haunts. Just text her instead. You really don’t have to face her. It’s just a short message. Aof is done. [Read: The worst things to say during a breakup]

#4 Make a clean break Don’t go over the lengthy drama of telling her you’re not interested. Look, you don’t really like her, that’s all, and it’s for the benefit of everyone involved. The best way is to do it as cleanly and as quickly as possible. Treat it like a Bandaid tear. Surely her ego will hurt. *Perhaps even her feelings* But dragging her along will only make the whole situation worse.

#5 Give reasons. Don’t give her an excuse for why you’re not interested in her. reason with her Don’t tell her your dog is dead or it’s you, not them, just give her a direct reason.

If you don’t care about her Tell her you don’t feel the chemistry or connection you want. You don’t have to be harsh. but be honest No one can call you a fool for honesty. Okay, she still calls you a fool. because her ego was shot But you’re really not a bastard.

#6 If you don’t understand, make it clear. She may not understand what you mean when you say you don’t like her in that Way. Maybe you’re not being direct enough or they’re just too emotional. Listen, be clear.

You don’t have to give an hour’s explanation of the difference between likes and like A. Make it clear that you don’t feel the connection. And the best way to say this is to say those words literally. [Read: How to not look like a dick when you break it off with a girl]

#7 let her speak You say what you want to say, and to be honest, your opinion isn’t going to change anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean she’s not allowed the chance to say what she wants to say.

Maybe she has nothing to say. But that’s not the point. Allow her to express her feelings instead of promptly disconnecting from her. Yes, you should speak quickly and cleanly. But she could answer and she might as well speak.

#8 give her space After giving her space She may feel indifferent about it, and you’ll be able to continue the conversation for a few minutes until it’s gone. Or maybe she’s really upset. no matter what Give her the space she needs Don’t try to choke by apologizing or being passive. because you feel bad

#9 don’t text her After you finish the conversation Don’t text her, come on, let her go. You have rejected her well. don’t give any thought With her the little hope that you like her, you say what you want to say. And now you have to allow her to go on. [Read: How to let a girl down easy without all the mess]

#10 Do you want friendship? If you’re friends and she tells you how she feels. You will definitely talk to her about it. But now the question remains. Do you want to maintain friendships? This is not necessary for you, but for her.

she is your friend But she has feelings for you and that messes things up, so ask her what she wants and respect her wishes.

[Read: Legit reasons you’re not ready for a a relationship yet]

Come on, if you’re still a ghost. Shows that you are not mature enough for the relationship. It’s time to show your age and learn how to tell a girl that you’re not interested in her.

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