Nicest Ways Possible: How to Tell a Guy You Don’t Like Him

telling a man straight That you don’t care about him can make you feel bad. Use these tips to tell a guy that you don’t like him doing the right thing.

How to tell a guy you don't like him

One of the scariest feelings is not loving the person who loves you. We’ve all been in relationships longer than we should have. Either out of fear or the desire not to hurt someone’s feelings. It only made the inevitable worse. So learning how to tell a guy you don’t like him is important.

The longer you stay, the more bonded men are. Science tells us that it’s not only men who first fall in love in a relationship. but also the last one to fall in love with

If you stick to the relationship without hurting your guy’s feelings Show that you’re not doing it for him or yourself. He’s likely to have a clue of what’s not great. Staying means that all you do is confuse him.

How to tell a guy you don’t like him – 10 ways to do it without hurting his ego.

If you want to disappoint a guy easily, it’s important to let him walk away with the same self-confidence and self-worth. If you pull it out You may treat him with less respect and respect than he wants or deserves.

If you think that treating him less than celebrities, he’ll dump you and get him off the hook, you’re wrong. Your partner needs to be punished before saying enough is enough.

#1 introduce him to other people There’s a good chance you won’t have to say anything if you can push a guy out on someone else. If you know someone who is “perfect” for him, or at least more than his type. Don’t forget to let them meet by chance. and build a relationship

The best case is that he fell madly in love and left you alone. worst case He gets a hint that you’re not interested in him without you having to talk to him directly. [Read: Turning him down politely: A guide for nice girls]

#2 Tell him you need to focus on your career. If you don’t want to tell him you don’t like him the “that” way, tell him you want to spend time focusing on your career right now.

If you let him know You have to choose your career path over any relationship. in the near future It will disappoint him without letting him know that you don’t like him.

The best way to leave a guy’s ego behind is to make him feel like you’re not rejecting him. But you are denying any relationship. with any man right now [Read: 14 no-fail ways to turn down any kind of guy]

#3 Tell him he’s the same “Good” for you. If you want to tell a guy that you don’t like him. The best way is to say he’s too good for you. that is the code for “I don’t like you”

when you say in that sense You both compliment him. At the same time tell him nicely that you are not compatible He probably knows you’re smart and a bit selfish at times. So he might be okay with knowing that you’re looking for someone who isn’t right for you. that he will think it’s all yours [Read: The 20 most creative excuses for getting out of a date]

#4 Tell him that your mind is unsuitable for the relationship. There are many reasons why you might not be in the right mindset for a relationship. Tell him that you recently broke up with a bad relationship or that you are in a “bad” position. You need to be careful before moving on with the relationship.

No guy wants to date a girl who doesn’t have any nonsense. For him, that means you’re not alone. but comes with luggage Create something in your life that you need to take care of. If nothing else, it perpetuates the time you have to break his heart. In the meantime, he might find someone else to fall in love with.

#5 Do not send messages! The worst thing you can do with anyone is texting your feelings. If he likes you and tries to say no. It’s your responsibility to not just text your feelings.

It was uncomfortable to speak face to face. But at least you can see his face. It tells you how to guide your speech. You won’t hurt him. You might think it’s easier to send some words through your phone. But the pain of the words lasted a long time. [Read: One-sided love: What to do when you don’t love them back]

#6 Tell him your heart belongs to someone else. A man doesn’t want to be someone whose heart belongs to someone else. Tell him you’ll never forget your last relationship. It’s not fair to be in a new relationship until you fix your unresolved feelings.

Most people sympathize with people who are heartbroken. in love or even have unrequited love If you tell him your heart is not free to let go He wouldn’t take it personally or think it was related to him.

#7 destroy it as soon as you know If you think he’s not right for you Don’t hold on just to avoid the inevitable.

If you know you don’t like him You are obligated to break up as soon as you know it. avoiding him missed phone calls Or trying to disappoint him is not the right way. when you know He should be the second person to search. [Read: 10 things you do that’ll make a guy think you like him]

#8 don’t call him This is what went wrong Sometimes girls can be tough. If you don’t like men But suppose he’s “convenient” every time you pick up the phone for what? Show that you emphasize that you like him.

when you want to ride help Or you can’t find anyone better. It’s not fair to go back to him. It will only take him away. The best way to tell a guy that you don’t like him is to show it off and not panic.

when you take a break Keep using him when you need him. It’s not good or cool. Find a way to tell that you’re not interested and let him be.

#9 Tell him you’re interested in other people. Nothing lowers your self-esteem about people who tell you they are someone else. That doesn’t tell them they’re not cool or hot enough. But it tells them that you’re in love with someone you just can’t beat.

The best key to telling a guy that you don’t like him is telling him that. if you are single He might be caught But your heart belongs to someone else. [Read: See a friendship, not fireworks? How to friend zone a guy]

#10 Be honest. Men know when you try to please them. It could be worse than being mean. Even if you don’t want to hurt his feelings. But telling him something that isn’t true can make him feel otherwise. It would only make his pain last longer.

If you speak in a kind manner and tell him it’s not what’s missing in him. You cannot be held responsible for the consequences. If you lie and say something that will make him last longer. that’s up to you

[Read: How to break up with him: 10 of the nicest ways]

If you give up on “You’re not for me,” try to be honest. And tell a guy you don’t like him in a way that won’t hurt his ego or feelings.

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