How to Tell if a Guy is Playing You: 12 Clues He’s Just Using You

Unfortunately, there are some crappy people out there. They will waste your time to get what they want. Here’s how to see if a guy is playing you.

How to tell if a guy is playing you

your time is valuable Most importantly, your love is precious. People know this well. But some people still waste time and play with your feelings. they are not good people But there is no way to escape that truth. You’ll need to learn how to see if a guy is playing you. You don’t have to waste all your time.

You hear stories about men who lure women into being with them when they don’t treat them fairly. Basically, they only need one thing. If you know how to know if a guy is playing with you or not. You can avoid being just a notch in his belt.

Why do men play girls?

I wish I could say that they weren’t on purpose. But for the most part, men know what they’re doing. They know exactly what to say and what to do to get a woman in bed. But they have no plans to make her a girlfriend.

But they do everything they can to get what they truly want and nothing more. young girls fall in love with them and because she cares about him so much So she did whatever he wanted. Men play girls because they are selfish. [Read: 10 signs he’s not playing hard to get he’s just playing you]

How to tell if a guy is playing you so you can stop wasting time

When you notice the signs of a guy playing with you. You can jump over the ship before it gets too serious. And to be honest, those signs may be easier to spot than you might think. Here’s what to look for so you can totally tell when a guy is playing with you.

#1 He compliments you all the time It seems that compliments may come from a place of love. But they usually come from places that want to make you feel good about yourself. And when you feel really confident It’s hard to see the real problem.

basically If a guy compliments you with compliments He might be mocking you. It’s okay for him to make you feel good. But when the compliments are a little too much He may be trying to distract you from something. [Read: 10 compliments for women that backfire]

#2 He was just slow calling or texting. AKA you are shabby. This is a really big sign. where men are playing you because if he is only Text you late at night How much he cares about you? He will talk to you often throughout the day. If he really likes you Because he wants to know how your day is.

#3 You’re not dating in public. This is a big sign, especially if the reason for the date night at home is. “More romantic.” He tries to play you by saying this. in fact He doesn’t want to take you out in public because he doesn’t want to risk you two meeting other girls he sees. He’s just covering his ass.

#4 You never met his friend If you love someone and that feeling is real. Show that you have met each other’s friends. You are involved in each other’s lives. And if the guy you see doesn’t do that. show that you are playing

Not meeting his friends just shows you that his friends may not even know about you. If he doesn’t tell your friend about you Does he really have feelings for you? Probably not. This means that he’s just totally using you for something else. [Read: How to accept their friends and get them to accept you]

#5 rarely talks about himself How much do you know that man? If you don’t know anything more than his favorite food and his favorite color. He might be teasing you. Not giving you too many personal details. He’s not building a rapport with you, and the only reason to do so is if he plans to cut you off soon.

#6 He was vague about his whereabouts. Couples often communicate where they’ve been or what they’ve been doing throughout the day. If you’re wondering what your guy is up to and he’s very vague about it. He might be attacking you. He may have been to somewhere you don’t like and don’t want to tell you about it. [Read: 10 reasons a guy could be ignoring you]

#7 He shields his phone from you. Does he have someone else he sees that he hides his phone from you all the time? Conversations with his friends shouldn’t be so personal that he has to stop you from seeing them all together. He hides his phone because he has something to hide and that is the fact that he is playing you.

#8 You only spend time together when it’s convenient for him. basically You will be together only when he It’s free and he expects you to change plans to accommodate that. He did this because he didn’t have much time between the people he saw. This is also true because he doesn’t want to plan too much in advance because he doesn’t know when he will drop you off. [Read: 20 big warning signs of a bad boyfriend]

#9 He didn’t add you on social media. This is one of the biggest signs a guy is playing you. If you’ve been dating someone for a while You should be friends on social media. The two of you are involved it makes sense

if he is enthusiastic no He added you because he posted a picture he didn’t want you to see. That, and he probably doesn’t want the other women he’s friends with.

#10 He makes ambiguous excuses for his absence. He’s gone for hours at a time and doesn’t text or anything? If so, he might be attacking you. And one way to know for sure is how he answers your questions about his absence. If he just waved and said he was “busy,” he might be playing you. [Read: 6 big telltale excuses you can’t fall for]

#11 When you are angry, his response is just a compliment. If you want to know how to see if a guy is attacking you? Let’s see how they argue. When you’re upset with him Is he trying to understand where you are coming from and fix it? Or is he just complimenting you? if the latter He is playing you and trying to make you forget why you are angry.

#12 He calls you “crazy” for making assumptions. On the other hand, if he starts calling you crazy because he’s upset or assumes he’s playing for you. He certainly is. Basically, this is the tactic he uses to manipulate you. If you think you’re unreasonable you will end the problem

[Read: 7 surefire signs the guy you’re dating is a player]

If you want to know how to see if a guy is attacking you? All you have to do is step back and observe his behavior from a distance. Does he seem to really care about you? If not, he’s playing you.

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