How to Tell if Your Girlfriend Has Had Bigger Without Asking Her

It’s normal to wonder about your partner’s sexual past. Learn how to tell if your boyfriend has grown up if you really want to know.

How to tell if your boyfriend is bigger

As long as men travel the wide world Penis size is a delicate and confusing issue. Since there is no firm conclusion about the question of whether penis size matters or not. and when let “Personal preferences” of their partner always. Some men just can’t stop themselves from obsessing over it. Are you wondering how to tell if your boyfriend is grown up? First, ask yourself why it’s important!

To be honest, if you had a bigger past It couldn’t have been that bad because she wasn’t with them. Now she’s with you and as long as she seems satisfied and happy with your relationship in and out of the bedroom. That’s all you should be thinking about. However, we know that men tend to worry about these things, so if you’re feeling a little sadistic, you’re out of luck. Get ready to find out the truth about your girlfriend’s sexual past. [Read: Why are men so obsessed with their penis size?]

Why are you asking yourself this question?

We need to dwell on this for a moment.

As a man, your values, both general and sexual. does not depend on the size of the member for some women Not all big penises It can hurt during sex and it’s about knowing how to use what you have more than its actual size.

If you asked a sample of women whether size mattered or not. You will get many answers. But women are worried about their bodies too! They are worried about the size of their breasts and their partner thinks their breasts are too big, too small, too sagging, etc. You wouldn’t have noticed, did you? You are more concerned about the fact that you will see them in the first place. That’s what a woman thinks when she sees your penis – she doesn’t measure it mentally and starts comparing you to her ex. no matter what you think [Read: Does size matter to a woman or is there more to it?]

So before we get into the crux of learning how to tell if your boyfriend has grown up or not. Ask yourself why you really start to worry. Will knowing the answer to this question make you feel better? Do you really think she’ll tell you if you ask her? Nothing good comes from digging too deeply into a lover’s past sex life. But if you really want to know and it’s important to you Check out a few ways you can learn how to see if your boyfriend has grown up.

How to tell if your boyfriend is bigger

Call it fragile masculinity or insecurity. But men focus on whether their tool “measures” with the task that pleases the couple. Sometimes direct questions don’t give you the information you need. So it’s looking at sensitive signals instead. [Read: How to have good sex with a small penis]

physical method

It’s common sense for anyone to question the physical “feel” of the vagina during sex. Some men believe that a loose vagina is a clear sign that their girlfriend has had a bigger penis before. seriously stop right there There’s no way to tell if your previous relationship had a bigger package than yours. Here’s why:

1. The genitals come in different shapes and sizes.

First of all, the size and shape of the penis is not the same for every man. And that makes your penis a bad tool for determining if she has a bigger penis before you. [Read: 10 easy answers to make you a penis know-it-all]

2. The vagina also comes in a variety of sizes.

No woman has the same vagina. The same is true for different penis shapes and sizes in men. The same woman having sex with two men with two different penis sizes may create different sensations, and a man may view it as loose or tight. [Read: What does a vagina actually feel like?]

3. The vagina is stronger and more flexible than you think.

In fact, the vagina is naturally well designed to withstand all forms of repetitive sexual activity, including childbirth.

It stretches several times its normal size during childbirth or during sex. and can still return to its original shape at a later time This feature alone gives rise to the belief that using a large penis stretches the vagina, making it feel loose during intercourse.

A clear physical exam to see if she has a bigger penis will yield inconclusive results. The vagina is quite strong and different in women. This makes the virgin’s vagina feel loose, while a middle-aged woman who has given birth four times may feel tight. [Read: The 5 types of vaginas that make up all the vaginas in the world]

The Direct Approach – Harder Option

If you’re a man enough to hear the truth from your girlfriend’s mouth. And you want the fastest and easiest solution to your size inquiry. Ask your woman directly.

Sure, she might make a weird face at you. Ask you why you’re curious. And they might laugh at you when you tell her your reasons. But it ended and it ended well. The question is, what is the way to ask the question?

1. Ask her directly.

If you just want to know and put an end to it. Ask honest questions. Be forewarned that some girls may be uncomfortable talking about having sex with a former partner. If the relationship just happened Expect lies or resistance to get the information you need. [Read: Learn how to open up and be more vulnerable in life]

2. Start a random conversation about the penis

The idea is to lead her to the line of questions you want through random conversations about the penis. Start with using the story as a strategy. “Friend of a friend” or tell her about a friend who totally hung up from a porn video you watched a long time ago. Slowly bringing up the topic of her own experiences with penis.

3. She lets you know that you’re the biggest so far.

In a very rare triumphant moment in a man’s life. He will have the biggest penis his girlfriend has. She will make known your great happiness. If she tells you you’re the biggest so far Lets enjoy that ego boost. No need to know if your predecessor has a larger version or not. [Read: 13 types of penises that women love… or laugh at!]

Sensitive Techniques – When You Can’t Handle the Truth but you still wonder

Okay, we get it. Sometimes you’re wondering how to tell if your boyfriend is an adult. and you really need to know And if pride can’t make you ask directly. It shows that you used a sneaky and partially ineffective way to get your answer. for peace of mind Here are some obscure ways to know if she has a bigger penis.

1. Check out her former partners online.

It’s embarrassing, yes, but looking at pictures of her ex will let you know what they’re packing in their pants. As a man, you probably already know how men’s height, girth, and obesity affect their penis size. So walk away and think. [Read: The average penis: 10 easy answers that’ll make you a know-it-all]

2. Watch her face while piercing

Big men often gasp in amazement or excruciating pain during their first insertion that women never use it no matter how many times it happens. So if your first slip is a warm welcome. From her, she should have been bigger.

3. Notice what she says and does during sex.

As a hint, she says things as is during sex. For example, if she feels that your member is pleasingly large. She would definitely say so. If she doesn’t comment on your penis size. Expect her to be bigger than you first. [Read: The best sex positions for men with smaller penises]

4. She seems to fantasize about a big penis.

If your girlfriend fantasizes about having a bigger penis. And you notice that she owns a dildo or other penetrating sex toys. Obviously larger than your tool. It means that she may have a bigger penis than yours. She was looking to experience it again. So much for your self-esteem

Before you start worrying…

Remember this – it’s not about size. But it’s what you do! Whether you pack a trouser snake or a miniature version. The more you have, the more satisfying you are to her. It’s not about what the tape measure says.

It’s important to remember that sometimes a big penis can be a big problem. Too big and you might inadvertently hurt her during penetration. And some women are quite fired up by the monster genitalia staring back at them. Own what you have and learn to love it – the chances of her loving what you do with it are very high!

[Read: The guide for the first time and curious of the penis pump]

This is because doing an anatomy test with your girlfriend won’t get a definitive answer. Learning how to tell if your boyfriend is bigger or not. It requires careful observation of her during sex or directly asking her.

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