How to Tell if a Woman Is Checking You Out: 9 Signs You Can’t Miss

don’t fool yourself Women can too. The key is learning how to tell if a woman is checking you out. so you are ready for the next step.

How to tell if a woman is checking you

Traditional gender roles may lead you to believe that heterosexual checks are exclusively men’s activities. However, women tend to self-examine men. Do you know how to tell if a woman is checking you out?

How to Tell if a Girl is Watching You – Small Details

Women are considered more delicate and discreet when looking at the goods. Whereas men are like heat-searching missiles clinging to targets. But women can scan their entire body without being caught.

Their spy games rival spy satellite cameras. They quickly captured the body of a man as he sat there, unaware that he had just been harassed. Still wondering how to tell if a woman is checking you out? This is how they do it.

#1 quickly and continuously when examining men Women take advantage of their peripheral vision. They continually glance at you quickly while making it look like they’re ignoring you until they get a complete picture of your qualities or until you catch them. [Read: How to read a girl’s subtle signs she wants you to look her way]

#2 They will smile at you and look away. If you catch them staring at you Their immediate response was to make a slight eye contact, a slight smile, and look the other way. They all pretended not to care about their own business. That smile is a dead giveaway that she’s checking you out.

If it’s just a case of accidental eye contact Girls will look away quickly with a straight forward expression. On the other hand, smiling after making eye contact is a sign that she won’t mind if you approach and talk to her. [Read: How to read the signs of friendly vs flirty]

#3 She placed herself from a good vantage point. Like a Navy SEAL sniper, she chooses a good vantage point. which she can safely lure you without being caught. And if you’re lucky enough to get her attention. She will move to your general area if you are traveling. The only drawback is that she looks like a stalker who is in your general direction. Make you feel intuitive with Jason Bourne that you are being hunted.

#4 They float or hang around the area you often occupy. Women tend to pay attention to the small details of a man’s behavior. They use your routine wisely to monitor you safely. Have lunch at a specific table. or walk through the same office hallway at the specified time She’ll make use of this information, and then she’ll use the same area to stay close together.

If you notice a girl you meet during the day or take her to coffee around the same time as you She might be interested and come to you.

#5 She uses the “girlfriend’s smoke screen.” The “girlfriend smoke screen” is a unique tactic women use to make them stand out less when examining their men. This is usually done by hiring the company of one or more female friends that provide them with the necessary social protections while they examine the men.

They may talk or laugh loudly while the helpless man does his best to think of his own business without realizing that the people in the group are checking him out. [Read: 15 tips you absolutely need to know when you approach women]

#6 If you’re with friends You’ll also catch people looking at you. Women care about their girlfriends opinions when it comes to men. It’s easy to tell if you’re being checked out when you’re caught sight of one or all of the girls at the same time. The problem is knowing which woman is the culprit?

#7 She notices any changes in you. Let’s say she’s a colleague or acquaintance you’ve talked to from time to time. In a casual relationship like this, your interactions are usually limited to small talks and occasional greetings.

But when she randomly compliments you, focusing on your recent haircut, new shirt, or noticeably toned figure? It is possible that she has insulted you for a long time. Unconsciously, she ignored that compliment.

#8 She notices and comments on your social media activities. Women don’t just look at men in close encounters. They will also moderate your social media content. This mild case of cyber stalking is safer than comprehensible confrontation. So she’s checking you online, right? She personally commented or said anything about your social media posts. [Read: How girls flirt – 15 signs she’s being more than just nice to you]

#9 She remembers the details of your conversation even though it happened a long time ago.. People forget details in conversations. But if the person you’re talking to is special, like the guy you’re watching. She was more focused and more attentive to what was said.

[Read: The spot-on signs a girl has a crush on you]

Men and women examine the opposite sex in different ways, so start by memorizing these nine lessons to see if women are examining you.

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